Anritsu Single Instrument MT8000A NSA solution now available with Bluetest RTS65 for LTE & 5G FR1/FR2 OTA Measurements

Anritsu has announced its enhanced partnership with Bluetest of Sweden, offering a new unified test solution for Over-The-Air (OTA) measurement of 5G mobile terminals.

Anritsu and Bluetest have long been working closely for LTE/5G FR1 (Sub-6 GHz band) and FR2 (mmWave) CATR OTA measurements with Bluetest’s RTS65 OTA Reverberation Test System, but this enhanced partnership provides further advantages by supporting the new MT8000A Single Instrument NSA solution with Anritsu’s MT8000A RF measurement test platform for 5G mobile terminals to implement new LTE & 5G (FR1, FR2) OTA measurements.

Generally, a separate call box MT8821C was required for LTE OTA measurements, but this unified solution facilitates LTE, 5G FR1 and 5G FR2 measurements using just one OTA chamber and one single instrument, Anritsu MT8000A, resulting in lower costs for LTE/5G terminal developers as well as for operator specific Carrier Acceptance Tests (CAT) in an LTE/5G OTA test environment. In addition, the unified smaller system also saves valuable laboratory space.

Outline of Unified Test Solution

This solution is composed of the Anritsu MT8000A and MT8821C (now optional), as well as the Bluetest RTS65.

The Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A is an all-in-one 5G test platform supporting RF parametric and protocol tests, functional, and application tests, validation of beam characteristics, and more. It supports Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) mode base-station emulation functions for the development of LTE/5G chipsets and devices supporting both FR1 and FR2. The MT8000A is widely used for conducted and OTA tests to evaluate the performance of LTE/5G devices.

Bluetest’s RTS65 OTA Reverberation Test System optimizes the time required for OTA measurements to improve R&D productivity. It supports 5G MIMO measurements on FR1 and FR2, including the 28 and 39-GHz mmWave bands. Its unique design, with both RIMP (Rich Isotropic MultiPath) and CATR (Compact Antenna Test Range) environments, allows for multicarrier MIMO measurements as well as directional measurements on FR2. Additionally, the built-in measurement computer with easy-to-use touch-screen interface helps simplify measurement-results control and monitoring. Using the MT8000A and RTS65 to configure an efficient development environment with RF TRx tests, simulated base-station, and measurement-result monitoring functions, facilitates cost-effective OTA measurements of LTE and 5G FR1/FR2 mobiles.

Kistler steps up its sustainability initiatives

“A commitment to people and the environment” is one of the Kistler Group‘s corporate values – and to put these words into practice, the Group has committed to a series of ambitious targets. “Cut the Carbon” is Kistler’s initiative to make all six of its German production sites CO2-neutral by 2025; at the same time, e-mobility is to be developed and expanded throughout the company. Kistler will also compile a comprehensive Sustainability Report before the end of this year. To drive implementation of these projects ahead and continue strengthening sustainability in the Kistler Group on a long-term basis, CEO Rolf Sonderegger has designated a dedicated sustainability team led by Franziska Kunz as the new Sustainability & CSR Manager.

In her role as the new Sustainability & CSR Manager, Franziska Kunz is coordinating the Kistler Group’s commitment to sustainability.

“Protecting people and the environment is a heartfelt concern of ours. And that’s also why it numbers among our foremost corporate values,” Rolf Sonderegger explains. “We now have a dedicated project team to focus our sustainability activities and goals so we can drive them ahead consistently.” Franziska Kunz, Manager of Kistler’s Meerane site since 2011, has also headed the sustainability team since 1 April 2022 in her new role of Sustainability & CSR Manager.

One of the greatest challenges is to implement “Cut the Carbon”: by launching this ambitious project, Kistler is committing to make all six of its German production sites completely CO2-neutral by 2025. This initiative follows the guidelines set out in the “Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol” for scopes 1 and 2: Kistler is thus targeting direct emissions from combustion processes at its own sites as well as indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heat and cooling. To attain this goal, Kistler intends to make its entire production emission-free; production at all its German sites is already operated exclusively with power from renewable sources.

In parallel with this project, Kistler will also expand e-mobility throughout the company. Charging stations for e-cars will be installed at the Winterthur, Sindelfingen and Lorch sites, and the percentage of electric vehicles in the corporate fleet will gradually increase.

