Codeplay Software and eSOL Partner to Enable Open Standards Programming With eMCOS® RTOS Platform for Automotive Applications

Combining Codeplay’s Acoran Platform Supporting SYCL and OpenCL™ With eSOL’s eMCOS RTOS Platform Will Empower Safety Critical Embedded Multicore Applications

TOKYO, Japan, Nov. 4, 2021eSOL, a global developer of real-time embedded software solutions, and Codeplay Software, a leader in enabling acceleration technologies for AI and HPC, today announced their partnership to develop high-performance, safe embedded applications for automotive and industrial applications running on multicore real-time systems.

Codeplay and eSOL are both pioneers in their respective fields. Codeplay led the creation and definition of SYCL (pronounced “sickle”), The Khronos Group’s open standard C++ programming model for heterogeneous processor architectures in artificial intelligence (AI)  and high-performance computing (HPC). eSOL is a leading global embedded software vendor, providing unrivaled high-scale, multicore support for extreme high performance in safety critical and secure environments through its unique and innovative “multikernel” commercial real-time operating system (RTOS) solution. Through the partnership, Codeplay will integrate their Acoran Software Platform with eSOL eMCOS, the ultra-scalable RTOS platform, allowing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) application developers to port their software using modern C++ to eSOL’s reliable and familiar framework.

The strategy for integration will start with a multicore CPU environment and then grow to support integrated accelerators for AI and computer vision (CV) functions. AI and CV are being adopted for next generation automotive systems to provide enhanced safety and control, reducing accidents, saving lives, and taking into account increasing autonomy of vehicles.

According to Data Bridge Market Research, embedded systems are expected to have a market growth of almost 6% annually from 2020 to 2027. However, AI and autonomous focused solutions within the embedded market are forecasted to grow significantly faster.
ADAS solutions in the automotive segment are projected to grow at a 21% annual rate and machine vision (MV) applications are expected to grow 34% annually over the same period.

Codeplay’s Acoran Software Platform provides programmability, optimized processor-specific routines, and a wide ecosystem of domain-specific optimized libraries for exascale and AI. A key foundation of Acoran is SYCL, an open standard programming model that enables heterogeneous programming based on standard ISO C++. Heterogeneous programming is the basis for today’s growing HPC, AI, and machine learning applications. SYCL has been gaining momentum as embedded C++ developers look for a non-proprietary programming model.

eMCOS is a breakthrough real-time operating system platform for next-generation embedded applications with high performance and functional safety requirements. It combines a common POSIX user interface with an underlying multikernel architecture to enable the highest possible performance on modern multicore and manycore hardware by reusing available source code. eMCOS has been developed from scratch and designed to meet the most stringent quality, safety and security standards of automotive and industrial critical embedded applications.

“Our customers have the highest demands for quality and safety. They are also eager to apply AI and HPC to their real-time embedded systems to meet the growing demand for autonomous solutions,” said Bob N. Ueyama, Executive Vice President of eSOL. “We are excited to partner with Codeplay and bring an open standard heterogeneous programming model to our customers.”

“More and more AI and HPC systems require true real-time execution within the operating system,” said Andrew Richards, CEO and founder of Codeplay Software. “The POSIX compliant eMCOS perfectly aligns with our solutions and approach to open standards support across all processor systems for ADAS.”

“The momentum has grown with SYCL, with organizations embracing SYCL for their next generation processing systems, and developers favoring the open standards approach” said Michael Wong, Chairperson of the SYCL Working Group within The Khronos Group and Distinguished Engineer at Codeplay Software. “This partnership between eSOL and Codeplay is a great example of the increasing choice available for software developers within a rapidly growing SYCL ecosystem.”

Heilind introduces solid state relays and more from Sensata-Crydom

Heilind signs global agreement with Sensata-Crydom, expanding presence in solid state relay market. Heilind is now an authorised distributor for Sensata-Crydom – a leading solid state relay (SSR) manufacturer.

Heilind Electronics, a leading distributor of electronic components, has added Sensata-Crydom products to its growing portfolio of relays and switching solutions. For more than 40 years, Sensata-Crydom has delivered proven solid state relay (SSR) solutions to customers around the world.

As an authorised distributor of Sensata-Crydom products, Heilind will stock a wide range of solid state relays, contactors and power modules, as well as custom-designed solid state switching solutions. These items comply with the latest legal environment directives, including RoHS regulations.

