COMlog 2 supports measurement of unique weather conditions

Measuring the unique weather conditions at each of its individual plantations was a real challenge to the Philippines Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA). To solve this problem, the SRA chose to install 40 COMlog 2 data loggers from HWM.

COMlog 2 was chosen for its ability to receive sensor information from a variety of sources including temperature, humidity, solar radiation, air pressure and precipitation measurement.

At each SRA plantation, COMlog 2 has been connected to a number of different weather sensors, creating a unique and flexible piece of equipment that can measure multiple factors. With help from COMlog, these weather stations now have the ability to receive and transmit accurate data almost instantaneously.

COMlog communicates with the sensors using a SDI12 serial link, connecting via digital input for the rain gauge. HWM has also engineered in a solar panel controller and battery to enable 15 minute data transmission, ensuring data is always available.

Alongside the data logger, HWM also installed local software, providing users with a display through which they can view the data that is being transmitted via COMlog 2. This data can be accessed remotely via any software enabled device, so that the Sugar Regulatory Administration can access their data from anywhere and at any time.

With the success of this weather monitoring project, HWM are now investigating the potential to add a soil moisture monitoring feature to the COMlog 2 data logger, further enhancing the flexibility of this data monitoring solution.

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