COMlog IS streamlines data flow for Severn Trent

As one of the UK’s largest water and sewerage companies, Severn Trent proactively implements technological solutions to enhance the service it provides to its customers.

With a focus on sustainability, Renewable Energy Generation is a rapidly expanding part of Severn Trent’s business.

While working with Severn Trent recently on a project, we identified an opportunity to streamline a process of data collection using a COMlog IS device.

At their Minworth sewage treatment works, the anaerobic digestion process generates a substantial amount of Biomethane gas. This gas is harvested and injected back into the National Grid, meaning the gas is not wasted.

Previously, a flow computer was used to record the amount of gas being injected back into the Grid, although the process was slow and manual, as engineers had to record the data from the computer screen and calculate the totals.

By introducing COMlog IS into the system, data is now recorded by the device and is automatically exported to engineers in an accessible, easy to view format.

This is a much more effective, time-saving process, removing the manual data collection element.

This application demonstrates the versatility of the COMlog IS device as it is most typically deployed for monitoring and recording gas consumption.

The success of this installation can be replicated at Severn Trent’s other BTG plants, and the versatility of COMlog IS means it can also be used to monitor the main biogas and propane meters also.

In the last year, Severn Trent has created enough renewable energy to power 60,000 homes (which is approximately the size of the city of Gloucester).

Severn Trent is focussed on developing additional sites for biogas injection and the solutions provided by HWM can help to deliver the biogas used to power homes into the future.

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