Essentra Components expands into Vietnam

Essentra Components, the global manufacturer and distributor of essential industrial components, has expanded in to Vietnam with the opening of a new customer support partner, APAC Team.

The expansion will enable Essentra Components to better serve the growing network of customers already in Vietnam, as well as providing a broader service across the rest of the Asia Pacific region.

The move is primarily being driven by the burgeoning industrial electronics market, with major global manufacturers moving parts or even all their key electrical component production into Vietnam, including the fast-moving mobile phone sector.

Through the production of key components, Essentra will look to develop new and existing relationships with existing producers and those moving into the area from traditional territories.

Maynard Mckeagan Essentra Components Commercial Director said the opportunity to expand in to one of Asia’s fastest growing territories was too good to miss: “The Vietnamese electronics sector is going through a revitalisation, with many well-known manufactures identifying the country as a strategic location for future growth”.

“This expansion will enable us to offer a level of support, consistent with that of other markets we operate within, meaning customers can rely on the same hassle-free service and product integrity in a new territory.”

As part of the move, Essentra Components will leverage its existing regional manufacturing sites to supply customers with a hassle-free, fast service that isn’t reliant on international distribution hubs.

Scott Fawcett, Essentra Components Managing Director said the expansion was essential for the continuing growth of the Asia Pacific market: “With more manufacturers moving into new territories as they look to diversify and become less reliant on one area, they need partners that can move with them and continue to offer the same level of service they’re accustomed to.

“Our move into Vietnam is a solution to that very problem and will give our customers the reassurance that service can continue without interruption, whilst being provided the level of service and support they expect.

Whilst the move is currently focused on serving and expanding the current customer base within the territory, Essentra Components expects the expansion to open doors to newer distribution partners and broaden its reach and accessibility to its product eco-system.

Analog Devices at Mobile World Congress 2022

From February 28 to March 3, Analog Devices (ADI) will participate in Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, Spain, with an exhibition stand (#2F25, Hall 2) that will showcase the company’s leading technologies and platforms for 5G Radio Units (RU). The series of demonstrations delve into advanced topics such as OpenRAN platforms and validation, massive MIMO, and software defined radio – reaffirming the company’s commitment to innovation, optimising performance and efficiency.

Anatomy of a 5G RU

One of the highlighted demonstrations on ADI’s stand will explore the building blocks that make up a state-of-the-art 5G RU, identifying the critical subsystems, together with the design choices and trade-offs to be made when developing an optimised RU. The demonstration will showcase not only ADI’s comprehensive product offering across a typical 5G RU, but also how close collaboration with ecosystem partners leads to versatile, high performance and low power outcomes.

Digital Pre-Distortion for Optimised Power Amplifier Performance

The key to maximising RU system efficiency is the optimisation of the digital pre-distortion (DPD) for each specific radio frequency (RF) power amplifier (PA). Collaboration between ADI and its partner PA suppliers achieves that optimisation and reduces engineering effort for customers. This has yielded an extensive library of solutions matching PA partners’ products with ADI’s latest DPD techniques, as will be shown in a demonstration that will explore critical attributes required of a DPD algorithm.

Enabling mmWave – 5G RUs with 7.2 Split

At the leading edge of 5G technologies, ADI offers the mmWave 5G portfolio. A demonstration will show a complete 28GHz 4-transmit/4-receive-antenna MIMO (4T4R 5G RU that ADI designed inhouse, employing its own ICs and antenna IP from low PHY through the air interface. The display showcases ADI’s 7.2 split low PHY IP, with highly integrated sub-6GHz transceiver solutions followed by an Intermediate Frequency (IF) to mmWave antenna-in-board solution containing all necessary control and calibration, opening the way to mmWave 5G deployments across the entire 24 to 47GHz space.

Advanced OpenRAN RU Conformance Testing

ADI offers a complete radio platform for the 5G OpenRAN ecosystem, integrating its latest low power 8T8R RadioVerse SoC and turnkey 7.2x split low PHY IP running on Intel’s Agilex FPGA. Front-haul conformance testing of the platform will be shown in one of the on-stand demonstrations; the design platform connects to Keysight’s OpenRAN Studio DU (Distributed Unit) emulator and PathWave Test Automation framework.

5G OpenRAN Phone Call, End-to-End

The ADI/Intel OpenRAN RU, together with Radisys’ 5G NR software stack is an end-to-end interoperability reference design for customisation and to accelerate time to market. The demonstration shows interoperability of a whitebox OpenRAN RU reference design that includes ADI’s versatile RadioVerse 4T4R Transceiver and turnkey 7.2x L1PHY IP running on Intel’s low power Arria 10 FPGAs.

