Powelectrics releases a brand new brochure on IIoT solutions for flood protection

Powelectrics telemetry solutions are helping people around the world manage the increasing number of ‘extreme weather events’ involving flooding.

Click here to see the brochure, which describes our range of solutions and details real application cases. 

Powelectrics technology helps communities and organisations to protect people, infrastructure, agriculture, the environment, industrial processes and critical assets. Early warning … so you have time to act! Find out more: Powelectrics Remote Monitoring for Flood Protection & Defence

Powelectrics offers over 30 years of expertise and practical experience in instrumentation and digitalisation. The company delivers reliable data and alerts globally, using robust, proven remote monitoring technology and automatically control flood gates and pumps.

Powelectrics’ well-proven, versatile MetronView cloud collects data from a vast array of sensors, machines and IIoT devices. It gets your data flowing … fast … from your first step towards digital transformation to an international estate of connected assets!

Multiple power & communication options ensure connectivity in remote & rural environments.

What can Powelectrics do for you?

Please browse the Powelectrics website and get in touch with any queries you have or applications you would like to discuss. Call the team on +44 1827 310 666, email or use this contact form.

Yokogawa Test & Measurement adds new features to next generation DL950 ScopeCorder

Yokogawa Test & Measurement has added further features to its latest DL950 ScopeCorder, improving its data acquisition capabilities and adding firmware updatable features.

Using the new Flash Acquisition function, data can be captured over a long time with a high-speed sample rate of 20 MS/s (8CH) and 10 MS/s (16CH), which is 100 times faster than the previous model.

This optional Flash memory feature makes the DL950 ideal for capturing data at high sample rates anywhere a PC would not be suitable, such as in a vehicle or at a remote site.

Applications for this new acquisition feature could include recording control signals and temperature trends or vibrations simultaneously in small spaces, such as inside a car or a train.

Other uses could include recording control signals or generated/consumed power in challenging environments, such as spaces near generators in a power plant or restricted volumes in a manufacturer’s factory.

In these applications the unit would usually need to be switched off before moving it to an office to save data on a PC.

The flash memory is non-volatile, so the captured data stays stored within the instrument even after turning off the power. Available as an option on new purchases of the DL950 ScopeCorder, the feature can also be purchased as a modification kit for retrofitting existing instruments.

The other major new addition to the DL950 is a new firmware version. This adds new features that allows GPS data to be acquired with the existing /C35 option. Data includes time, latitude and longitude, altitude, velocity and direction.

The new firmware also adds new real-time computing functions to the existing /G03 or /G05 option. These functions are CAN ID, IIR filter, angle math, rotary angle, resolver and power math.

Also added are new attenuation ratios for both voltage and current probes.

“With these new DL950 updates, the already excellent ScopeCorder family attains new levels of data acquisition speed and greatly improved usability”, says Terry Marrinan, Yokogawa Test & Measurement’s Vice President, Marketing.

“These new features further extend the versatility of this leading data recorder, ensuring users have the options they need to take measurements in a wide variety of applications.”

For further information on the DL950 please click here.

CETEST gets on track

In response to concerns over the effects of railway noise on passengers and local residents, CETEST has expanded its technology for assessment of external and internal railway vehicle noise.

As noise directly affects quality of life and is a major concern for railway (and other industries), CETEST approached test and measurement specialist Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK) for the best solutions, to ensure it could offer customers flexible, reliable test and evaluation services.

HBK provided CETEST with several tools including omnidirectional microphones, LAN-XI data acquisition hardware (multichannel input modules), sound level meters, sound level calibrators and recording systems based on PULSE LabShop and BK Connect, all of which enables CETEST to validate indoor and outdoor acoustic performance in different situations, post-process data and obtain accurate results.

This equipment, together with a loudspeaker sound source and DIRAC room acoustics software, is also used for speech intelligibility measurements of public address systems and conversations between adjacent passengers in compliance with the IEC 60268–16 standard.  For the sound power determination of railway components (for example, gearboxes or traction units) both sound intensity and sound pressure methods are used, correcting the sound field by measuring the reverberation time. CETEST also measure sound insulation of doors and other partitions.

Founded in 2007 as an independent company, CETEST offers its testing services to customers, mainly in the railway industry. It has worked with some of the largest companies in the railway sector and helped with certification processes for railway vehicles, components, and systems – both new and modified. Having attained EN 9100 accreditation CETEST has now branched out into the aviation and wind energy sectors.

Bespoke sensors – replicating aircraft components

Interface has for many years been the chosen load cell supplier for most aerospace manufacturers. The company has helped with testing of aircraft assemblies, reproducing aircraft flying conditions with force sensors to test complex structures replicating inflight loads. Test rig scale depends on the specimen size from complete aircraft structures to smaller sized assemblies or component level tests.

