Contrinex inductives presence check inserts in automotive aircon plastic mouldings

The automotive industry demands parts that are verified to be 100% correct and therefore a supplier of injection moulded parts trusts Contrinex inductives from their Extra Distance 500 Series to check that threaded inserts have been correctly mounted inside moulded plastic parts.

Customer Application

To enable the fast screw assembly required by automotive plants it is common to embed threaded inserts, typically made of brass, into plastic mouldings.

These nut-like elements are crucial to ensuring the correct final assembly process of the car and so the supplier must be able to ensure they are all present. It is not uncommon for automotive companies to return several days’ worth of production parts to a supplier and levy substantial fines if even a minor error is found.

The design of the moulded plastic parts which are used in automotive air filtration systems is problematic because it prevents visual checking the presence of the inserts and so a reliable test mechanism had to be found.

Customer Solution

Contrinex DW-AS-513-M30-002 Extra Distance inductives, available from PLUS Automation, are used in a checking fixture to detect if any inserts are missing or incorrectly mounted. The solution exploits the unique sensing capabilities of the Condist technology in these 500 Series sensors, utilising their longer sensing distances and better stability to environmental influences. The long operating distance and high sensing stability enable the detection of small inserts through a thick layer of plastic.

The test fixture is designed to accept a finished moulding and is equipped with sensors at each of the insert locations. Each sensor can detect the presence of the corresponding metal insert through moulded plastic and so confirm compliance with the specifications. The sensor’s PNP Normally Open output provides a logical GO – NO GO feed to a micro-controller.

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