Massive MIMO for OpenRAN

ADI’s stand will also feature a demonstration of advanced 5G technologies in the form of a massive MIMO, 32T32R C-band, ASIC-based RU for an OpenRAN architecture. Presented as the result of collaboration between ADI, Marvell and Benetel, this whitebox massive MIMO RU employs ADI’s latest RadioVerse SoC with advanced digital front end (DFE), Marvell’s industry-leading baseband silicon with beamforming and Benetel’s low PHY software. The solution supports OpenRAN split 7.2x, delivering power, weight and performance improvements.

Software Defined Radio Developments

Focusing on the RadioVerse portfolio of software defined radios, an area on the exhibition stand will be devoted to showing how ADI designs next-generation technology to optimise the entire RU, rather than just an interface or component. The presentation will explore the impact of architecture decisions within the transceiver on system power, size, design complexity and cost. The latest 8T8R SoC series that provides an agile and cost-effective platform to create the most energy efficient RUs in the industry will be highlighted.

Showcase of Radio Units

ADI will display a wide range of wireless infrastructure radio units with its market leading transceivers along with RF, power and clock technologies. Example RUs from ADI’s OpenRAN customers will present leading-edge solutions in macrocell, massive MIMO, wireless back-haul, and small cell applications.

ifm joins innovation hub HOST as an exclusive industrial IoT partner

Innovation hub, HOST, the Home of Skills & Technology operated by IN4 Group, has formed an exclusive industrial Internet of Things (IoT) partnership with ifm electronic, one of the world’s largest and most innovative suppliers of sensors and sensing systems.

L-r: Arun Kumar, Digital Solutions Manager at IN4 Group; Ismail Bhikha, Industry 4.0 Business Manager at ifm; and Mo Isap, CEO of IN4 Group. Copyright Phil Tragen 2021

ifm provides professional guidance and support for HOST members in MediaCity and across all its programmes to introduce and implement tailored digitisation solutions towards the creation of smart factories of the future for start-ups and SMEs.

IN4 Group has established a pedigree in enabling industrial digital technology adoption within SMEs. The partnership will further enhance the support and upskilling of teams to accelerate digitalisation to achieve higher productivity and business growth.

Alongside its expansion to the North West, ifm has provided two demonstrators for HOST’s Labs that allows companies to use the latest technology to test and verify IoT business use cases.

In addition, HOST will be working in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and CloudRail, providing a complete end to end solution from industrial sensors to AWS services, enabling companies to connect industrial machines in hours instead of weeks.

As an automation technology specialist with 50 years of experience in industrial manufacturing, ifm offers a range of industrial IoT solutions including sensor parameter setting and condition monitoring, plug and play operational technology (OT) and IT products.

ifm demonstrators at HOST’s Labs

Paul Stansfield, head of Industry 4.0 Systems for ifm said: “This partnership brings the manufacturing know how of ifm together with IN4 and HOST’s training networks to really enable businesses to develop their digital futures.”

Mo Isap, CEO of IN4 Group, said: “I’m delighted to establish this key industrial manufacturing and IoT partnership with ifm as we continue to bring world-class support to the HOST community. SMEs and start-up businesses will benefit immensely from the industry-leading expertise that we can offer by enabling access to industry 4.0 technologies through our programmes and networks, creating sustainable prosperity and growth for the region.”

Boost your sound and vibration knowledge with HBK

HBK’s latest online seminars – covering a range of topics, from sound and vibration to more specialised product training – are available for registration.

Engineers, technicians and managers looking to improve their understanding of sound and vibration, then build it into their products, can join the Fundamentals of Sound and Vibration course, which will introduce them to the basic test and measurement techniques. A second session will take place in May.

For those new to structural testing, the Introduction to Modal course in March, is a great introduction to the main principles; from basic definitions to advanced applications. It is also a great refresher for anyone with more experience looking to brush up their knowledge, as it provides exposure to state-of-the-art tools for structural testing and analysis.

Also happening in March, is an introduction for users of HBK’s data analysis system – BK Connect Training Online. The four-day session helps attendees to understand the general scope of BK Connect for measurement and analysis, become familiar with the user interface and the configurable workflow. Another session will take place in April.

There will be a live BK Connect training session at HBK’s Copenhagen office on 14th and 15th June, which is aimed at system users of all levels. The course will help them to understand the general scope of BK Connect for measurement and analysis. Topics include the use of the BK Connect Data Viewer, Hardware Setup, Time Data Recorder, and Data Processing applications.

