DJB launch unique triaxial PE accelerometers

DJB Instruments has launched two new triaxial accelerometers both offering a unique solution for triaxial vibration measurement up to 250°C. The AT/04 (general purpose) and the AT/01 (miniature) are both piezoelectric (PE) Konic Shear charge output accelerometers that require a single cable via the industry standard 4 pin 1⁄4-28UNF threaded connector.

Alternative PE triaxial accelerometers on the market require 3 x low noise microdot cables to connect the accelerometer to the charge amplifier or data acquisition equipment, this creates an increased potential for triboelectric noise in addition to the issues of basic cable management, installation and maintenance. A reduction in cabling improves signal quality and integrity.

The AT/04 is a low cost triaxial accelerometer for general purpose use, available with an integrated ceramic isolating adhesive base or with a tapped base for stud mounting, its mass starts at less than 12.6 grams with a peak operating temperature of 250°C. The latest design of the AT/04 body also features a centralised connector for improved dynamic response.

The AT/01 offers a smaller package size and lower mass, less than 6.9 grams, with the same 1⁄4-28UNF threaded 4 pin connector and high 250°C operating temperature, it is available as an adhesive base or with a tapped base for stud mounting.

To enable these accelerometers to operate without significant triboelectric noise DJB have developed a unique low noise multi core cable which allows clean signal integrity, the cable is just 2.6mm in diameter and offers excellent flexibility. The need for only one cable between accelerometer and charge amplifier has clear benefits to the user and simplifies installations.

Neill Ovenden, DJB’s Managing Director said of the launch, ‘The customer demand for piezoelectric accelerometers rather than IEPE types is strong due to their high temperature capability and the need to continue their development is clear, DJB is dedicated to providing customers with the best and most practical solutions, these accelerometers are a great example of using DJB’s unique Konic Shear technology to deliver something new and in demand.’

For more details about DJB’s products range please visit the DJB website or call the sales team on +44 (0) 1638 712 288 or email

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