Current calibration system eliminates EMF

A current calibration system designed by Guildline Instruments has eliminated thermal EMF effects.

The 6622A DCC bridge uses a process of automatic current reversal. The unique architecture of the bridge and its control algorithm further removes gain and offset errors in the Nano-voltmeter balance detector and the precision toroid. The end results are shown by long term accuracy and linearity without the need for routine, frequent verification tests or calibrations.

Incorporating a unique ‘self-calibration’ functionality for the embedded null detector which is performed as part of each measurement, it also, via the standard interchange technique, automatically performs a ‘self-calibration’ of the measurement ratios to < 0.02 x 10-6.

With an operating range up to 10,000A and it’s modular design, the 6622A can be found in many calibration laboratories, Nuclear test labs and is heavily used in Electric Vehicle PowerTrain developments.

For more details on the Guildline Instruments 6622A current calibration system, please view full details at or call +44 (0)1264 316470

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