Data logger specifically for compressed-air plants

With a data logger which was specifically developed for the employment in compressed-air plants BEKO Technologies extends its METPOINT® measurement equipment family. The new device boasts a multitude of application-specific capabilities, stretching from the number of connectable transducers to software specifically for the analysis of compressed-air processing.

The METPOINT® BDL data logger allows for the connection of up to eight or even 12 transducers or sensors, depending on the model. With this capacity the new device distances itself from standard data loggers which, in most cases, do not allow for such an option.

Sensors combined in a user-defined manner can be assigned to the numerous connections of the METPOINT® BDL. With pressure transducers, for example, or with pressure dew point transmitters, volume-flow sensors, temperature sensors, clip-on ammeters, etc. 32 limit values on the whole can be freely defined and assigned to four different alarm relays. An automatic early warning guarantees the utmost precision and process safety. At the device, the measured values are indicated on a 7″ colour display with a zoomable touch panel.

It allows for tabular, graphic, and combined presentations. Saving potentials become transparent via daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Any exceeded limits are highlighted in red. The number and moments of alarm messages are also indicated. The breakdown into minimum and maximum values completes the extensive reporting.

Although the METPOINT® BDL already guarantees a considerable volume of information as a stand-alone unit, it really shows its entire functionality through networking with the other systems of the company. Equipped with all the common types of connections and a web server, the device ensures the utmost flexibility regarding the data transmission to a PC and the World Wide Web. Measured data can be read via the Internet, directly evaluated on the PC and further processed in the user’s own systems, for example in a MySQL data base.

For this diversity of functions, BEKO Technologies provides two software variants that are specifically tailored to the METPOINT® BDL.

The METPOINT® READER SW201 program addresses the comprehensive graphic and tabular data evaluation and analysis at the stationary PC workplace. The readout of the measured data from the data logger is implemented via USB or Ethernet.

The METPOINT® Connect software acts globally. With it, any number of METPOINT® BDL data loggers can be evaluated from any location. For this purpose, the measured data are stored and procured on a server in predefined cycles. Upon request, an alarm is automatically sent via SMS or e-mail in the event of exceeded limit values. The evaluation of the measured data of all the METPOINT® data loggers that are integrated into the system can be realised from any workplace worldwide. For clear task assignment, however, the access of individual employees can also be restricted to certain devices.

The compact METPOINT® BDL with a weight of slightly less than seven kilos and a housing made of powder-coated aluminium can be integrated without great efforts into existing and new compressed-air systems. Due to the employment temperature of up to 50°C, installation points close to the production do not pose an obstacle to the BEKO data logger.

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