Kistler at automatica 2022: comprehensive range of needs-oriented solutions for Smart Factories

From components, comprehensive software solutions and service concepts to automated complete solutions: the Kistler Group will showcase its wide-ranging portfolio of joining, measuring and process monitoring systems at this year’s automatica exhibition in Munich from 21 to 24 June. At booth 205 in hall B5, the company will be unveiling a number of new products: two electromechanical joining modules – the NCFC and NCFE 2/5 – along with the 9132CD piezoelectric force transducer. Visitors to the booth can also discover the many facets of Kistler’s software offering. The focus will be on one theme above all others: the journey to the Smart Factory, driven by digitised processes.

The new NCFC from Kistler is an exceptionally compact, lightweight servoelectric joining system that is optimised for clinching and riveting applications.

Automated production has to meet ever-higher requirements if it is to overcome tomorrow’s challenges – but at the same time, needs differ greatly from one company to the next. Some manufacturers have largely digitised their processes already; others are seeking solutions that can be integrated as a perfect fit for their production lines so they can continue their journey towards the Smart Factory. Kistler offers an extensive portfolio of products to accommodate all these different requirements. The range includes complete solutions from one single source, comprising sensor technology, hardware and software: everything needed to generate process data and capture it in the cloud, followed by analysis, visualisation and documentation. Kistler also offers modular components that open the way to targeted improvements of individual steps along the value chain.

Electromechanical joining systems: the key to transparency and resource efficiency

Visitors to Kistler’s booth at automatica can witness a live demonstration of the benefits of electromechanical NC joining modules. High-precision measurement data available at any time gives users the benefits of enhanced transparency and control. Also, because of their high efficiency, electromechanical systems consume far less energy than conventional hydraulic and pneumatic systems. With this technology, manufacturers in the automotive and medtech industries as well as many other sectors can make their production processes cost-efficient and reduce their carbon footprint.

The newly expanded NCFE 2/5 joining module is especially suitable for simple joining processes, and it can also measure forces in the 2kN and 5kN ranges.

The same can be said of the new NCFC joining module that will be on show in Munich: developed specifically for the clinching process, this servoelectric joining system connects parts with high precision and optimal energy efficiency, eliminating the need for additional components such as bolts or rivets. The new joining module features a compact, lightweight design that makes it ideal for use with robots and stationary or mobile portals.

Kistler will also showcase the new advanced version of its NCFE 2/5 joining module, which can even measure small nominal forces of 2kN and 5kN. This extension of the lower measuring range enables plant engineers to implement simple but cost-sensitive processes with maximum efficiency. As with all joining modules in the NC series, the NCFE 2/5 includes an interface for the maXYmos NC monitoring system – allowing straightforward integration of this compact and resource-efficient module into the process environment.

maXYmos: real-time monitoring of joining and assembly processes

The maXYmos process monitoring system correlates force signals with displacement information. This real-time information opens the way for users to monitor and assess the quality of each individual production step. Kistler is also consistently driving the development of its maXYmos system ahead with the focus on Industry 4.0, so that digitised measurement data and results can be forwarded directly to higher-level systems via OPC UA. Version 1.8 – available as from summer 2022 – will give users a host of new functions: maXYmos NC will then be able to configure two sensors – the servo, and an external displacement sensor for channel X – and visualise them in one view (second curve).

Nine times more sensitive than conventional slimline sensors: the 9132CD piezoelectric force transducer.

As an added benefit, the extended audit trail functionality provides transparent, manipulation-proof documentation of all changes to the maXYmos settings and stores them on the device.

New 9132CD piezoelectric force transducer: able to measure even the smallest forces

Designed mainly for high-precision measurements of small forces where installation space is severely limited: the new 9132CD piezoelectric force transducer reacts rapidly to changes in forces, thanks to the highly sensitive piezoelectric crystal developed and grown by Kistler itself. What’s more: the 9132CD sensor is nine times more sensitive than conventional slimline sensors. And with the help of its integrated, highly flexible connecting cable, it can be used under challenging conditions – in semiconductor production and 3C applications, for instance. Cyclical and quasistatic measurements over periods of several minutes are possible in these situations – even for extremely small tensile and compression forces of 0.5N.

