EC Electronics – [Stand A30]

EC Electronics will be demonstrating Low Pressure Overmoulding, a specialist process for the encapsulation and protection of assembled printed circuit boards and cable assemblies.

 Visitors to stand A30 will be able to view demonstrations of LPO manufacturing and sample parts will be produced to show the effectiveness of the process and how it can be utilised in the end product design.

EC Electronics is the first UK EMS company to offer LPO as a major component part in the delivery of a complete turnkey Electronic Manufacturing Service, embracing all aspects of design to delivery of PCB and Cable Assemblies, Electrical Test and Overmoulding.

LPO is an innovative encapsulation process that quickly produces high quality, rugged, lightweight assemblies using an injection process.  It protects your assembly’s sensitive electronic components from moisture, solvents, UV light, dust, vibration and aftermarket tampering. LPO leaves components undamaged, seals to IP 67 rating and forms a casing by directly overmoulding onto your electronics, creating no need for a separate housing or potting.

Virtually any product that has a need to seal and environmentally protect its electronics could be applicable to low pressure overmoulding.  

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