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For over 20 years we have supplied signal amplifiers and indicators to compliment our range of force and torque transducers.

In the last few years, with the growth of I.O.T and the demand for wireless telemetry, test environments have become even more challenging.

Meeting this challenge we now offer a complete range of transducers, amplifiers and indicators that enable you to transmit and record data digitally or wirelessly.

Our range of instrumentation starts with desktop and portable indicators and a high-speed data logger, all with USB output. These are supplied with Window compatible data logging software that enables you to see and record live data on your laptop or PC.

If you already have an analogue transducer you’d like to convert to a digital signal, we can help with an in-line analogue to digital signal amplifier with USB output. This connects your transducer directly to your Windows PC. Again it’s supplied with simple to use data logging software

Several of our torque transducers are supplied with built-in USB output and data logging software as standard. The USB connection to your laptop or PC provides both the excitation voltage and output signal. This makes them ideal for working away from the test bench

If you require a multi-channel device we can help with dual-channel, 4 channel or even 8 channel signal amplifiers with analogue or USB digital output. These amplifiers can be used with multiple single-axis or multi-axis load cells. Again, supplied with simple to use data logging software.

If you need to collect data from sensors in difficult to access locations, wireless data acquisition is the way forward. We offer both, Bluetooth telemetry and wireless telemetry systems. Both offer the advantages of

  • high resolution,
  • high accuracy
  • IP rated enclosures
  • OEM options

They can be set up to send data to your DAQ at set intervals or in a continuous stream

These systems can be used to make any force, torque or pressure transducer into a wireless device

We even offer load cells such as our popular 1200 series or other types of transducers with built-in WiFi   

As you can tell, your choice of data acquisition is as varied as the applications they are used for.

If you’d like some advice in selecting the correct instrumentation for your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us by;

Calling 01344 776666 or

E-mailing or by using the chat facility located at the top right-hand corner of our website

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