Measuring amplifiers offer digital process control

Kistler is making yet another contribution to the Smart Factory with its industrial measuring amplifiers. Kistler is the only manufacturer in the world to offer the possibility of converting measurement signals from piezoelectric sensors directly into digital data – thanks to diCA (industrial Ethernet technology) and miCA (IO-Link technology). IO-Link technology supplies real-time data for condition monitoring of systems and measuring chains, thus building the bridge between analog and digital communication technologies. Users enjoy multiple benefits: highly rigid and dynamic piezoelectric measurement technology, digital data that is immune to interference, and end-to-end communication through to sensor level.

Analogue, digital – and digital with IO-Link technology and the option of analog operation: charge amplifiers from Kistler are designed to meet the most diverse requirements.

Another highlight at automatica: torque sensors in the KiTorq series. As flange sensors, these models are mainly used for electric motor tests in the automotive industry. The sensors have integrated fieldbus interfaces such as PROFINET and EtherCAT and connect to the OPC UA-compatible maXYmos TL process monitoring system. Due to these features, users can easily connect sensors with machine controls, thus enabling networking with higher-level management systems.

Modular Smart Single Stations perform precise process steps and test quality

Visitors to Kistler’s booth can experience the company’s Smart Single Stations (SSTs) at first hand. These stations are individually adaptable, turnkey assembly and testing systems: a complete modular solution that combines components and systems with advice from Kistler’s experts. As well as performing high-precision process steps and testing products, the SST helps customers to cut their production costs, boost the quality of products and processes, and use resources economically.

Smart Single Stations are turnkey modular assembly and testing systems based on components and systems from Kistler. They help to cut production costs, boost quality and conserve resources.

Software solutions open up more scope for data analysis and central data management

Kistler is also continuing to broaden its offering of software solutions. A dedicated team of software and integration experts are working to develop complete solutions, including sensors and data acquisition units as well as information solutions that support decision-making. These solutions can be adapted to customers’ requirements and are suitable for use both as standalone applications and in a wider IT context. Users can take advantage of the software in many ways: to obtain detailed insights into production data, for example, or to monitor overall trends in entire production batches. In this field, the cornerstones of Kistler’s range are its jBEAM analytical software and the MaDaM solution for measurement data management – products that have been established for many years in the R&D sector – together with the newly developed AkvisIO production data solution.

Joining Competence Centre offers all-round advice – and a test workstation

With support from Kistler’s Joining Competence Center – featured at automatica – customers can take advantage of a test workstation to perform and test various joining processes with electromechanical joining systems, even before their system is planned and commissioned. This gives them the opportunity to validate and optimise their assembly and testing processes. In addition, Kistler’s experts offer comprehensive advisory support and a range of services such as turnkey installation of joining and process monitoring systems, as well as assistance with preventive maintenance issues. Regular inspections, maintenance and calibrations can minimise downtime and error rates ahead of time.


RS Components launches 7-in-1 oscilloscope with 8 new features

RS Components has introduced the new InfiniiVision 3000G X-Series oscilloscopes from electronics test and measurement specialist Keysight Technologies. The 3000G X-Series adds eight new standard features plus seven-in-one functional integration into the same compact form factor as Keysight’s popular 3000T and 3000A X-Series instruments.

InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscopes incorporate Keysight’s MegaZoom IV smart memory ASIC, which performs such functions as interpolations, logic channel plotting, serial bus decoding and measurements in hardware. This frees up the CPU to deliver an industry-leading update rate of over one million waveforms per second, uncompromised by other active functions. Design engineers gain sufficient signal detail to isolate elusive glitches and anomalies that other oscilloscopes in this class would be unable to catch.

The InfiniiVision 3000G X-Series has eight new features included as standard, including waveform and measurement histograms, mask limit testing, measurement limit testing, trigger and decode on five protocols, enhanced HDTV video analysis, and a LAN/VGA connectivity module. Test capability can thus be expanded for a fraction of the cost of adding each feature separately.