The new selection of relays and related products is designed to serve a variety of industries including building equipment, energy and infrastructure, food & beverage, industrial OEMs, medical and transportation.

Visit for more information about Sensata-Crydom solid state relays and switching solutions.

NI to acquire NH Research, enters into definitive agreement with Heinzinger

NI has announced the acquisition of NH Research, LLC (NHR), a leader in high power test and measurement applications such as electric vehicles (EV) and batteries. The transaction closed on October 19, 2021. NI is also announcing that it recently entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the EV Systems business of Rosenheim, Germany -based Heinzinger GmbH, a European leader in high-current and high-voltage power systems and this deal is expected to close in Q1 2022.

These acquisitions will expand NI’s portfolio of electrification (EV), battery, and sustainable energy capabilities to provide customers with critical power level signal sensing, capture and analysis. NI, NHR, and Heinzinger serve highly complementary positions in testing components used in the automotive industry to rapidly innovate to electrify vehicles. We believe combining the strength of NI’s flexible EV test platform with these companies’ power conversion and power supply test systems expertise will optimize testing workflows and enable rapid responses to changing test needs, accelerating time to market for a broader range of customers.

The focus of the acquisitions is to accelerate NI’s opportunity in high growth EV applications. Due to the complementary nature of these companies to NI’s priorities of innovation and meeting customer needs, NI expects that there will be minimal cost synergies from these transactions. NI is funding both these transactions through a combination of its existing revolving credit facility and cash on hand. These two transactions will represent 3 percent to 4 percent of NI’s total revenue in 2022 and be accretive to earnings per share. Approximately 150 employees will be joining the company.

“We continue to be intentional with investments where we see high potential to accelerate our growth. The addition of expertise and complementary capability from these two leading technology companies will help strengthen and expand our systems offerings to shared customers in the fast-growing area of electrification.” said Eric Starkloff, NI President and CEO. “These companies demonstrate our continued commitment to delivering systems to our customers who are facing a once in a career technology inflection in electrification. We welcome the employees of NHR and Heinzinger as we collectively accelerate our long-term growth ambitions.”

Precision high-speed measurement with Contrinex long-range analogue inductives manages web tension

A manufacturer of textile handling machines trusts the speed, precision and reliability of Contrinex’s long-range Analogue Inductive sensors to measure the small changes in the position of a ‘dancer’ roller or ‘follower’, which follows the fabric web’s position and so indicates the web’s tension. The sensor’s precision measurement is fed into a tension control system, which in turn provides continuous feedback to a variable speed drive.

Customer application

As the textile web is unwound and fed into the machine, the control system must compensate for minor changes in tension. These can be due to variations in the properties of the fabric and from within the machine itself, such as slight deformation of the rollers, worn bearings, alignment issues, and the requirement to enable acceleration/deceleration to make speed changes.

A web tension control system registers these tension changes via a dancer roller, which rises and falls constantly in small increments (‘dancing’). Encoder or precision potentiometers are typically used by the customer to measure the ‘dancer’ roller’s position, providing a signal to the machine controller, which adjusts drive speed/braking accordingly.

Encoders and potentiometers have a moving shaft coupled to the pivoting dancer arm of the dancer system and are therefore subject to wear and tear on delicate bearing surfaces and well as limitations in the service life of the encoders and potentiometers in a dusty or fluffy environment. To avoid these problems the customer was looking for a non-contact solution.

Customer solution

Contrinex analogue inductive sensors from their Extra Distance 509 Series family, available from PLUS Automation, provided the perfect solution for this application and the dusty environment. Their Condist oscillator technology ensures excellent temperature stability and repeat accuracy which is required for precision measurement at longer operating distances (up to 40 mm) to a resolution in the µm range.

Their excellent speed, resolution and continuous non-digitised output is particularly suitable for fast precise measurement of the constantly ‘dancing’ roll in this feedback control system.

The use of an analogue inductive sensor requires no mechanical contact but merely an elliptical metal target or direct view of the moving dancer arm. It is then possible to interface the sensor output directly to a controller, with several switch points included in a single device. This greatly simplifies installation, while the problems of wear and tear associated with mechanical contact are also avoided.

