EVT Camera Case EyeMount (CCEM) – a robust Industrial Housing for machine vision cameras

Machine Vision cameras work in various different environments. Therefore in some applications cameras require special protection. The environmental conditions determine the type of camera case required. Such environmental conditions include splash water, dust and particles, as well as temperature and vibrations. When a camera system is used in a rough industrial environment it has to be adequately protected.

The Camera Case EyeMount (CCEM) offers a robust industrial housing for machine vision cameras. This housing is available in both IP65 or IP67 protection classes: i.e. dust proof and protected from low pressure water jets from any direction. The camera also has direct contact to the M12 connectors on the back of the housing. Furthermore, a housing with integrated illumination is also available.

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NSC1401, the New Wide Dynamic Range InGaAs Imaging Sensor  from NIT

New Imaging Technologies introduce the NSC1401 – a new analogue Wide Dynamic Range InGaAs sensor series in 320×256 pixels (QVGA).

The NSC1401 uses a new generation of ROIC with a 320×256 pixel array at 25um pitch coupled to an InGaAs retina that operates in WDR mode and a global shutter. The spectral response range is from 900nm to 1700nm.  The analogue front end is designed to achieve extremely low input noise and ultra fast response time, down to 200ns, for applications such as active imaging. The sensor operates both in linear integration mode and in log response.

This latest SWIR QVGA sensor running up to 300 fps full frame also brings full digital control of image parameters, such as software selectable regions of interest (ROI), and selectable integration modes (IWR & ITR).

The NSC1401 can operate without cooling within an ambient temperature range from -40°C to 70°C. A TEC version will also be  available shortly from NIT for applications that require a very stable radiometric signal output, such as thermography or laser beam characterization.

The NSC1401 is available for sale as a packaged sensor or as module, with a complete driving electronics included.

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Low-distortion M12 Board Lenses

The Imaging Source now offers a selection of high-quality low-distortion M12 board lenses: 

  • Mount Type: M12
  • Focal length: 3.5-16 mm
  • Format: up to 1/1.8″
  • Optical Resolution: up to 10 megapixel

You can find additional technical information about the board lenses here:

Low-distortion M12 Board Lenses

New Kowa 1“ HC-V Anti-Shock and Vibration Lens Series

Alrad Imaging is pleased to announce that Kowa has added a new ruggedized 1” lens series to its portfolio. The new HC-V Series 4MP lens series allows measurements without pixel deviation even in high vibration and shock environments and when the lenses are tilted. Thus, it is ideal for applications that require increased durability and high optical performance such as aerospace, robotics and 3D measurements.

This is made possible by the special design of the new Kowa ruggedized lenses. The conventional locking screw system for fixing adjustable iris blades has been replaced with a system that utilizes robust interchangeable fixed aperture iris plates to set the F-Stop. A two-way reversible nut is used to lock-in the focus position. All internal lens elements of the lens are glued together for maximum stability.

In 2015 Kowa already released the ruggedized JCM-V Series (2/3” format) with the same design. Now HC-V Series brings this technology to the 1” format, making it available for use with the latest large format sensors.

Kowa also offers on request to glue the internal glass elements of all series from a certain minimum order quantity.

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The Panasonic GP-UH532   4K UHD remote head system offers up to 1600TV lines

The compact 4K MOS Ultra HD camera head, incorporating a resolution of up to 1600 TV lines, is the smallest on the market. The 1/3 inch GP-UH532 micro camera head provides high sensitivity by allowing an ease of implementation in a variety of applications thanks to the camera cable lengths of 3m, 6m and 15m.

The 4K micro camera solution employs a user interface designed for easier control of the system through the operation menu or the rotating knob. Moreover, 6 or more customised “personal” profiles can be stored on a USB memory. These configurations can easily be switched to suit a variety of applications.

The system indicates Medical Electrical Standards IEC60601 and can therefore be utilized in a variety of medical devices or procedures. Thanks to an Ag ion coating covering front, top, left & right side, medical and microscopic areas can benefit from the antibacterial coating.

Furthermore, various video outputs such as HDMI or SDI allow a trouble-free connection between the 4K micro camera system and other devices.

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