The 3000G X-Series is a “seven-in-one” multi-purpose instrument designed to save both costs and bench space. The basic oscilloscope can be specified with 100MHz, 200MHz, 350MHz, 500MHz or 1GHz bandwidth and two or four analogue input channels. In addition to serial protocol analysis functionality, the 3000G integrates up to five additional instrument capabilities. A mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) option offers 16 integrated digital channels, providing up to 20 channels of time correlated acquisition and viewing on the same instrument.

Frequency response analysis (FRA) can be used to characterise the frequency response of designs including passive filters, amplifier circuits, and switch-mode power supply negative feedback networks. An integrated 20MHz function and arbitrary waveform generator provides a stimulus output to the device under test, with a modulation feature supporting AM, FM and FSK sine, square and ramp modulations.

An integrated three-digit digital voltmeter operates through the same probes as the oscilloscope channels, but DVM measurements are made independently. An eight-digit counter and totalizer provides frequency measurements at a precision normally only associated with standalone counters.

InfiniiVision 3000G X-Series oscilloscopes feature an 8.5-inch touchscreen user interface and are housed in a compact 381 x 204 x 142 mm enclosure.

The InfiniiVision 3000G X-Series is shipping now from RS globally.

Analog Devices showcases solutions to accelerate digital transformation at Hannover Messe

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has announced its participation in Hannover Messe to be held at the Hannover Exhibition Centre from May 30 to June 2, 2022. ADI will demonstrate its latest solutions driving the digitisation of factory, process and building enterprises. Visitors will be able to explore how ADI technology is bringing intelligence, situational awareness, and connectivity to the factory and beyond.

ADI’s stand (Hall 9, Stand H23) will feature live demonstrations across its broad portfolio of technologies, including:

Intelligent Edge Connectivity for Agile Production

ADI enables the complete digitalisation of industrial automation through its Chronous Ethernet solutions, robust IO-Link interface technologies, and Ethernet switch technologies. By combining these capabilities, users can seamlessly connect their network edge to the cloud while leveraging key measurements and data-driven insights across their assets.

Sensor-Driven AI for Enhanced Quality Control

ADI’s OtoSense Quality Control solution provides intelligence at the edge of any production line, capturing insight on manufactured parts and manufacturing processes as a key component of digitising manufacturing. By combining sensing, edge processing, and Ethernet connectivity, this demo will illustrate how ADI’s OtoSense technology enables the translation of vibration and sound data to intelligent, actionable insights in a low-cost and robust system, in an environment controlled by industrial automation.

Intelligent Insights for Enhanced Sustainability

Digitalisation is transforming what we expect out of buildings and infrastructure. Through a combination of smoke and vision sensors, software configurable inputs and outputs (IOs), and Ethernet connectivity, this demo showcases a system capable of unifying data sources, enabling building managers to access real-time data across facilities and gain a holistic view of building performance.

Intelligent Robotics: Smart Sensing for Safer and Smooth Operation

In the drive for flexible manufacturing, robotic systems are becoming ever more capable. Visitors will be able to see how high accuracy depth sensing based on ToF (Time of Flight) enables pinpoint robot accuracy along with safety capabilities. ADI’s Trinamic technology, easily deployed in gripping and other end effectors, allows robots to interact more precisely with the world around them. The result is enabling designers to create robotic subsystems more rapidly while delivering the ease-of-use manufacturers require.

Manufacturing & Engineering Week offers full programme to inspire, inform and entertain

Manufacturing & Engineering Week (Birmingham NEC, 8-9 June) will be a celebration of British engineering, a two-day festival of innovation that will showcase the very best that UK industry has to offer, while also providing knowledge, inspiration and a touch of entertainment.

As well as giving the chance to talk to a huge number of the UK’s most innovative and creative companies, Manufacturing & Engineering Week has a full programme of education, workshops, talks and presentations, with several fun events thrown in.

Helping visitors keep abreast of the latest trends and thinking across industry is a major aim of Manufacturing & Engineering Week and there will be a full programme of CPD accredited high-level keynote presentations, panel discussions and case studies. These will cover a range of sectors including aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, motorsport, energy & renewables, pharmaceutical, space and FMCG, with a particular focus on strategy for SMEs and OEMs.

