Collaboration to develop enhanced thermal imager solutions

Agilent Technologies has announced its collaboration with Nippon Avionics (Avio) on the co-development of enhanced thermal imager solutions. The first product of their collaboration is the Agilent U5855A TrueIR thermal imager, a handheld thermal imager solution. 

The two companies jointly developed the U5855A, fusing the best of each company’s technology and expertise. 

Avio, a provider of high-quality thermography solutions at economical prices, brings more than 40 years of thermal imager design, market and application knowledge to the partnership. Agilent offers handheld tools that are rugged and ergonomic, with functions that simplify the way engineers work. The addition of the thermal imager to Agilent’s handheld instruments portfolio expands its reach into industrial markets, enabling the company to offer customers a one-stop center for their application needs. 

“The U5855A TrueIR thermal imager is the start of a long-term relationship integrating the core competencies of each company to advance the future of thermal imager technology,” said Minoru Hijikawa, associate senior vice president of Avio. “We intend to provide highly differentiated thermal image solutions through this work.” 

“The collaboration with Avio represents a powerful opportunity for us to significantly contribute to the needs of the industrial engineer,” said Ee Huei Sin, vice president, Agilent’s general-purpose electronic measurement division. “This is an exciting and solid step in that direction.” 


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