Sustainable management with solutions from Kistler

Above and beyond the specific goals set for the company itself, Kistler also supplies its customers with products that ensure sustainable management. For example: in the automotive sector, diagnostic equipment for combustion engines has already been making engines more efficient and thus reducing CO2 emissions for many years. In large marine engines, sensors from Kistler monitor pressure in the cylinders to cut fuel consumption and reduce emissions. Similarly, electromechanical joining modules allow large quantities of energy to be saved on joining processes in production, as compared to pneumatic or pneumohydraulic systems. “In all these ways, we play our part in global decarbonisation and resource efficiency at many different levels,” CEO Rolf Sonderegger notes.

Sustainability Report makes commitment transparent

Franziska Kunz and her team are currently summarising all the goals, activities and results in a Sustainability Report that will make the information accessible and transparent to the general public. “We’re showing that we take our responsibilities seriously,” Franziska Kunz points out. “And we’re focusing just as much on the social and economic dimensions of sustainability as on the ecological aspects – after all, we can only accomplish our mission by working together in every area.”

Raman analysis proves its worth in LNG custody transfer

Endress+Hauser Raman spectroscopy-based analyser systems are a reliable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional gas chromatography (GC)/vaporiser systems for liquefied natural gas (LNG) composition and energy content measurement during custody transfer transactions. This is the result of a years-long study of the European Gas Research Group (GERG), representing 33 members from 15 countries across Europe, comparing different methods.

“Raman spectroscopy is swiftly gaining traction around the world as a robust, efficient, and economical analysis technique for LNG composition measurement,” said John Schnake, Managing Director and Corporate Director Process Analyzers at the Endress+Hauser Group. “Our Raman instrumentation allows companies to have confidence in the accuracy and precision of their LNG measurements during critical custody transfer transactions with a significantly reduced maintenance burden.”

Supporting the global energy transition

As the world strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cope with energy supply chain disruptions, demand for LNG as a means to efficiently transport large quantities of natural gas around the world is skyrocketing. One of the most critical steps in the LNG process chain is the transfer of custody during LNG transport by land and sea. At each key point of contractual exchange, fast and reliable LNG composition measurement is essential. Even tiny differences in calorific value can alter the value of an LNG load by hundred thousands of euros.

Certified and validated LNG data

The aim of the GERG evaluation project was to validate the measurement capabilities of Raman technology to deliver reliable, accurate and precise composition measurements for energy calculation in LNG custody transfer applications. During the multi-year study, thorough testing was performed at a baseload LNG transfer facility at Fluxys LNG in Zeebrugge, Belgium. To ensure the data met LNG metrology standards, reference LNG samples were provided by EffecTech, a leading provider of inspection, calibration, and testing. Measurements of LNG were taken directly in the liquid phase by an Endress+Hauser Raman system comprised of a Raman Rxn-41 cryogenic probe fibre-optically coupled to a Raman analyser optimised for LNG.

Reliable Raman measurements with lower operating expense

The published GERG report, “Raman method for determination and measurement of LNG composition,” concluded that Endress+Hauser Raman analyser systems offer equivalent LNG measurement uncertainty with significantly lower operating expense and technical expertise than traditional GC/vaporiser systems. Not only did the Raman system reduce the complexity of the LNG monitoring system and have faster start-up stabilisation times, but it also proved to have better repeatability, responded more quickly to process changes and required no maintenance during the entire evaluation period (experiencing >99% uptime). These results demonstrate the value of using Endress+Hauser Raman measurement technology for field installations at LNG baseload, satellite, and peak shaving sites, as well as for LNG truck loading and bunkering ships.

“We are pleased the results presented in the GERG study reinforce the value of our Raman analysis portfolio for LNG custody transfer applications,” added John Schnake. “By providing fast and reliable liquid-phase measurement at such vital points in the LNG process chain, our Raman systems play an important role in the evolving global energy transition.”

Vaisala recognised in Finnish design competition

Vaisala, a global instrument manufacturer and solution provider for weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, today received recognition for the industrial design of a new Indigo handheld instrument. This highlights the commitment, customer centricity and creative work behind Vaisala’s world-renowned measurement solutions.

“Combining the technology and design, the Indigo handheld is a key part of the company’s brand. Vaisala is well on its way in utilising design in a strategic and customer-oriented manner that covers product design, brand and communication,” competition jury comments the awarded product.