The industry faces both challenges and opportunities, and the topics of the presentations address a wide variety of hot issues. These include the future of the sector, embracing the need for digital transformation, incorporating AI, algorithms, and automation, Net Zero – the road to green, diversity and the skills gap, Brexit and beyond, cyber security, navigating changing laws and more.

Exhibitor companies who have solved challenges for customers with the latest innovative technology will pass on their experience though a series of informative workshops.

Innovation is the major theme of Manufacturing & Engineering Week, and this is underlined by a dedicated Innovation Zone, sponsored by Arrow, a global provider of technology products, services and solutions.  The Innovation Zone will showcase live demonstrations of the UK’s most cutting-edge products, helping visitors discover the latest technologies that are shaping the future of British industry.  Highlights include an AI car and the world’s first VTOL biplane, displayed by Coventry University’s Formula Student and UAS Challenge Teams, in association with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Says Jeff Peters, FS Faculty Advisor: “Coventry University has been developing Autonomous Vehicles for some years. Having already led the way with four trophies in the international AI competition at Silverstone, the home of the British Grand Prix, the Coventry University AI Team are excited to showcase their latest work to industry and the new generation of engineers that will be visiting the show. This will be a great opportunity for prospective students and engineers of the future to have a close up look at what we have been doing and to chat to the student team developing the car and its software systems.

Engineers with these skills are in very short supply and are highly valued by Industry and this IMechE initiative is one of the best things available to prospective engineers looking for a bright clean future.

AI and electric powertrain is the future of the automotive industry and Coventry University’s new School of Future Transport Engineering will be embracing these new technologies and leading the way on developments and teaching these skills to the next generation.”

Manufacturing & Engineering Week will also have the award-winning Cyber Demonstrator as a central feature of this year’s show. The manufacturing sector is now the third most targeted for cyber-attacks, with risks only likely to deepen and broaden as digitisation grows across all industries.

Many manufacturers are only at the beginning of their cyber-security journey and are looking to gain a better understanding of the current threats and source the products and services to increase cyber resilience. The live Cyber Demonstrator won ‘Best Feature Area’ at the Exhibition News Awards 2022 and will be recreated at Manufacturing & Engineering Week to deliver live immersive demonstrations on how to prepare for cyber threats, explore unknown areas of vulnerability and survive in the new age of information warfare targeted at the manufacturing and engineering sector.

The ‘Know Your Supply Chain’ Cyber Security Pavilion will feature Assured Cyber Protection, a global technology partner empowering organisations to protect their most valuable assets, people, and data from cyber-attacks enabling resilient and sustainable business. Alongside ACP with be a host of partners providing the latest solutions to keep businesses secure against an increasingly dangerous and ever-evolving threat landscape.

As the world and the UK gear up to meet the challenge of protecting the global climate, the importance of sustainability for the industry is higher than ever before. Manufacturing & Engineering Week will be contributing by running a Net Zero event.

Total emissions of 136.8 tons of CO2 have been calculated to be generated during the running of the event, a total which includes venue usage, materials and exhibitor and staff transport and accommodation.  To offset this, the M&E Week team, in association with their Sustainability Partner Forest Nation, will plant over 5,000 trees in a dedicated M&E forest to make the event Net Zero. The team will also plant a further tree for every visitor who attends.

Away from the serious engineering, the Great Egg Race is an exciting live challenge taking place over both days of the event. Inspired by the TV show of the same name, engineers will compete to build gadgets to propel an uncooked egg over a wall into a tractor trailer. A compere will host the challenge with winners presented with prizes onsite.

After an exciting and inspirational day, we hope visitors and exhibitors will join us for drinks at the end of day one.

Visitor passes are free-of-charge and include access to 4 co-located events over 2 days on the 8-9 June 2022. Sign up to attend now

Siemens to host Transform 2022 at Manchester Central

Siemens is to host a two-day conference and exhibition in Manchester on July 12 and 13, 2022.

Transform 2022 will be held at the city’s iconic Manchester Central and will bring together hundreds of industry leaders, influencers and regulators from across the UK and Ireland to collaborate and solve some of the most pressing organisational challenges.

From electrification to digitalisation, from finance to e-mobility, Siemens’ Transform 2022 is all about connecting organisations across the sectors that form the backbone of the nations’ economies, from utilities to transport to manufacturing.