HBK’s full training calendar is available on the company’s website:

ZARGES cases continue to deliver for vaccine rollout

ZARGES, the leading provider of cases for the transportation of hazardous goods, is continuing to support the NHS’s COVID-19 vaccine booster programme with its K470 case, enabling the safe and hygienic transportation of the vaccine from manufacturer to deployment centres.

Transporting the vaccine at the right temperature is essential to preserving its efficacy. For the transport operators tasked with getting the vaccine from manufacturer to deployment during the initial roll-out in 2021, it was vital that they invested in rigorously tested temperature controlled casing.

ZARGES’s K470 solution was especially configured to meet these requirements. A lightweight, aluminium solution which is available in 25 standard sizes and capacities, from 13 to 829 litres, the K470 universal box has proved a practical, effective means of transporting the vaccine.

Crucially, cases in the K470 range can provide unbeatable temperature-controlled options. In real-world testing environments, ZARGES cases have achieved storage temperatures of -74.3° – making it the ideal container of choice for cold chain logistics.

Mareike Bleile, Product Manager for Logistics and Industry at ZARGES, said: “The success of the first COVID-19 vaccination roll-out is fantastic and we are delighted that ZARGES cases have played a small role in protecting people against the virus. The specific circumstances in which the vaccinations can be transported highlights the importance of investing in the right cases, with the testing regimen and associated certifications that provide ultimate peace of mind. ZARGES is proud to provide a transport solution to the healthcare industry as the booster rollout continues into 2022; rigorously tested and supremely durable, the K470 range guarantees safe delivery, whatever the content.”

To learn more about the full scope of ZARGES’s transportation casing offering, please visit:

PCI-SIG adopts Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A for new compliance test programme

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that the PCI-SIG has adopted the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A BERT to support compliance tests at PCI-SIG Workshops. The MP1900A was selected to meet the increasing demand for PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0/4.0 Link Equalization Tests (Link EQ Test) and Receiver jitter tolerance Tests (Rx Test).

Since the 2003 release of the PCIe 1.0 specification, each subsequent generation has doubled the bandwidth of the previous generation. Currently, PCIe 4.0 specification at 16 Gbps/lane is supported by the PCI-SIG Compliance Test programme.

PCI Express architecture is increasing the speed of internal interfaces in high-speed PCs and storage, as well as becoming a key interface for communications equipment and servers requiring ever wider bandwidth. It is expected to see rapid deployment in markets, such as IoT, AI, and automotive, utilising emerging technologies.

PCI-SIG hosts quarterly Compliance Workshops to certify PCIe devices. With increasing demand for PCIe equipment and to meet the test demand for increasing device under test (DUT) numbers, PCI-SIG has established a new permanent test environment, which uses equipment from qualified vendors, including the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A.

“With its Compliance Test reproducibility and convenience, the MP1900A is a test instrument for PCIe Compliance Workshops that offers capacity improvement and contributes to the widespread adoption of the PCI Express standard,” PCI-SIG Chairman and President Al Yanes said. “We look forward to Anritsu’s future contributions to PCI Express technology.”

Anritsu’s Service Infrastructure Solutions Division General Manager Hiroyuki Takahashi commented, “As well as supporting the next-generation PCIe 5.0 standard, Anritsu’s MP1900A series will support the PCIe 6.0 specifications now being planned. By doing so, Anritsu is helping facilitate the spread of PCI Express and contributing to development of the technology.”

Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A Outline

The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A is the industry-leading multi-channel BERT. It integrates a high-quality waveform Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) that produces 115 fs rms residual jitter, high-input-sensitivity Error Detector (ED) that creates a 15 mV eye height (typical), and a high-accuracy jitter (SJ, RJ, SSC, BUJ) generation source. CM-I/DM-I functions are also part of the MP1900A mainframe. With a Link Training function and Link Training Status State Machine (LTSSM) analysis support, it has multiple applications, including compliance tests, margin tests, and troubleshooting.

The MP1900A provides all-in-one support of PCI Express 1.0 architecture (2.5 Gbit/s) to PCIe 5.0 architecture (32 Gbit/s) with future updates for PCI Express 6.0 architecture (64 Gbit/s). By providing all-in-one support, the MP1900A allows customers to have lower cost-of-test and a simple upgrade path. Additionally, the MP1900A is compatible with oscilloscopes from the three leading manufacturers to automate complex Rx test procedures up to PCI 5.0, with support for the future PCIe 6.0 specification.

