Clamp meter calibration from Hitek

A clamp meter is an electrical tester that combines a digital multimeter with a current sensor. A clamp meter gets its name as it has a hinged “clamp” jaw integrated into an electrical meter which allows users to simply clamp around wire, cables and other conductors at any point in the electrical system and measure its current, without disconnecting it.

Generally, Hitek calibrate clamp meters from Fluke, Megger, Kewtech, Di-Log and Martindale but are able to calibrate clamp meters from other manufacturers.

What do clamp meters measure?

  • Choose from: AC current, AC and DC voltage, crest factor, resistance, temperature, continuity, DC current, capacitance, and frequency

What equipment are they used on?

  • Electrical systems
  • Industrial equipment
  • Industrial controls
  • Commercial/industrial HVAC

Who uses them?

  • Clamp meters are used by electricians
  • Industrial maintenance technicians
  • Facilities, building maintenance and HVAC technicians

Why use a clamp meter?
There is a call for simultaneous measurement as part of troubleshooting so many of those users carry two meters: one to measure electrical current and one to measure voltage. For electricians, a clamp meter is a quick and versatile diagnostic tool for figuring out why an electrical system or piece of equipment is not operating correctly.

Hitek technicians are highly trained and competent to perform calibration services across the UK from the Mobile Calibration Laboratory which goes direct to premises and provides effective on-site calibration.

Hitek also offer a 100 mile radius collection and delivery service to and from the calibration laboratory in Horsham, West Sussex.

Contact Hitek for more information on clamp meter calibration – 01403 243 535 |

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