The free-of-charge event includes key-note speeches and panels focussed on four national transformation topics – Business Resilience; Transforming Industry; What’s Next in Tech and Transforming Infrastructure – featuring Carl Ennis, CEO Siemens plc, Brian Holliday, MD Digital Industries, Cedrik Neike, CEO Digital Industries, Siemens AG and representatives from world-renowned brands, large and small.

The programme includes nine challenge roundtables and 24 infrastructure and industry tech talks covering vital topics including decarbonisation, digitalisation, future of automation, the pathway to net zero, cybersecurity, rethinking skills, and responding to COVID.

And there will also be the opportunity to experience the latest cutting-edge technologies and game changing solutions from the UK and around the world.

Carl Ennis, CEO, Siemens plc said: “At Transform 2022 Siemens will showcase cutting-edge technology with purpose and learning from our partners and customers who have implemented it to drive their transformation.

“We will bring sector and technology experts who are enabling our industry and infrastructure to become greener, cleaner and more sustainable from across the UK and Ireland. It will also be a huge come back after a two-year forced hiatus due to the pandemic for our face-to-face gatherings of industry leaders. Siemens is committed to achieving Net Zero by 2030 and we are striving to help make the UK’s industry and infrastructure low carbon by 2050.”

Siemens last hosted a one-day event in June 2019 called ‘Digital Talks – Transforming Industry Together’ at the Arena and Convention Centre in Liverpool Waterfront.

Brian Holliday, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Siemens Digital Industries said: “Transform creates an opportunity for a much-needed conversation – the chance to hear from industrial companies on how they’re progressing and investing in digitisation despite tough supply, skills and cost conditions. The pace of change is accelerating. The right skills and technologies make a huge difference; however, firms fail to invest due to lack of knowledge of what’s possible. Transform will help unlock the potential behind industrial digital technologies in the right hands in an informal but expert environment with great cross-industry case studies and survey results that will help us answer the questions – how we can make industry more competitive, productive and sustainable?”

To register please visit:



Renishaw supports WorldSkills at MACH 2022

To help encourage students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), global engineering company, Renishaw, sponsored both the WorldSkills competition and the Education and Development zone at MACH 2022, the UK’s national exhibition for the manufacturing and engineering industry. The event took place at the NEC, Birmingham, and as part of its sponsorship, Renishaw provided equipment for the WorldSkills competition which ran during the show.

Throughout the event from April 4th to 8th, finalists from the WorldSkills UK and European squads completed pressure tests and timed activities to showcase their design and machining skills. As a sponsor, Renishaw provided spindle probes and tool setting probes for the 500 LR vertical machining centres loaned by XYZ Machine Tools. Over the three days of MACH, the finalists were given drawings for three parts that they had to interpret and convert into a CAD model. They then had to program machines and manufacture the part, including probing routines, to meet set tolerances. The competitors were scored depending on how close the part was to tolerance, as well as meeting other judgement criteria, such as finishing the part to an industry standard or higher.

“Running a friendly competition at MACH 2022 gave participants a chance to test how well they work under pressure ahead of the WorldSkills final in October,” explained Michael Watson, UK Training Manager at WorldSkills and CNC Programmer at GKN Aerospace. “As well as getting the competitors out of their comfort zone and used to people watching them, holding a competition in the Education and Development zone gave us the chance to help visitors gain an understanding of what we do and encourage them to enter and diversify the competition further. ”

“I was first introduced to WorldSkills when I went to the live event in 2018 with my company BAE Systems,” explained Abigail Stansfield, a member of the WorldSkills UK Squad. “After that event I decided to enter and was selected to compete in the national competition, where I took third position, something I was really proud of. After the friendly competition at MACH I’m hopeful that I’ll be selected to compete in the global competition in Shanghai.”

Abigail continued, “I’d recommend taking part in WorldSkills to anyone in the engineering industry. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you’re probably better than you think,” added Stansfield. “That was definitely the case for me! Entering a competition such as WorldSkills can highlight your skills and potential to yourself, the company and the rest of the UK, so go for it!”