Chemotherapy patients benefit from optimum coolant flow during treatment

Titan Enterprises celebrates over 10 years of partnership development with Paxman Coolers Ltd ( as the company reports over 4,000 Paxman scalp-cooling systems are now installed around the world, reducing the likelihood of chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

Paxman’s innovative liquid-based cooling system utilises Titan’s mini turbine flowmeters to monitor the rate of coolant flow around the patented cooling cap during chemotherapy treatment. The scalp cooling technology can alleviate the damage caused to the hair follicles by reducing the temperature of the scalp by a few degrees before, during, and after chemotherapy treatment.

Chemotherapy-induced hair loss is one of the most feared and traumatic side-effects of patient cancer treatments. The growing awareness of the benefits of scalp cooling has led to an increase in demand for Paxman’s Scalp Cooling System from both healthcare providers and chemotherapy patients.  In recent years, the product has received clearance from the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and market approval in over 60 countries, helping over 100,000 cancer patients worldwide.

Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer with Titan Enterprises said: “We really value long-term relationships like the one we have with Paxman. Working with OEMs is a large proportion of our research and development and it’s particularly rewarding to see that our technology is being used successfully within such a significant medical device.”

These turbine flow measuring devices are an ideal low-cost component for OEM applications. In this case, Titan’s 300-010 mini turbine flowmeter ensures that the coolant flow rate within the cooling cap is kept within an optimum range to provide the patient with the best possible chance of keeping their hair.

Patrick Burke, Paxman’s Head of Operations commented: “We chose to integrate Titan Enterprises’ mini turbine flowmeter into our Scalp Cooling System because it offered an excellent balance of measurement accuracy, long term resistance to coolant fluids, high reliability and proved easy to maintain”.

Titan’s industry proven mini turbine flow devices use sapphire bearings for long life and reliability. These simple flow monitoring devices are well suited for installation into systems that require batch filling, dispensing of liquids or long-term repeat dosing – such as Paxman’s scalp cooling system. The NSF-approved 800 Series and Beverage mini turbine flowmeters combine high performance and inherent reliability. The Beverage flowmeter operates over a single flow range of 0.6 to 10 litres per minutes, whereas the 800-Series turbines operate over 6 flow ranges from 0.05 to 15 litres per minute.

Titan continues to be a part of Paxman’s exciting developments as they work towards a medical compression and cooling device to prevent chemotherapy-induced nerve damage in hands and feet.

For further information on Titan’s mini turbine flowmeters please visit To discuss an optimised flow measurement device for your OEM application please contact Titan Enterprises on +44 (0)1935 812790 or email

For information about Paxman’s story and their scalp cooling systems, visit

Enabling manufacturing innovation with the virtual twin experience

Manufacturers in just about every industry are already embracing the reality of Industry 4.0—that the digital transformation of factories is necessary, replacing manual processes with automated systems in cyber-physical smart factories. This is crucial to manufacturers as challenges caused by global disruptions can make it even more challenging for them to ramp up production to satisfy ever-volatile market demands.

There are many subtle differences in the obstacles faced by manufacturers in different industries, but there are also a few key challenges that all manufacturers have in common. Having a limited number of assembly lines makes it difficult for manufacturers to keep up with the rising demand for customised products as well as the accelerating rate of innovation (and by extension, obsolescence) in new products.

Many manufacturers still lack the visibility required to respond to supply and demand volatility in an agile manner. At the same time, it can be challenging to be mindful of the growing list of certifications required and regulations that manufacturers need to comply with—in addition to the growing pressure for manufacturers to shift towards more sustainable practices.

To be able to adopt digital transformation towards smart manufacturing, what manufacturers need is a solution where the virtual and real worlds converge in perfect synchronisation. With that in mind, manufacturers require real-time data from the real world, that can be used to model, plan, optimise and execute manufacturing operations with minimum risk. The team at 3DS DELMIA, part of the Dassault Systèmes Group, takes a closer look at just how effective virtual twins can be.

Optimising Operations Across the Value Chain

Virtual twin platforms come with a whole host of benefits and equip manufacturers with solutions for improvement at every stage in their value chain, allowing for better strategic and tactical decision-making. Listed below are some of the most pertinent:

  • Facility Planning

Using anything from 2D drawings to fixed point scans of physical facilities, the 3D virtual twin allows manufacturers to plan assembly lines in a way that optimises the use of the available physical space. Perfect planning of assembly lines, workstations and tools through the virtual world minimises potential risks and avoids costly layout redesigns after the physical facilities have been installed.