Powelectrics IIoT technology helps CEMEX manage stock to minimise costs and maximise customer service

The Task

Cemex is a multinational building materials company that manufactures and distributes building materials in over 50 countries. Local SCADA was unable to help coordinate product delivery to multiple sites. Modifying SCADA would be costly and complex and they needed a more cost effective solution.

The Solution

Powelectrics’ IIoT kit was retrofitted to Cemex silos on multiple sites, reporting regular data from existing load cells. Data for all sites is now available to the logistics team, so they can place timely orders and ensure sites are always well stocked.

The Result

Cemex schedule depot deliveries to minimise cost and disruption. Run-outs and part-load returns are eliminated. Construction materials are always available for Cemex customers, who can operate more efficiently and avoid penalty clauses. Cemex remain the construction solutions partner of choice through reliable service. Historical data assists management analysis and planning.


  • Ordering centralised
  • Reduced logistic costs
  • Run-outs and part load returns eliminated
  • Excellent customer service penalties avoided

“Powelectrics were recommended to Cemex and we have used their loT kit over several years to derive business benefits in a number of applications. The kit is robust, cost-effective and easy to retrofit. Reliable delivery of materials is essential on construction sites. Powelectrics solutions help us manage stock to ensure the highest levels of customer service,” comments Roger Taylor, National Operations Manager.

Learn more about Powelectrics’ IIoT Solutions for the construction industry here: Powelectrics Remote Monitoring Technology for Construction Sites

Click here to learn more about Powelectrics’ IIoT solutions to help protect construction sites from fuel theft when prices increase following the imminent change in red diesel regulations.( Powelectrics Offer Fuel Theft Protection to Cope With Red Diesel Rule Changes – Powelectrics Sensing and Telemetry Systems)

Powelectrics offers over 30 years of expertise and practical experience in instrumentation and digitalisation, delivering IIoT solutions globally.

Powelectrics’ versatile suite of IIoT technologies allows data from a broad range of sensors, machines and IIoT devices to be reported to a single, customisable platform, generating bespoke reports and alerts to ensure that construction projects are delivered effectively.

What can Powelectrics do for you?

 Please browse the Powelectrics web site and get in touch with any construction industry queries you have or remote monitoring applications you would like to discuss. Call +44 1827 310 666, email or use this contact form.

Danisense appoints Roland Bürger as Business Development Engineer in Germany

Danisense, the leader in high-accuracy current sense transducers for demanding applications, has recently appointed Roland Bürger as Business Development Engineer in Germany. With 15 years’ experience in the market for current transformers and current sensors, he joins Danisense at a time where there are a lot of opportunities in the current sensing market in Germany with the fast moving electrification of automobiles and industrial vehicles, the growing market for renewable energy and the changing needs of the national power grid. Roland Bürger will also act as Product Manager for the range of Residual Current Monitors (RCM) from Danisense released a few months ago.

Comments Loic Moreau, Sales & Marketing Director at Danisense: ”Having Roland Bürger on board for Danisense in Germany will certainly help us strengthen our business in Germany further as we are now able to respond more quickly and easily to the needs of our diverse local customer base.”

“I am excited about the benefits Danisense’s great range of current transducers with their class-leading stability and accuracy bring to many different applications. I am very much looking forward to assist our existing German customer base with their projects and to introduce our solutions to new customers who can use them to differentiate their products and win in competitive markets,” remarks Roland Bürger.

The future of HDMI connectors

Using high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) connectors to transmit audio and video data at high speeds is the basis of modern entertainment and communications equipment. However, this technology is rapidly moving beyond TVs and computer monitors into many high-pressure applications. Here Shaun Findley, European Director of Product and Purchasing at electrical connector specialist PEI-Genesis, explores the evolution of HDMI connectors and how they can be used in harsh environments while maintaining operational performance.

HDMI connectors are an essential input-output (I/O) component in almost every modern piece of entertainment and communications equipment. By transferring uncompressed digital signals from a suitable audio-video (A/V) source to receivers and displays, these connectors can link everything from computer monitors to TV and games consoles.

Although originally developed for the commercial systems we find in our homes and workplaces, HDMI connectors have evolved, and manufacturers have modified them over the years to ensure successful operational outcomes in challenging environments. These include military, medical and aviation applications, where electrical connections must be rugged and versatile.

Serving a need

HDMI connectors were developed to help simplify pre-existing connectors, namely the Digital Video Interface (DVI) and analog Red Green Blue (RGB) component cables. At the time, DVI connectors had a reputation for problematic mating and un-mating that would either damage the connector itself or the source. RGB cables had their own issues: because they would break down the source signal into three parts, interference often occurred, and the connections were not always secure. Therefore, HDMI cables were engineered to streamline the mating/un-mating process and reduce the number of connectors required from three to one.

