COVID-19 pandemic accelerates international business interest in services provided by Musashi AI’s robotics

Musashi AI, a robotics employment agency offering the services of customisable AI-robots for production floors, has reported a significant spike in enquiries from businesses around the world following the Coronavirus crisis.

With an estimated 80 per cent of the global workforce potentially facing self-isolation in the coming weeks, an increasing number of businesses are seeking to protect their supply chains from potential operational deficits which could damage the stability of production. International businesses have been turning to the MusashiAI agency as its robot employees bring a level of security to production continuity by allowing the essential jobs on production lines to continue while people are in isolation. This is key for maintaining undisrupted supply of essential products in these unprecedented times.

The AI robots Musashi AI places in factories have the capacity to integrate seamlessly and within a exceptionally short period of time due to highly advanced deep-learning capabilities. Musashi AI robots can be trained in a matter of days, and sometimes even hours,  to perform automated tasks that would take weeks and months to train for with legacy systems. The first two robotic employees include:

  • Visual Quality Control Inspector: based on artificial intelligence and cutting-edge optics, the visual inspector is able to identify defects in manufacturing lines at an unparalleled rate and accuracy.
  • Fully Autonomous Forklift Driver:  this robot navigates on its own to perform a variety of materials transport logistics tasks, with high efficiency and safety standards aimed at preventing injuries to staff on the warehouse or manufacturing floor.

Using a very small sample size of inspected specimens, Musashi AI combined the methodology behind the golden sample era of computer vision with the neural networks established by practitioners of deep learning to teach their AI to identify what a faulty part looks like. The Musashi AI algorithms identifies defects faster and more accurately than ever before. With advanced optics, deeply integrated with edge computing, Musashi AI robots spot circa 99 per cent of faulty parts in less than two seconds. This significant algorithmic development produces robotics that are engineered to continue efficient production operations, despite the global conditions that COVID-19 has created.

Ran Poliakine, Founder & Chairman of SixAI said: “We have seen a large increase of inbound enquiries from businesses seeking support from our robotics to help them at this time. The current outbreak of coronavirus has had a devastating effect on families and businesses around the globe, and it saddens me to think of the pain it has caused to society as a whole. We believe that human jobs should be performed by humans. Our goal has always been simple – to undertake the rigorous and repetitive jobs by modernising workplaces with the deployment of advanced AI technology. It is more important than ever for companies to integrate AI into production lines – keeping workers safe. At the same time, those on the frontlines of responding to the virus will be supported by undisrupted vital industry operations and stable economies.“

The agency is a joint venture between Israel’s SixAI and Japan’s Musashi Seimitsu. Through the collaboration of Israeli and Japanese engineers,  Musashi AI has created robots that are able to perform rigorous and repetitive jobs such as visual quality control inspections and forklifts operation with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. These AI robots are being deployed in factories owned by Musashi Seimitsu (a Honda Motor Co affiliate company), a global leader in powertrain parts manufacturing with 35 plants around the world.

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