  • Process Planning

The Virtual Twin Experience can be used to plan the use of materials and resources in products, optimal processes for maximised production output, as well as safe work conditions. Virtual simulation of processes allows manufacturers to eliminate potential process or quality issues ahead of execution—reducing launch times and scrap while saving time and money from building manual prototypes.

  • Manufacturing Planning

On a more tactical level, the Virtual Twin Experience equips manufacturers with the capabilities to adjust and optimise production while managing constraints in manufacturing, assembly and distribution. This can be applied to areas such as supply and demand planning or sales and operations planning through the use of forecast data—or help generate an optimised master production schedule.

  • Manufacturing Execution

When it comes to manufacturing operations management, the virtual twins give manufacturers the agility and flexibility needed for tactical decision-making. Real-time visibility over all operations allows manufacturers to promptly carry out unplanned maintenance on machines or identify an urgent need to requisition materials—reducing downtime, eliminating silos and minimising risk.

  • Raising Competitiveness Through Manufacturing Excellence

Companies have a prime opportunity to optimise and maximise returns in their manufacturing operations by leveraging the extensive capabilities of the virtual twins. By planning optimal processes and enhancing the cohesion between design, engineering and manufacturing, manufacturers can see a significant impact in:

  • An increase in efficiency and operation rates
  • Cost savings from elimination of physical prototypes
  • Increased speed of NPI and time to market
  • Sustainability in Manufacturing

At the business level, sustainability is becoming the most critical lever for strategy. It is shaping a new set of values that companies must embrace to ensure relevancy, conquer new markets, prepare their workforce for the future, and become part of the solution. Virtual twins are proven to provide manufacturers with a clearer vision of how key equipment can be run more sustainably – with many businesses already tapping into the potential that virtual twins provide.

There is no doubt that the world is moving towards a more sustainable future, and manufacturing must adjust to fit in line with this shift in thinking. Thankfully virtual twins provide business owners with a wealth of information that is geared towards not only sustainability but also longevity and operational excellence.

Innovation is at the heart of everything that manufacturers do, so there’s plenty of reason to get behind virtual twins and the multitude of benefits they offer to your business. From taking positive steps in reducing your business’ overall carbon footprint to guaranteeing each part of the manufacturing process is fully optimised, virtual twins can help.

Farnell launches Boost Your Power campaign with exclusive discounts and great prizes

Farnell, an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, has launched the Boost Your Power campaign to provide a range of special offers and discounts on featured products from leading global test and measurement suppliers. Visitors to Farnell’s website can also download a range of free online power management resources and enter a competition to win an Apple iPad Pro, Amazon vouchers worth £250 and much more.

Test and measurement equipment supports the design process, allowing engineers to check their designs are performing as intended. Farnell is promoting a combination of the bestselling and new-to-market products to help engineers quickly and easily find test and measurement solutions to meet their power needs. Featured products showcased as part of Farnell’s Power Management Hub include:

  • The QPX750SP Bench Power Supply by Aim TTi features a single adjustable output rated up to 80 V and up to 50 A. Front and rear terminals make it suitable for bench or system use, while high setting resolution and metering down to 1mV ensures accurate measurement and ripple. At <3mV rms at full power, the noise level is very low. In addition, an analogue control interface connection to LAN/LXI, USB, RS232† and GPIB on P versions is possible.
  • The NGU401 Source Measure Unit from Rohde & Schwarz is perfect for challenging applications due to its extremely high accuracy and fast load recovery time. Data acquisition is performed rapidly with every detail detected down to 2 μs resolution. The NGU401 offers 4-quadrant architecture, 60 W output power and can function as both a source and sink to simulate batteries and loads. Customers are protected by a 3-year warranty as standard.

