Meet the Team


Business Director:
Louise Pudney
01622 699104
On this title Louise manages the Display side of the magazine and the online advertising from spot adverts through to 3rd party emails.
Fun Fact: Currently attempting to quit a very addictive caffeine habit and has 2 crazy little dogs called Banjo and Hugo, if you want to win her round just ask about the dogs!
Sales Executive:
Harriet Campbell
01622 699163
Harriet manages the classified section of Instrumentation magazine from advertorials through to the suppliers guide and also manages the E-Newsletters.
Fun Fact: Harriet talks for England and her survival is 90% thanks to Coca Cola (the full fat version not diet)



Victoria White
07492 062973
Vicky manages all the editorial content of Instrumentation from product news through to technical articles.
Fun Fact: Vicky has a huge crush on Roger Moore and even has his picture on her desk.