The Indigo handheld is a portable measurement instrument for industrial use. A special attention has been paid to its design, customer experience and usability, as it needs to be easy to take along and operate reliably in varying measurement environments while providing the same robustness as the fixed-mounted devices.

“The design goes beyond the products’ look and feel. The product design must meet the customer needs as well as the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use,“ says Sauli Laitinen, Head of Design from Vaisala.

“In essence, the key area of the design expertise is the combination of form and function. Vaisala’s greatest assets in the industrial design are world-class UX-team and unbeatable application knowledge together with our ability to provide answers to the questions our customers didn’t even know they had.”

The awarded Indigo handheld product will be launched later this year.

The Fennia Prize

The Fennia Prize competition awards companies and organisations that use design strategically in their business operations. The competition is arranged every second year by Design Forum Finland and Fennia in cooperation with Elo and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. Design Forum Finland’s mission is to help Finnish companies to grow and succeed by using design as a competitive asset.

Fennia Prize 22 is a part of the Design Forum Finland Awards concept, which also includes Design Forum Finland’s other prizes, Kaj Franck Design Prize and Young Designer of the Year.

Vision-based sports analytics for Europe’s top football clubs

Football is not only the world’s favourite pastime, but also a multi-billion-dollar industry. Individual players can command millions of dollars in salaries and transfer fees.

With so much at stake, coaches and scouts need to make the most informed personnel choices, then, keep their players on top condition. For the most advanced real-time empirical data, top European clubs rely on Anton Paar SportsTec skills.lab solutions. By combining complex algorithms with Teledyne FLIR cameras, skills.lab provides coaching staff with complete holistic views of a player’s capabilities including detailed information to create individual training & recovery programs.

To cover the entire pitch and analyse details such as ball handling time, ball speeds & trajectories in real time with distances of up to 60 meters, the system uses 10GE Oryx cameras for analysing data and Grasshopper3 cameras for both recording and interactive live streaming onto 360° projection screens.

Read more about these fascinating systems and how they use machine vision to help football clubs evaluate and analyse players:

  • How skills.lab solutions provide interactive empirical data in real-time
  • How skills.lab uses a combination of sensing technologies
  • Why Anton Paar Sportstec chose Teledyne FLIR for their high-quality systems

    Read Case Study

Analog Devices showcases broad portfolio of sensor solutions at Sensor+Test 2022

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) will participate in SENSOR+TEST 2022, to be held in Nuremberg, Germany from May 10 to 12, 2022. Building on its capabilities of measurement in the electrical, magnetic, optical and mechanical domains, ADI will show how it delivers sensor solutions in applications ranging from electric vehicle and traction to industrial automation and robotics.

ADI’s stand (Hall 1, Booth 1-563) will feature several live demonstrations of ADI’s measurement technology, as well as networking and signal processing expertise.

Demonstrations include:

  • Integrated true-power-on multiturn position sensor for automotive electrical power steering, steer-by-wire vehicle designs where the steering is a servo loop with no mechanical connection between steering wheel and rack
  • Contactless AC and DC current sensing, showcased as clamp meter, bus bar and PCB solution using an anisotropic magnetoresistive sensor. The technology accurately and simply detects current ranges up to 500A
  • Vibration-based condition monitoring sensor system featuring ADI’s MEMS sensor and Ethernet (10BASE-T1L) technology
  • Nanowatt-power, 3-axis accelerometer for battery powered, always-on healthcare, automotive and industrial edge sensing applications
  • Completely integrated time-of-flight (ToF) module for one megapixel resolution depth sensing in a wide range of applications
  • Optical liquid analysis reference platform featuring highly integrated photometric detector front end IC for measurement of a wide range of parameters including colorimetric pH, turbidity and various ion/compound compositions


Join ADI’s Enda Nicholl, Magnetic Sensor Marketing Manager, for a presentation titled, “True-Power-On Multi-Turn Sensing without Power or Contact” in the Exhibitor Forum Hall on Tuesday, May 10, from 10:30 – 11.00am CEST.

About Analog Devices

Analog Devices, Inc. operates at the centre of the modern digital economy, converting real-world phenomena into actionable insight with its comprehensive suite of analogue and mixed signal, power management, radio frequency (RF), and digital and sensor technologies. ADI serves 125,000 customers worldwide with more than 75,000 products in the industrial, communications, automotive, and consumer markets. ADI is headquartered in Wilmington, MA. Visit

Improve your glass quality and reduce energy consumption with thermal imaging from AMETEK Land

AMETEK Land, the world’s leading manufacturer of monitors and analysers for industrial non-contact temperature measurement, provides a new approach for cleaner and more efficient glass furnaces.