Farnell is also offering exclusive discounts and free product giveaways with selected test and measurement equipment, such as:

  • 15% discount on the B&K Precision BK9833 Programmable AC Power Source: The low harmonic distortion meets the IEC 61000-3-2 standard and offers outputs of 300V/30A and 3000 VA, making it ideal for pre-compliance testing. A variety of power line disturbances can be simulated using pulse, step, and list modes using built-in or user-defined waveforms. Manual control is via numeric keypad, rotary knob, navigation keys, and a 4.3-inch colour LCD display which can display 12 measurements simultaneously. LAN, USB, GPIB and RS232 interfaces are built-in and control is possible from a standard web browser via integrated web server.
  • Exclusive saver bundles from Tektronix and Keithley Instruments: Choose from either the Advanced Power Applications bundle or the IoT Applications bundle featuring oscilloscopes, probes, power supplies, digital multimeters, source measure unit, supporting software and more, available exclusively from Farnell.
  • Keysight U1733C LCR meter for free with a purchase from a range of Keysight power products: The U1733C LCR device can operate at frequencies as high as 100 kHz and take fast measurements using the one-touch automatic identification function button which displays component type and more detailed analysis such as Z, ESR, and DCR. Customers can purchase selected Keysight products, including source measure units (SMUs), modular power systems, power analysers and power supplies, to access this offer.

In addition to the range of products on offer in the Boost Your Power campaign, customers can also enter the competition to win one of 20 prizes including an Apple iPad Pro, £250 Amazon gift card, discounts on selected Farnell test and measurement products and more.

The Power Management Hub provides extensive resources on featured test and measurement products, including oscilloscopes, probes, power analysers, bench power supplies, SMUs, DC loads and AC sources, as well as a selection of articles, brochures, guides, videos and on-demand webinars from Farnell’s supplier partners. Customers are invited to download a free exclusive article titled ‘Power Solutions in Test & Measurement’ to learn about the core pieces of equipment required for testing in research, product development, prototyping, production, and field-testing applications.

James McGregor, Global Head of Test and Tools at Farnell, said: “Power management plays a major role in virtually every piece of electronic equipment. We are proud to bring a vast array of products from leading suppliers to support our customers in their power management processes. By supporting them further with free-to-download technical content and a range of great discounts to reduce the cost of their purchase, they are fully enabled to overcome any challenge.”

Farnell offers a full range of market-leading test, tools and production supplies from stock to support electronic design and test, with no minimum order value and an educational discount programme. Customers have free access to online resources, data sheets, applications notes, videos and webinars with excellent customer and technical support available 24/5 in local language.

Customers can access featured products from market-leading suppliers including Tektronix, Keithley Instruments, Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz, Aim TTi, B&K Precision, Chauvin Arnoux, EA, GW Instek, Sefram and Sorensen. To find out more about how to Boost Your Power with Farnell, visit:

Powelectrics MetronView IIoT cloud now has over half a billion readings

Powelectrics MetronView IIoT cloud now has over half a billion readings ….

Powelectrics’ well-proven, versatile MetronView platform has been actively developed since its launch over ten years ago. Highly scalable ….. all that lovely customer data is securely stored for future analysis.

MetronView collects data from a vast array of sensors, machines and IIoT devices. It gets Powelectrics’ customers’ data flowing … fast … from their first step towards digital transformation to the roll-out of an international estate of connected assets!

MetronView is a ‘universal’ IIoT platform, agile and responsive, collecting data from a vast array of sensors, machines and other devices, via a powerful suite of IIoT building blocks, which integrate GSM/GPRS, Sigfox, LoRa, LoRaWAN, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, CAN, MODBUS & IO-Link.

Generally used as a standalone cloud, with a known and transparent subscription model, MetronView provides current and historic data via customisable dashboards, sends alarms, remotely manages and controls devices in the field and performs mathematical and logical operations, such as anomaly detection.

Its intuitive features include:

  • “CHART ANGEL”. A fantastic feature, which will allow data from several IOT devices to be placed together on one graph for easy identification of operational issues. Customers can now compare the performance of similar assets to identify anomalies.
  • CONFIGURATION WIZARD. Remotely configure devices using a simple, intuitive wizard to define units of measure, sensor types and more and save configurations for future use. No need for training or programming skills.
  • CONFIGURATION LIBRARY. To make life easy, customers can keep a library of regularly used configurations and simply select one for simple configuration … making it incredibly easy to manage devices in the field, whenever you like. Eg) Pre-set configurations for specific tank dimensions. No need for coding skills or technical support.
  • HOVER FUNCTION. Hover anywhere over your graph for exact readings of all channels at a specific point in time.