WorldSkills is an independent charity that supports young people across the world in competition-based training. WorldSkills UK hosts competitions in over 50 disciplines, including engineering and construction, to help young people in these industries develop their skills. 

As well as supporting initiatives such as WorldSkills and the MACH Education and Development zone, Renishaw runs an extensive education outreach programme to encourage students to pursue engineering and science-based careers. For further information, visit–34713.

Remaining data compliant in highly regulated industries

The amount of data that is created globally has increased by 5,000 per cent from 2010 to 2020, according to Forbes. While we are seeing a rapid increase in data collection, particularly in industry, are we using it effectively? Here Mike John, technical director of industrial metrology specialist The Sempre Group, explains how  manufacturers in highly regulated industries can automate data collection to streamline compliance reporting and gain insights into their processes.

Quality management is integral to high precision industries, such as medical and aerospace. Manufacturers in these sectors must comply with increasingly stringent regulations and provide customers with a fully traceable report that proves quality throughout the product’s lifecycle to ensure they continually deliver safe and reliable products.

Medical device manufacturers, for example, must ensure that they are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. This regulation ensures electronically generated information is fully traceable and there are no gaps where human error can occur in data collection and introduce untraceable faults, leading to non-compliance or retesting. There must be a trail of where data is amended, stored, transferred or accessed. Similarly, AS9100 is the international quality management systems standard for the aviation and defence industry. To comply, manufacturers must clearly demonstrate and communicate safety and reliability across the supply chain, as errors can be fatal in this industry.

The problem with manual

Manual data collection is time consuming, is not fully traceable and significantly increases the risk of human error, because there is no guarantee that operators input data from one source to another accurately. By reviewing incorrect data operators might recalibrate machinery unnecessarily, stop production or allow lower quality parts to pass inspection, damaging production levels and making the parts non-compliant.

Monitoring quality management data can involve isolated Excel documents that can be easily misplaced on computers, making it hard to prove compliance if parts are not up to specification. Additionally, finding historical data from parts made months or even years ago can become a laborious task that only people with access to the data files and systems can carry out.

Without a digital thread connecting drawing to product to report, the process can never be fully traceable. For example, a developer might take notes of measurements in a first article inspection (FAI) report and input the dimensions into an isolated Excel file that isn’t linked to the original ballooned drawing or future quality checks, making it difficult to guarantee that all parts meet specifications.

Instead, the operator can use fully traceable automated data collection systems, such as High QA, to streamline FAI reporting. It allows developers to automatically identify geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) from models, identify critical dimensions and input all the data in the ballooned drawing, populating a final report. Engineers can store the original report and future measurement data in the same centralised system, allowing them to automatically compare the ballooned drawing to end products.


By using automated, real-time data collection software, such as the Prolink SPC Data Collection Software, manufacturers can extract real-time data from any device to enable full analysis and reporting. Removing isolated documents allows manufacturers to easily communicate important quality information to stakeholders, reducing the time required for compliance reporting. Automated reporting and data collection allows manufacturers to get the most out of their workforce by moving them away from repetitive work and into more skilled processes that require human intervention.

Analysing the reports provides engineers with full visibility over production quality processes, allowing them to both prove and identify areas for improvement. For example, if operators notice that a few parts are not compliant, they can use the report to discover when the fault occurred and proactively resolve the issue. Over time this will decrease the number of defective products, reduce material waste and improve productivity so that customers can receive parts that are fully compliant sooner.

Manufacturers can also use software and data to make proactive changes on the shop floor during production. Reaction Plan Manager, for example, is an automated instruction-based software that analyses measurement data, calculates offset and provides tool correction instruction. For example, if a part does not meet specification, the software will instruct the operator about how to adjust the machine to correct the issue without the need for time consuming data analysis or a specialised engineer to assess calibration. By adjusting tooling as soon as they notice an issue, engineers can ensure that fewer parts are manufactured out of tolerance, reducing scrap.

As the amount of data usage continues to grow exponentially, we need to understand how to make the best use of it. The same can be said for highly regulated manufacturing industries — by analysing reports acting on the results, manufacturers can make the informed decisions that will improve efficiency, reduce costs and ensure compliance.

