Chell Instruments at Sensors & Instrumentation – [Stand A36]

Chell provides complete solutions to sensing problems using over 40 years of experience in measuring and controlling Pressure, Vacuum and Gas Flow. Very often the measurement is relatively easy once the most appropriate sensor is selected; it is the collection and manipulation of the data that causes most difficulty in providing the solution.

Four generations of Air Ingress Monitors have provided solutions to the Power Generation industry. It computes leak rate by calculation from absolute and differential pressure and temperature then compares the result with the Steam Tables to output Air Ingress, the greatest source of inefficiency (& therefore waste emissions) in the power generation cycle.

Chell has built several Gas Flow Audit Standards used by those holding the UK National Standard to verify and compare data with their standards – this work has led to the design of multiple channel calibration systems for manufacturers of gas meters.

Aerodynamic pressure measurements are often made using electronic pressure scanners and Chell has specialised in the application of this technology to industries such as Formula 1, aircraft constructors and gas turbine manufacturers. This latter has become so significant, it has led to the development of a complete range of multi-channel tubulation quick disconnect couplings – one user has even flown an engine so equipped.

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