An interoperable API allows data to be easily drawn into sector and application-specific platforms. 

You can view the MetronView Brochure here.

What can Powelectrics’ MetronView cloud do for you?

Please browse the Powelectrics website and get in touch with any queries about getting your sensor data into the MetronView cloud or applications you would like to discuss. Call the team on +44 1827 310 666, email or use this contact form.

Discover the full value of measurement at Advanced Engineering

On November 3 and 4, industrial metrology supplier The Sempre Group will exhibit at Advanced Engineering at the NEC in Birmingham. On stand G80, The Sempre Group will showcase a range of metrology systems and software that enable manufacturers to realise Quality 4.0. Its experts will also be on-hand to consult on how integrating metrology throughout a production process enables manufacturers to improve productivity, reduce costs and remain competitive. Register to visit here.

On its stand, The Sempre Group will exhibit its comprehensive range of metrology systems and software from its broad supplier base. Visitors to the stand will be able to see how The Sempre Group can build bespoke automated metrology solutions, which will be demonstrated by collaborative robot working with a Micro-Vu multi-sensing CMM. The cobot can pick and place parts onto measurement equipment, and then sort them according to whether they are good or defective.

Attendees can find out more about the benefits of shaft measurement systems like the Opticline, which carry out fast and accurate measurements to help manufacturers ensure compliance. The Sempre Group will also showcase the Arkite Human Interface Mate, an optical projection system that guides operators with augmented reality (AR) instructions and the Gelsight 3D topography measurement system, a handheld tool that accurately measures surface roughness and defects.

In addition to equipment, The Sempre Group provides quality management software solutions that enable manufacturers to develop a centralised data system, simplify reporting and compliance and improve productivity. Visitors will see how High QA Inspection Manager automatically extracts geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) data from a model, identifies critical dimensions and auto-populates reports and how Prolink enables manufacturers to make informed decisions by assessing collated data and reports.

“Our expert team will be at the event to listen to attendees’ concerns and determine the best way to solve each company’s unique metrology challenges,” explained Jim Mangan, managing director of The Sempre Group. “We are able to offer independent advice, drawing on our knowledge of equipment from a broad supplier base to design a bespoke solution that meets each customer’s business objectives.”

 To find out more about The Sempre Group’s automation services ahead of Advanced Engineering, visit To register for Advanced Engineering, visit

FORM + TEST and HBK set common standards in force calibration precision

Traceable reference measurement instruments used in accredited calibration laboratories, must meet the highest requirements in terms of precision, reliability, and quality.

To this effect, system specialist FORM + TEST relies on HBK’s dependable and high-precision measurement technology, in its ALPHA 2-5000 S compression testing machine, for the calibration of force sensors at a calibration laboratory in Singapore. 

The Singapore-based calibration institution required a special solution to carrying out calibrations for static compression force tests. FORM + TEST had the necessary expertise to provide the required highly precise special solution: its ALPHA 2-5000 S compression testing machine. 

The implemented measurement system guarantees precise calibration of force sensors, as well as continuous calibrations in the compressive direction. The system can also cope with the additional requirement of measuring very small force values The measurement solution can be used with a maximum precision of up to 1% of its maximum capacity. 

FORM + TEST trusted HBK’s measurement technology for implementing its compression testing machine, as HBK was the only supplier to guarantee the precision and reliability of its products and the entire measurement chain.  

The central element of the measurement system is a custom-built system, BU18, with three C18 ring torsion force transfer standards from HBK with a nominal force of 1.7 kN each. The capacity of the entire system is thus 5 MN. In addition, three type C15 reference force transducers, with a 5 kN, 100 kN and 500 kN measurement range, were integrated into the system for high-precision force measurement. These robust (EMC-tested, stainless-steel, shock and vibration-tested) shear force sensors with nominal measurement ranges between 2.5 kN and 1MN meet the requirements of accuracy class 00 according to DIN EN ISO 376 in the exceptionally broad measurement range of 10 to 100 % of the respective capacity. 

The DMP41 reference measuring amplifier completes the measurement system. With its unique accuracy class of 0.0005, the high-precision measuring instrument is the most accurate amplifier for strain-gauge-based measurements worldwide. As a result, HBK’s DMP41 was the first choice for implementing the ALPHA 2-5000 S.