Contrinex inductives can help protect your press from double blanks

A manufacturer of metal cans needs to ensure that the press that applies and crimps the bottom onto the can body is fed with only one bottom. Therefore a fast, non-contact and robust checking mechanism is required.

Customer Application

A conveyor with a stainless-steel glide plate backed by a permanent magnet ensures that the can bottoms travel perfectly flat on the belt which transports them to the assembly stage. If double-bottoms are fed into the assembly stage, damage can be done to the press, tools can be broken, and even the press becoming jammed will cause production downtime. To check that only one bottom is being fed to the assembly stage whilst they are attached magnetically to the fast-moving belt, requires a non-contact sensing solution. The thin gauge of steel used to produce the can bottoms (~0.33 mm thick) is too small for the customer’s normal automatic double-sheet detector to work reliably.

Customer Solution

Contrinex’s Extreme 700 Series sensors provide a robust and simple, cost-effective solution. They utilise their Condet technology to detect the mass of a target by inducing a voltage in it, whereas a traditional inductive sensor would induce the voltage only in the target’s surface.

The stainless-steel bodied sensor (DW-Ax-70X-M12) is mounted approximately 4 – 5 mm above the dome of a can bottom. On its own, the 0.33mm thick steel doom presents insufficient mass to switch the sensor at this distance, however, the presence of a second bottom piece increases target mass sufficiently to switch the sensor.

The inductive sensor triggers a rejection shoot whenever two bottoms are detected as being stacked together and so provide a robust and reliable system to protect the assembly press.

Contrinex sensors are available from PLUS Automation.

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