There are often space restrictions that prohibit the use of external sensors, so replicating a component can be the most sensible approach. This allows Interface to duplicate inflight loads with a custom-built sensor.

Image of 3D Model

Interface’s approach starts with questions covering component dimensions, applied loads, orientation and environmental conditions. Once the company has these details, its sensor design process starts, with the customer having final sign off.

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TE Connectivity earns recognition for corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts

TE Connectivity, a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has been recognised for its efforts to be a good corporate citizen through positive environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) policies. The company has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the 10th consecutive year. TE was also ranked 18th among Investor’s Business Daily’s (IBD) 100 Best ESG Companies.

Each year, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index analyses more than 8,000 companies around the world, reviewing their ESG performance. Companies that show strong commitment and progress toward strengthening their ESG performance are named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which serves as a key reference point for investors. Similarly, IBD’s Best 100 ESG Companies of 2021 mix profitability with ethical and social responsibility. To come up with this list, IBD first screened Dow Jones’ ESG ratings, which included more than 6,000 companies.

“I’m proud that TE’s ESG performance has been recognised by both the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Investor’s Business Daily as a 100 Best ESG Company,” said CEO Terrence Curtin. “Both achievements align with our purpose to create a safer, more sustainable, productive and connected world. TE is committed to our One Connected World strategy and we continue to invest in innovation that advances sustainability for our customers and our own operations.”

Earlier this year, TE released its 11th corporate responsibility report, which highlights the efforts TE is driving through One Connected World, as well as the innovation the company brings to its customers to enable sustainable applications. As one example, TE set a new goal to decrease its Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by over 40% on an absolute basis by 2030. As part of the company’s social initiatives, TE set a goal to increase women in leadership positions to over 26% by 2025 and has continued to focus on employee safety and engagement throughout the pandemic.

For more information on corporate responsibility at TE and to view the most recent corporate responsibility report, visit

Contrinex M12 and M18 Metal-Bodied Photoelectrics launch at SPS Exhibition

In a sneak peek of being announced at the upcoming SPS Exhibition in Hannover, Contrinex will launch metal-bodied M18 sized photoelectric sensors which feature the same exclusive ASIC technology as their plastic-bodied counterparts.

Contrinex’s plastic-bodied ‘M18PA’ sensors, available from PLUS Automation, have proved to be very popular because they combine industry-leading performance with great pricing, and these new robust metal-bodied ‘M18M’ sensors are also likely to continue the success.

Available in a choice of sensing technologies, with best-in-class sensing distances at highly competitive prices, they offer Diffuse sensing (up to 1.2m range); Reflex (up to 7m); Through-beam (up to 30m); and high-performance Background-suppression sensing (Up to 250mm distance).

The M18 sensors will also be joined by smaller M12 metal-bodied sensors, the ‘M12M’ family, which will utilise the same technology in Diffuse, Reflex and Through-beam sensing options.

Sharing Ecolab* approval with the plastic-bodied M18PA photoelectric sensors will enable the use of these sensors across a wide range of applications in the food and beverage sector. (*Ecolab approval is pending on the new M12M and M18M photosensors).

The additional robustness to mechanical shock and excessive vibration provided by the rugged chrome-plated brass (M12M) and stainless-steel (M18M) sensor housings can be utilised where required and work seamlessly alongside the plastic-bodied versions installed in less-demanding environments, like secondary-packaging.

Shatter-resistant PMMA optics not only enable their use in food and beverage and harsh environments but also focus the optical sensing beam and are key to the sensor’s high performance.

In line with Contrinex’s position as the manufacturer of the largest selection of sensors with IO-Link functionality, IO-Link is also offered as a no-cost option on the M12M and M18M sensors. The feature-rich IO-Link functionality provides real-time access to process data as well as user-configurable outputs, sensitivity adjustment, event flags, dual-channel operation and sensor-temperature measurement.

Designed with the needs of OEMs and System Integrators in mind, these new M12M and M18M metal-bodied photoelectric sensors offer cost-effective, yet highly capable solutions across multiple industry sectors, together with ease of use and high reliability.

Half a million pound laboratory brings job creation to Smethwick in Birmingham

Avery Weigh-Tronix, a leading metrology calibration service provider based in Smethwick, has brought £500,000 worth of investment into the region by launching Calibration Select, a new service offering, which has included opening a brand new, high-tech laboratory and creating a number of new jobs.

The Calibration Select Laboratory, which performs calibrations using state-of-the-art testing equipment and the latest processes across a range of electrical, force, pressure, temperature, dimensional and torque equipment, and mass weights, is an expansion to the company’s calibration service offering, which has a history dating back to the industrial revolution.

Avery Weigh-Tronix, which celebrated its bicentennial celebration in June 2018, prides itself on its heritage, and its continuing investment into people and the region. The company has historically been known as a weighing scale manufacturer, however in recent years it has expanded into providing a wide range of calibration services.

