Cost-effective, in-house humidity calibrations system – save time and money on external calibration labs

HygroCal100 and Optidew 401 from Michell Instruments

Performing traceable calibrations of relative humidity (RH) probes in-house is now within your budget with the HygroCal100 humidity generator and Optidew 401 chilled mirror reference.

Order before end of July 2020 and receive 15% off standard price.

Small and compact – both instruments are easily transportable for use in different locations and easily stored.

  • Convenient – no waiting while probes are sent off to an external laboratory. Calibrated probes ready for reinstallation in hours (not weeks).
  • Simple to use – no specialist training or experience is needed.
  • Efficient – calibrate up to six probes (of any make) at a time with automatic calibration settings to make the process hands-off.
  • Accredited (ISO 17025) calibration on the chilled mirror reference ensures traceability

Find out more and request a no-obligation quote to secure your 15% discount

You will benefit from this package if you:

  • Regularly need to calibrate or verify RH probes
  • Want to reduce your calibration costs
  • Prefer the convenience of keeping probes on site – no risk of deliveries being lost or delayed

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