element14 launches time of flight sensors essentials course

element14, an Avnet community, has launched an essentials course for engineers interested in Time of Flight (ToF) sensors.

Distance measurement and range detection methods have been used for decades in almost every engineering field, including robotics, presence detection, optical navigation, medical tech, and automotive applications. Distance sensors incorporate diverse technologies like infrared (IR) triangulation, laser, ultrasonic, and Time-of-Flight which can accurately detect objects in an instant.

In this essentials course, utilising ST’s ToF proximity and range sensors and its patented FlightSense™ Technology, participants will learn about the basics of ToF sensors, methods to measure the time of flight, the different techniques in range sensing, the challenges and designs of ToF sensors, and a few use case applications.

To find out more, take this essentials course or test your knowledge on Time of Flight sensors search “element14 essentials ToF” or visit the element14 Community.

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