DEWESoft at Sensors & Instrumentation – Stand F26

DEWESoft will be on stand F26 at the 2015 Sensors & Instrumentation show and will be exhibiting their latest software and hardware developments.

DEWESoft is now recognized as a key supplier of Data Acquisition hardware & software to major customers in automotive, aerospace and railway industries. Innovation is the key to Dewesoft’s success with products that meet a wide range of applications, from small tool-box data loggers to high speed, high channel-count systems, with support for video, GPS, and a wide range of sensor types.

The first Dewesoft product was the Dewe-43, introduced 7 years ago, it remains as popular us ever, offering a compact, 8ch USB logger with counter-encoder and CAN bus interface. With recent upgrades it is now the Dewe43A

A major innovation was the development of SIRIUS with 24bit dual-core analogue-to-digital convertors providing a stunning 160dB dynamic range and with the ability to be configured for small or large measurement applications.

SIRIUS offers a wide range of front-end options and also fan-less versions for dusty environments where the system can operate without cooling.  

The SIRIUS R8D – RACK DISPLAY system can be configured with any SIRIUS slice with a mix of 200KS/s and 1MS/s modules all synchronized and able to stream data at maximum sampling rate for up to 128 channels

KRYPTON thermocouple modules have universal input connectors allowing use of any thermocouple type. All the channels are isolated between each other and the ground. They run with 100 Hz sample rate per channel.

KRYPTON low voltage modules have 100 V isolated amplifiers, with sample rate that reaches more than 10 kHz per channel and all the channels are isolated between each other and the ground. The new KRYPTON-STG strain gauge module samples at 20KS/s per channel with 24bit resolution and offers selectable completion for quarter, half and full bridge measurements.

KRYPTON DAQ modules are engineered precisely to withstand all conditions and operate flawlessly in cold places, hot places, dust, mud, water and snow. They are shock proof, vibration proof, milled out from a solid block of aluminium and filled with rubber, providing IP65 & IP67 environmental rating.

Small KRYPTON modules allow perfect placement near the source of your data. Connect with a single cable for data, power and sync. Short sensor wires save cost and improve the signal quality. Data link allows up to 100m distance from module to module. You can also stack them in blocks using simple lock mechanism.

KRYPTON modules are connected to your computer via industrial standard Ethernet connection (EtherCAT protocol) which provides 100 Mbit data link for hundreds of channels with more than 10 kHz data rate per channel and perfect synchronization between devices.

DEWESoft-X software is the driving force behind all Dewesoft hardware and is under continual development and improvement. DEWESoft-X2 is now released with up to 10x faster graphics and 4x faster math processing which can only be achieved because both hardware and software are developed in-house which enables even further development of application specific software solutions. DEWESoft software is licenced with the hardware and the price is included in the hardware cost with free upgrades as DEWESoft-X develops.

The continual success of Dewesoft is, in no small part, due to collaboration with customers and is what has made DEWESoft software what it is today and DEWESoft X2 is no exception.

Applications requiring a specific user interface with math processing have been a major factor in the success of Dewesoft.

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