As the world moves towards new fuels and technology aimed at reducing emissions and carbon footprints, new approaches to furnace design, monitoring, and measurements are needed to meet these targets.

Glass manufacturers face many challenges in their daily operations, including the need for accurate temperature measurements in a variety of locations within the glass-melt furnace.

A portable infrared thermometer, such as AMETEK Land’s Cyclops C100 L pyrometer, provides accurate, calibrated, and traceable temperature readings of molten glass from different positions around the melt tank.

This can be supplemented by AMETEK Land’s NIR-B-2K-Glass imaging camera, available for fixed installation or as a transportable version, which adds significant advantages compared with visual imaging and point-temperature measurements.

The NIR-B-2K-Glass imaging camera produces high-definition thermal images with three million pixels; it can also take measurements between 600 oC and 1800 oC (1112 to 3272 °F) from any point in the image. In addition, a permanently installed thermal imager actively records all necessary and useful data, allowing the video to be stopped at any frame. This means measurements can be taken of all ports at exactly the same point in the process, allowing reversals to be tuned more accurately.

Structural damage caused by high temperatures can also rapidly be detected before it turns into a major problem. If a crack is developing in the refractory, it can show up as a cold area where the air is being pulled in. The NIR-B-2K-Glass imaging camera accurately profiles the temperature of the entire furnace through a small opening in the furnace wall.

Benefits include providing access to data that previously would have been either time consuming or impossible to collect. In addition, the operator is free to focus on specific areas of interest, measure live data points, and store the data for future analysis.

Increased melt tank efficiency, improved product quality, and reduced process costs are achieved through monitoring the live thermal video inside the melt tank, reinforcing the key measurements provided by the Cyclops C100L.

Philippe Kerbois, Global Industry Manager – Glass, said: “Using thermal imaging in glass operations results in many measurable benefits. Operators can– in a safe, timely way — collect valuable data that they can utilise and store while ensuring the quality of the glass and extending the life of the furnace. This all leads to reduced costs and an improved process, as well as working towards reduced emissions and carbon footprints.”

To learn more, download the new brochure – Using Thermal Imaging to Reinforce Portable Temperature Measurement for Better Glass Quality and Energy – from

Fluke develops new European HQ in Eindhoven with customer experience at its heart

Fluke, the global technology leader in the manufacture of compact, professional electronic test and measurement tools and software, has today announced the launch of its new European Headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands, which includes a 400sqm customer experience centre. For the first time, customers will not only be able to see Fluke’s range of world-class tools, but experience using them in a variety of real-world applications.  

It has been described by Fluke Strategic support and training manager, Eric van Riet, as a dream come true. “What we wanted was for customers to experience our tools in an environment as close to reality as possible to show where and how our products are used, and provide the opportunity to deliver training,” he said.

Customer experience centre dream

The individual environments in which each of Fluke’s tools are used have been reimagined in the heart of the building. From miniaturised electrical substations to small scale factories, a scene has been set for each.

“The best way to offer training is to do so in a hands-on environment such as this. If customers are unable to attend in person, we can make demonstration videos to show the best of our equipment. It’s working. Our customers love it,” said van Riet. The centre was developed out of a passion for customers to be empowered to make the best use of Fluke products and offers an exceptional training environment.

The aim of the centre is to create user experiences, a first impression for customers through a showcase of Fluke products, to offer an environment to use and demonstrate the products and to offer a first-class training facility.

“Ultimately, we want people to come and play,” said van Riet.

Fluke environments

The environments include a small factory set up, an Industrial Island complete with a motor driven pump pushing water in a closed-loop system, a traditional data centre, as well as a window into networking of the future with communications cabling channelled through our ceiling tile infrastructure. There is a miniaturised high-voltage substation complete with intricate 3D printed scale models and a tesla coil to simulate partial discharge.

Next to a complete electrical and temperature Calibration lab environment, there is an electrical workshop including a solar cell with stationary battery completed by a window onto a driveway and electric vehicle charging unit set up.

Every Fluke tool has an environment to be demonstrated in.