Alongside the new laboratory-based roles, which include three new Calibration and Repair Technicians, the company has also recruited a Forensic Investigations graduate through the Government’s Kickstart Scheme. The Coventry University alumni will gain hands-on experience, learning all aspects of the processes and procedures used for calibration; from how a metrology equipment calibration lab operates, to being trained how to write live project calibration procedures for the laboratory teams to follow, ensuring standardisation for UKAS accreditations.

Originally planned to open in June 2021, but delayed due to Covid-19, the laboratory specialises in providing a five day turnaround as standard, by utilising a network of over 150 UK-based service engineers to aid its collection and delivery service.  

Andy Fox, Business Unit Manager, who has overseen the startup of Calibration Select said, “This is a hugely exciting time for Calibration Select, and another chapter in the 200 year history of Avery Weigh-Tronix. We are constantly looking at how we can better service our customers to remain market leaders in the industry, creating new and innovative ways of working and continuing to invest in our people and our community. The new laboratory is just one step towards our planned growth over the next five years. We are committed to ensuring the next 200 years can be just as revolutionary as the first.” 

Dewesoft selected to monitor the world’s biggest offshore wind farm

Energy company Vattenfall have selected data acquisition system (DAQ) manufacturer Dewesoft to provide the tower monitoring solution at what is slated to become the world’s largest offshore wind farm. The Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm will be located 18 to 36 kilometers off the coast of The Netherlands, near The Hague and Zandvoort. When fully operational, its 140 turbines will have a combined capacity of 1.5 Gigawatt.

IOLITE series 3-axis MEMS-based accelerometers and IOLITE series strain gage modules will be distributed along the entire height of the towers, providing continuous measurements of acceleration, inclination, velocity, strain and temperature.

IOLITE modules are easily mounted and daisy-chained even over large distances using the EtherCAT interface. The data will be stored in a database and sent to the Vattenfall control room for analysis and interpretation. Constant monitoring allows predictive maintenance to be performed, minimising down-time. Preventing failures is the best way to keep the green energy-creating wind turbines operating at the highest possible efficiency.

Dewesoft are a leading manufacturer of data acquisition (DAQ) and analysis solutions. Based in Slovenia, the company provides integrated software and hardware for test, measurement, and monitoring.

Vattenfall are one of Europe’s largest producers and retailers of electricity and heat. Based in Sweden, the company supplies energy for transportation, industries, and homes.

Embassy Global earns Women’s Business Enterprise National Council Certification

Under the leadership of its founder and president, Molly Bakewell Chamberlin, the Hamburg, New York, USA-based Embassy Global, LLC, a worldwide strategic technical marketing, PR and business development consultancy serving the high-tech components manufacturing and engineering sectors, today announced that the company has successfully earned its Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Valid for one full year, and with opportunity for subsequent annual renewals, WBENC certification is widely considered a gold standard among U.S. women-owned businesses. More than 1000 U.S. corporations, representing some of America’s most prestigious brands, as well as many U.S. states, cities, and other entities, formally recognise WBENC certification. In order to achieve its successful certification, Embassy Global underwent a meticulous, voluntary 90-day evaluation process, as facilitated by WBENC regional certifying partner, the Women’s Business Enterprise Council Metro NY. The process, which included extensive reviews of business history, brands, operating documents, officer qualifications, financials, and present and future growth plans, concluded with a successful verification that Embassy Global was at least 51% female owned, operated, and controlled. Beyond the satisfactory document reviews, and as a necessary final step, Embassy Global president, Ms. Bakewell Chamberlin, successfully completed an in-depth WBENC Committee screening interview and virtual site visit.

Since 2008, Embassy Global has successfully helped more than 200 high-tech component brands to derive consistent annual sales growth from its promotional and export activities. It has done so, most notably, via the applications of its own recognised methods, strategies, and in-depth industry experience. Today, the firm remains one of the first and only known 100% woman-led, all-virtual strategic technical marketing, PR, and business development firms of its kind in the world. As a result, Embassy Global has been consistently recognised among industry peers for its consistent achievements of successful Client outcomes, and particularly within the Electronic Components; Sensors, Testing and Instrumentation; Photonics and Optoelectronics; Industrial Automation; Motion Control; High-Tech Manufacturing; and Science & Technology Commercialisation sectors.

Notes Ms. Bakewell Chamberlin, “Embassy Global is grateful to WBENC Metro NY for giving us the opportunity to become formally WBENC certified. Since our founding, we have actually always been a 100% woman-owned, led and operated small business. We have also always been based in Western New York and have supported a truly global Client base. As a newly WBENC certified business, Embassy Global looks forward to continuing to do our absolute best work for our valued Clients, just as we have always done, while also reaffirming our support for vital industry supply chain diversity and inclusion initiatives.”