Manufactures began developing HDMI cables in 2002 and there are now five different types available: The 19-pin Type-A is the standard and most widely used, found in almost every TV and computer monitor. Type-B was launched with the original standard in 2002 but was never used in products because of the introduction of HDMI 1.3, where the speed of a single link exceeded that of the old dual link. Type-C mini connectors are used in portable equipment, like DSLR cameras and satnavs. Meanwhile, Type-D connectors were introduced specifically for audio-visual connectivity in small and portable devices and Type-E was designed for high-speed data transmission in automotive applications. 

Modified technology

For applications in harsh environments, a connector’s modifications are just as important as its type. Harsh environment HDMI connectors can include several different modifications, such as IP-rated sealing against contaminants, like fluids and fine particulate matter. Housings can vary to suit the environment, with available options including metals (e.g., copper alloy, nickel and aluminium), thermoplastics and fluoropolymers. For example, Sure-Seal HDMI connectors are rated to IP67 to resist the ingress of dust, water, chemicals and other contaminants. They also have copper alloy, gold-plated contacts and operate over a wide temperature range.

Overmolding and combining the wire and connector is one option when using harsh environment HDMI connectors since this provides strain relief and ensures a more reliable performance by protecting it from challenging surroundings. Using a coupling or locking mechanism can also help to maintain a secure connection even when blind mate connections or vibrations are involved.

Applications in harsh environments

Since their creation, HDMI connectors have simplified interconnectivity for a wide range of applications. Harsh environments include outdoor digital signage, vehicle displays, military avionics and even electronic flight bag applications. Factory automation and control, machine tools, robotics, building automation and test and measurement are also examples.

The common denominator in all these applications is that HDMI connectors must be made to withstand heavy-duty use and exposure to chemicals, water, oils and extreme temperature. Often, this means selecting a connector that meets MIL-SPEC or certain UL ratings.

To learn more about the harsh environment HDMI connectors that PEI-Genesis supplies or to request a sample, visit

Electrocomponents shortlisted in two categories at plc awards 2021

Electrocomponents has been shortlisted in two categories of the plc awards 2021, which recognise the successes and achievements of all companies listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.

For a second successive year, Electrocomponents is one of six shortlisted public companies in the ‘company of the year’ category alongside Ashstead Group plc, Clipper Logistics plc, Morgan Sindall Group plc, Oxford Biomedica plc, and Watches of Switzerland Group plc. Electrocomponents is also a finalist in the ‘growth business of the year’ category, up against Games Workshop plc, Liontrust Asset Management plc, Pets at Home Group plc, Volution Group plc, and Watches of Switzerland Group plc. The winner will be announced on March 16, 2022, at an awards ceremony at Hotel Intercontinental, Park Lane, London.

The winning ‘company of the year’ will clearly demonstrate long-term success, with improved, sustainable profitability, and be a professionally managed, conservatively run growth business with a long-term vision and strategy together with strong leadership in environmental, social and governance guidelines. The winner will be cognisant of its stakeholders and supply chain and will have championed diversity and inclusion throughout the workplace. The company’s development to date will have been soundly financed in a way which supports the longevity, sustainability, and resilience of the business, including effective succession planning.

The winner of the ‘growth business of the year’ award will have achieved strong, consistent growth in turnover, profitability, and EPS for at least the past three years., through increased market penetration, possibly market disruption, M&A, and/or clear innovation in product or service backed up by a sustainable growth and ESG focused strategy, which has been implemented by a high-quality management team.

Lindsley Ruth, CEO Electrocomponents, said: “We are very much aligned with the criteria set out in the plc awards, and honoured to be repeatedly recognised for our achievements in building a resilient business. We are committed to being a strong and sustainable business and bringing our people, customers, suppliers, and communities together to accelerate our positive impact. We are determined to leverage our global scale and innovative product and service solutions to advance sustainability and improve lives. By doing so, we know we can play a key role in helping to address some of the world’s biggest challenges; from tackling climate, to building engineering and innovation skills and championing diversity and inclusion.”

Electrocomponents has received consistent recognition at the plc awards over the past five years. In 2016, the company was the winner of the ‘turnaround of the year’ category and shortlisted for ‘company of the year’. In 2018, the company was shortlisted in two categories: ‘CEO of the year’ and ‘transformation of the year’. And in 2020, the Group was a finalist in ‘the company of the year’ category.

Full details of all the shortlisted companies in all award categories for the plc awards 2021 are available to view on the awards website at