Dewetron & Dewesoft on show at Sensors & Instrumentation

New products from Dewetron & Dewesoft on show at Sensors & Instrumentation include SIRIUS fan-less data acquisition systems, designed for harsh environments where cooling is often an issue. Dewesoft increases channel density with the 16ch SIRIUS HD range for voltage and strain gauge measurements, which can also be integrated into a system with up to 128 channels.  Dewesoft have also introduced SIRIUS high-speed modules with a sample of 1MS/s and 16bit resolution, in the same SIRIUS packaging, so 200KS/s modules can be mixed with 1MS/s modules for maximum measurement flexibility. Dewetron have developed LabVIEW drivers to support their range of signal conditioning and data acquisition products. This will be attractive to system integrators and existing Dewetron customers who are experienced in LabVIEW programming and want to access the high performance capability of Dewetron hardware for specific applications in industrial control. The Dewetron DEWE2 range of data acquisition platforms will also be featured at the show and combined with Dewesoft-7 software, DEWE2 systems offer a range of front-end modules with 200KS/s sampling rate and precise signal conditioning for a wide range of sensors, including high voltage measurements with galvanic isolation.  

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