Founded in 1997, WBENC is the U.S. leader in women’s business development and the leading third-party certifier of women-owned and operated businesses. More than 17,000 certified WBE’s, 14 national Regional Partner Organizations, and more than 350 Corporate Members are part of the WBENC. By including the products and services of WBENC certified businesses such as Embassy Global within their own global supply chains, U.S. corporations and government agencies can help to demonstrate their own commitments to the continued development of vital in-house diversity and inclusion programs. To learn more about Embassy Global, please visit To learn more about the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, please visit




Farnell and Fluke discuss cutting-edge handheld equipment in latest episode of The Innovation Experts podcast series

Farnell, an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, has today released the sixth and final episode in the first season of its global podcast series, The Innovation Experts. This podcast interview features Fluke, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of handheld test and measurement instruments. The Innovation Experts investigates how test and measurement equipment supports innovation in either new product development in electronic design environments or preventive maintenance and diagnostics across a wide variety of industrial applications. Each episode in the series provides valuable insights for buyers, engineers, and other industry professionals wanting to stay up to date with the latest trends, challenges, products, tools and applications.

This brand-new episode highlights how portable test and measurement tools have disrupted the industry status quo, with reference to a series of ground-breaking application stories. Justin Sheard, a Senior Engineer and Industrial Imaging Specialist at Fluke, joins Farnell’s Cliff Ortmeyer to provide an overview of rugged, safe and easy-to-use handheld instruments which meet the portability requirements of the modern engineer. Justin shares insights on some interesting new technologies that can improve system reliability and greatly reduce costs, such as using acoustic imaging to locate difficult-to-find leaks in industrial compressed air systems.

“The latest episode in the series gives fascinating insight to engineers exploring the ever-increasing range of applications for handheld test equipment and shows how these tools are changing the test and measurement landscape,” said James McGregor, Global Head of Test & Tools at Farnell. “Fluke’s expertise, honed over many years as an industry leader, provides an interesting and informative window into the world of handheld equipment.”

McGregor continued: “The debut series of The Innovation Experts draws to a close with this episode, and with it we hope our listeners have enjoyed the expert insights provided over the course of the series.”

All previous podcast episodes are available now on Farnell’s new Technical Resources Hub including:

  • Episode 1: Test equipment drives hybrid working and remote learning – The debut episode of the series focuses on how Pico Technology’s PC-based oscilloscopes and RF testing products have enabled hybrid working and new ways of remote learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Mike Purday, Business Development Manager from Pico Technology, discusses the capabilities and impact of using low-cost PC-based scopes through to high-performance products for a range of innovative – and unexpected – applications, from tattoo removal to monitoring the temperature of penguin eggs.
  • Episode 2Fast-tracking innovation: Emerging trends and techniques – As Tektronix and Keithley celebrate their 75th anniversary, the second episode of The Innovation Experts podcast provides a brief historical perspective about how both companies have helped drive innovation in some of the world’s leading industries. Brad Odhner, Technical Marketing Manager for Tektronix and Keithley talks about how test and measurement equipment is accelerating innovation by helping engineers overcome present and future challenges.
  • Episode 3: The design of innovative tools and equipment for battery design and testing – Hioki discuss this cutting-edge technology and explain how it is used to measure the efficiency of electric cars and other critical applications. Kai Scharrmann, Engineer and Business Development Manager at Hioki will talk about the trends and challenges to be found in battery technology and testing.
  • Episode 4: A buyer’s guide to test and measurement equipment – Keysight Technology provides a buyer’s guide for test and measurement equipment focusing on what functions and features really matter when purchasing test equipment today. Mike Hoffman, Product Manager for Keysight Technology’s mid-level range of oscilloscopes, will provide practical tips to help buyers differentiate between low-cost and high-end instruments.
  • Episode 5: An overview of SMUs – Rohde & Schwarz pose the question: is the Source Measure Unit the all-in-one test tool of the future? The episode investigates how this critical piece of equipment can be used to provide fast, precise, high-resolution and safe DC characterisation of electronic components down to the smallest leakage currents and the applications which present the biggest challenges.

Fluke is a world leader in professional electronic test tools and software for measuring and condition monitoring. Fluke tools are known for portability, safety, ease-of-use and accuracy. Their test, measurement and monitoring products are used in electronic design, manufacturing and network troubleshooting, as well as in electrical, industrial, medical, process and calibration applications.

Farnell offers a full range of market-leading test, tools and production supplies from stock to support electronic design and test, with no minimum order value and an educational discount programme. Customers have free access to online resources, data sheets, applications notes, videos and webinars with excellent customer and technical support available 24/5 in local language.

The Innovation Experts podcast is freely available from major podcast providers including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The sixth podcast episode featuring Fluke, as well as the entire first series of The Innovation Experts, is available now on Farnell’s new Technical Resources Hub.