Chamois Metrology offers much more than Calibration!

Established in 2005 Chamois Metrology is renowned for supplying a comprehensive calibration service providing pressure, mass, temperature and electrical calibrations.

Our UKAS accredited facility at Southam in Warwickshire is equipped with internationally acclaimed standards yielding some of the best capabilities available.


We have recently extended our UKAS calibration capabilities to include:

Pressure: calibrations over an environmental temperature range of +20 ºC to +150 ºC

Mass: M1, F2 and F1 classifications.

Temperature: indicators, calibrators, probes and dry-wells from -25ºC to 650ºC.

Electrical: DC/AC voltage/current measurement and generation.


We also provide UKAS calibration certificates for differential pressure transmitters with static differential pressures up to 1500 bar.

For more details of our UKAS accreditation please go to our UKAS schedule at


UKAS calibration, repair and support services are offered on all makes of equipment including GE Druck, Desgranges et Huot, Ametek, Budenberg, Pressurements, Ruska, DH Instruments, Fluke, Mensor, and Wika .

Having established a reputation for calibration Chamois Metrology has in recent years become a major supplier of calibrators, pumps, gauges, transmitters and instrumentation.

We are UK distributors for a variety of manufacturers including:


Additel Corporation

Additel are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality handheld test tools, pumps and portable calibrators for process and calibration industries.

This unique range of equipment includes the ADT 761 a fully automated portable calibrator with a built-in electric pump.

The 761 series provides a turn-key solution for calibration of gauges, transmitters and switches both in the field and the laboratory.

Pressures from 90% vacuum to 40 bar can be automatically generated.

Models include the ADT 761-LLP designed for low pressure calibration. Pressures as low as 0.01Pa may be generated and controlled.

The ADT 761-BP barometric version uses a quartz pressure sensor with an accuracy of 0.01% FS.

When used with optional external pressure modules (160 series) the 761 measures pressures up to 700 bar with 0.025% accuracy.


Other features include HART communication capability, 24V loop power supply and current and voltage readings.

Additel have also developed a range of pneumatic and hydraulic test pumps to generate pressures between -0.95 bar to 2800 bar.

Unique features of these pumps include a specially designed shut-off valve for stable readings, a built-in gas/liquid isolator, hand-tight quick connect fittings and a pneumatic pump that generates up to 200 bar.

The Additel pumps may be used in conjunction with a variety of Additel calibrators and digital test gauges with accuracies ranging from 0.025% to 0.25% FS.

ATEX and panel mounted versions are available along with data logging/calibration software.

Additel also supply Process Calibrators which simulate and measure electrical signals, temperature and pressure (using the 160 series modules.)

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Fluke has acquired a reputation for high quality reliable instrumentation specifically designed for process and calibration engineers.

We are distributors for the Fluke “Process Calibration and Tools Catalogue” equipment range which includes calibrators and test equipment covering pressure, temperature and electrical instrumentation.

Chamois Metrology supplies Fluke pressure test gauges, calibrators and deadweight testers including the 6531/6532 electronic deadweight testers a digital alternative to traditional deadweight testers.

We also supply Fluke temperature calibrators PRTs, metrology wells and baths ranging from -95ºC to 1200 ºC with stabilities up to ±0.005 ºC.

Fluke have recently introduced the portable 2638 Hydra Series III Data Acquisition System with on-screen colour trending and analysis with up to 66 universal differential inputs measuring thermocouples, PRTs and electrical DC and AC signals.

Couple these with the Fluke multifunction calibrators, loop calibrators and process meters Chamois Metrology offers a very comprehensive range of Fluke equipment.


Martel Electronics.

Martel has developed a range of signal and process calibrators.

Products include the Betagauge range of portable pressure test pumps, gauges and calibrators the BetaProbe reference thermometers and bench mounted process calibrators.

The BetaGauge 330 is a hand held pressure calibrator with an integral pump which generates up to 20 bar. Pressures up to 700 bar can be measured when it is used with the BetaPort P modules and the MECP10K hydraulic pump.



NicheSensor specialise in manufacturing ultra-low pressure calibrators and transmitters measuring down to ±50 Pa.

The built-in dual action variable volume pump enables the calibrator user to generate and control extremely low pressures.

Transmitters have welded aluminium or stainless steel casings with a selection of voltage or mA outputs.



Zwiebel have been manufacturing high quality precision weights and masses for 200 years.

They supply all classes as boxed sets or individually in brass, aluminium or stainless steel between 1 mg and 2 tonnes.


Chamois Metrology supplies calibration services and instrumentation to industry sectors across the UK including: oil & gas, energy, utilities, aerospace and pharmaceutical.


For more information on our products and services or to request a visit please visit our website or contact us on:


Tel: 01926 812066 


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