City Technology’s Catalytic Bead Sensors Now Reapproved for Use in Zone 0 Applications

Shawcity is pleased to announce that City Technology has reapproved its 4P catalytic bead and MICROpeLTM pellistor sensors listed below to the updated standard, thereby extending their use in most hazardous locations.

The ATEX Category 1 certification (Ex da) is available with T5 and T6 temperature classes for the 4P range and T4 and T5 classes for the MICROpeL 75 range. Ultimately, this means that instrument manufacturers who are using our catalytic bead sensors can re-certify their existing products so they can also be used in Zone 0.

The BS EN 60079-1:2014 is the UK implementation of EN 60079-1:2014, the European standard “Equipment for explosive atmospheres”. Part 1: Equipment protected by flameproof enclosures “d” has been updated to the 2014 edition which includes an option for portable products to be approved to “da” for use in Zone 0 applications.

City Technology’s catalytic bead sensors offer a more stable and flexible solution for combustible gas detection. Built to better resist toxic environments, they deliver faster response and recovery times. The sensors come with different filter options along with flameproof housing, while the range also has enhanced resistance to shock and vibration.

Our Zone 0 Approved Sensors are as follows: 4P50, 4P50C, 4P50M, 4P75, 4P75C, 4P75M, 4P90, 4P90C, 4P90M, MICROpeL75, MICROpeL75C, MICROpeL75M.

For sales enquiries, further information or technical support on any of our City Technology sensor range, contact Shawcity on: Tel: 01367 899420 or email:

For further information, please contact the Marketing Department at Shawcity Ltd:

Tel: 01367 899420
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