Dotstar Design to provide custom motor test systems to Rotalink

Dotstar Design, offering custom electronics design and manufacturing services from its base in Brent Knoll, UK, has been chosen to design and develop a custom test system for Rotalink, who supply Miniature Motors, Transmission & Control from its base in Crewkerne UK.

Dotstar will custom design modular Electronic hardware to control and monitor the performance of any DC or AC motor from the Rotalink product range during long term tests of more than 2,000 hours.

The custom design has been selected over standard off the shelf test solutions because it will be specifically designed to meet the needs of the Rotalink product range and will enable Rotalink to provide world class test data to its customers – demonstrating to their customers their commitment to quality and meeting customer needs.

Dotstar will use its expertise in high reliability electronics design and distributed computing to run tests for long periods of time unattended, updating the Rotalink engineers via SMS and email alerts.

The system will be supplied as a turnkey system, including an application that stores the test results on the Rotalink company server and allows live or historical data to be displayed and output for use in reports.

Dotstar are designing the system to be expandable to support high numbers of test stations, which can be of different types. This provides the possibility to add more test stations or different types of test in the future with minimal additional time and costs.

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