Computrac MAX 5000XL fast, accurate primary measurements of moisture and ash content for biofuels

Producers and users of biomass fuels know that quality is critical to their success, and that moisture and ash content control are key to biomass fuel quality. Too much moisture results in poor efficiency and high emissions. Too much ash produces fouling and slagging. Failure to control those parameters can have significant negative financial implications.

The Computrac MAX 5000XL provides fast, accurate primary measurements of both moisture and ash content for a wide range of biofuels. Because Computrac is a primary measurement, it gives good correlation to conventional methods such as muffle furnace, but can deliver results with better repeatability in less time, regardless of operator skill. Indeed, contrary to most traditional methods, the capacity for human error is minimized by the automated nature of the Computrac methodology. Furthermore, because Computrac does not use an optical method, there is no requirement to generate new calibration curves for feedstocks of varying colour.

So if you currently use an oven, a muffle furnace or an optical system to test your biomass pellets or feedstocks and would like to simplify your procedure without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency, please call us. Our experienced team of application specialists will help you find the solution that’s right for your product, and your business.

ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd are the official European Service Centre for  Computrac Products. For more information please contact Dave Quelch (

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