Cutting edge training

The environments are useful not just for Fluke salespeople and their customers, but for training and forging strong relationships with the next generation of industry leaders. Student interns have the opportunity to learn their trade through helping program the automation of the factory test-rig in the customer experience centre. Recent graduates are now working closely with the group to develop new product innovations.

“It has become a hub for sharing amazing ideas,” said van Riet.

The Headquarters

The Fluke headquarters bring together under one roof Fluke colleagues from seven separate sites across the Netherlands. The Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven – home to the new Fluke headquarters – is a unique campus with the best of high-tech manufacturing industries united under one single roof. The Fluke European Experience Centre is at the heart of the innovative Fluke offices.

“Our European Experience Centre would not have been possible without the support of some truly brilliant partner agencies who helped make this dream a reality,” van Riet confessed.

“Companies like Hager who assisted the team with all distribution panels, Endress&Hauser who generously shared their demonstration model, Sulzer and Eriks for creating the Industrial pump setup and Siemens for the automation section.”

Find out more about the Fluke European Experience Centre by contacting:

Ashtead Technology join The Survey Association as a supplier member of survey and inspection equipment

As a leading equipment rental provider, Ashtead Technology has joined The Survey Association (TSA) as a supplier of rental equipment to the survey and inspection industry.

The TSA is the trade association for commercial survey companies in the UK. It promotes best practise in the survey industry, provides guidance on new methods and techniques, and lists suitably qualified and experienced companies who carry out surveying or who supply the survey industry.

This comes as Ashtead Technology has grown its suite of survey and inspection equipment which includes GNSS systems, levels, pipe lasers, scanning systems, total stations, utility locators and CCTV drain inspection cameras.

Ben Travis, Regional General Manager, says: “We are delighted to have been accepted by The Survey Association as a Supplier Member in recognition of the rental equipment we offer to the survey and inspection industry. We are looking forward to all of the opportunities our membership will create.

“Further to this, we are excited to be attending GEO Business in May where we’ll be showcasing our growing range of survey equipment. We’re looking forward to meeting and talking to plenty of experts in the geospatial field.”

GEO Business 2022 will take place at the ExCeL London from the 18th-19th May 2022, and Ashtead Technology’s equipment will be displayed on Stand GA49.

Survey and inspection companies hire this equipment when their own is unavailable, or when they need more during peak demand. Hiring survey and inspection equipment is also an excellent way to try new technologies before committing to purchase, and it offers significant cost savings. Ashtead Technology offers market-leading rates and is currently offering generous discounts on rental quotes to new customers. For more information on the full range of survey & inspection equipment visit

Hylec appoints Michael Crowther as Marketing & New Product Development Director; Tom Rooney named Sales Director

Hylec-APL, the specialist manufacturer and supplier of electrical and electronic components, announces it has made two new senior-level appointments. Michael Crowther takes the newly-created position of Marketing & New Product Development Director, and Tom Rooney has been named as Sales Director, replacing Steve Robbins who has taken up a position with another company.

Michael Crowther

Crowther and Rooney join Hylec at an exciting time in its continued expansion and will drive new projects to continue growing the successful Hylec brand across all product ranges, including the well-known Debox junction boxes, Weatherproof connectors and specialist enclosures, as well as Hylec’s very broad range of electrical components for the OEM market and electrical contractors.

Crowther, 41, joined Hylec earlier this month in the newly-created position of Marketing & New Product Development Director. Formerly Sales & Marketing Director at Camden Boss, Crowther has spent his whole career in the industry and will be focussing on extending Hylec’s product offerings across its many successful ranges and strengthening brand recognition. “Hylec has a well-deserved reputation for innovation which I am looking forward to contributing to,” comments Crowther.

Rooney joins Hylec as Sales Director from a sales and export background in electrical engineering and the energy sector. With substantial experience in both industries internationally, including Europe, Asia and the Middle East as well as the UK & Ireland, Rooney’s focus will be on maximising opportunities for growth through existing and new Hylec wholesalers and OEM customers. “The electrical wholesale market is very buoyant at the moment” he comments. “Hylec products offer many clever features that competitors’ products don’t have and we are looking at increasing our market share in a number of sectors.”

Tom Rooney

Andy Hatter, MD, Hylec comments: ”We are delighted to welcome Michael and Tom on board. They both bring a huge amount of expertise to the company and their knowledge will prove invaluable in the next phase of our growth.”