Don’t risk the protection and security of your IT equipment!

As the world becomes more interconnected by technology, the demand for IT infrastructure is only set to rise. From personal interactions such as checking bank balances via mobile banking apps to managing the businesses ERP and MRP, all are only possible with the seamless integration of IT. What if these IT systems are not physically protected?

Sure, downtime can be annoying in our personal lives, but for businesses, it can have much greater consequences. Often, it’s the IT managers role to mitigate the risk of downtime and ensure the IT systems continue to perform with no hiccups.

Almost every department within a company is dependent on IT systems to some extent, meaning therefore, any IT failure can result in a hefty financial loss. For larger companies, this cost could be up to six figures an hour and therefore it’s easy to imagine the financial damage. So while energy and expense are usually attributed to cybersecurity, the physical security of the IT infrastructure must also be taken into careful consideration to avoid any downtime. Let’s take a look at four key areas:

1. Physical Protection

Often the IT rack is overlooked as an important part of the infrastructure. But a rack isn’t just a rack, it sits at the core with the fundamental purpose to protect the delicate components it houses. It must be robustly constructed whilst still having the ability to adapt and respond to any changes in its surroundings. Before purchasing a rack, consider the specific features the rack must have to continue working in the environment it is placed in.

2. Efficient Cooling

Cooling is one of the most important aspects of IT infrastructure. It is a necessity to ensure the components are always kept at an acceptable temperature so the equipment can operate to its full potential. The required level of cooling is different for each situation as it is based on the heat loss of the installed active components and ambient temperatures within the location. A Rittal expert can advise you through the whole project to ensure you maximise your efficiency, payback and equipment protection.

3. Reliable & Secure IT Power Supplies

A reliable and constant electrical supply is critical for the operation of servers, processors and cooling of electronic components. Even the smallest power outages or disturbances can lead to downtime in processing and lost revenues. Therefore, solutions to ensure the electrical security for the IT infrastructure should be carefully considered.

4. Real-time Monitoring

To always have peace of mind that the IT infrastructure is secure and still performing to its full potential, real-time monitoring through systems such as Rittal’s CMC (Computer Multi Control) system are highly recommended. Customised solutions control and monitor all physical parameters of the environment such as temperature, humidity, smoke and rack access. The data collected from the sensors can be reviewed online via a web interface, or be globally monitored via a DCiM, such as Rittal’s RiZone meaning you know exactly when and where a parameter has been compromised.

Rittal’s New Whitepaper

In our latest whitepaper we take you through these areas further, to help you reduce the risk of potential downtime whilst still meeting the IT world’s future demands

Check out the link to download the free ‘Safeguarding IT Infrastructure’ whitepaper to discover exactly how Rittal can assist in strengthening your IT infrastructure:

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