To find out more about investing in a fully automated and unified quality management system, visit our website

Powelectrics IIoT technology helps Fuchs deliver the benefits of digital transformation to its customers

The Task

Fuchs Lubricants, the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer, services over 100,000 customers. It has used Powelectrics’ IIoT kit in various applications. One customer manufactures diesel propulsion systems. It was crucial they understood lubricant usage patterns and that they never ran out of essential hydraulic and compressor oils.

The Solution

Powelectrics’ remote monitoring technology gives regular data and low level alerts to both Fuchs and their customer via Powelectrics’ MetronView cloud, eliminating run-outs and improving management understanding of how and when lubricant is consumed.

The Result

Powelectrics kit now eliminates unplanned stoppages due to run outs and helped identify poor production practice and maintenance issues. Fuchs have retained an important customer by using technology to add value to their service and differentiate themselves.


  • Excellent service delivered
  • Contract extended
  • Productivity improved
  • Emergency deliveries eliminated
  • Poor practice identified

“As a global lubricant manufacturer, FUCHS Lubricants need IoT solutions that protect and enhance its brand. Powelectrics solutions do exactly that, helping us add value and drive efficiencies for our customers. The equipment provided generates accurate data collection and assists FUCHS Lubricants when managing its lubricant for multiple customers. Over nearly a decade and across a range of sectors, Powelectrics IoT kit gives us what we need, backed up by great service and support,” comments Julian Potts, Industrial Distributor Manager – UK & Ireland.

> Download Full Case Study

Powelectrics offers over 30 years of expertise and practical experience in instrumentation and digitalisation. It delivers IIoT solutions globally, customising its versatile suite of IIoT technologies to gather data from a vast range of sensors, machines and IIoT devices.

For more information on Powelectrics IIoT Solutions for Lubricants, please click here.

For more information on Powelectrics IIoT Solutions for Tank Level Monitoring Solutions and Vendor Managed Inventory, please click here.

To download the brochure on Powelectrics IIoT Solutions for Tank Level Monitoring and Vendor Managed Inventory, please click here.

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For more case studies, please click here:

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Distrelec announces major range expansion

Leading distributor of electronic and technical components Distrelec has announced a major expansion of its range from four leading manufacturers: C&K, KEMET, Molex and TE Connectivity.

The expansion covers some 21,500 products in total, all available for shipping in a maximum of three to five days.

It is a reflection of Distrelec’s goal to continually develop the portfolio of products it offers, with a target of 10,000 new products each calendar month.

The vast majority of the products are manufactured by TE Connectivity, a global leader in providing advanced connector and sensor solutions.

C&K specialises in electromechanical switches, while the KEMET portfolio focuses on capacitors, EMC products and circuit protection and Molex operates primarily in the field of interconnectivity.

The new extended ranges confirm Distrelec’s status as a leader in all areas of electronic components, automation and test & measurement technology, as well as electromechanics and semiconductors.

Holger Ruban, CEO of Distrelec, explained: “We are already well established as a major distributor for all four of these brands and the addition of these ranges helps us further towards our goal of becoming a complete one-stop shop for all types of electronic components. As always we continue to review our portfolio and make new additions to fulfil evolving customer demands.”

Yokogawa’s most accurate power analyser enables precise verification of power losses in transformers

Yokogawa has launched the WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer – Transformer Version, which is dedicated to helping transformer manufacturers develop and validate the losses of highly efficient products for utility industry customers.

Transformers play a crucial role in the power grid. With electricity demand set to soar to as much as 40 TWh by 2040 and with transformers responsible for some 4% of distribution network losses, achieving more efficient transformers has never been more important.

Owners of distribution networks impose penalties on transformer manufacturers according to the degree of losses measured during the no load test. As these penalties can exceed 13,000 EUR per kilowatt and include the measurement uncertainty, it is vital for transformer manufacturers to measure these losses accurately and with minimum uncertainty. This lowers the cost of penalties and builds greater trust with customers.

The WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer – Transformer Version helps manufacturers achieve the highly accurate analysis needed to develop economical and efficient transformers. The instrument is equipped with a special input module that has much better uncertainty specifications for transformer testing.

The WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer -Transformer Version is Yokogawa’s most accurate power analyser, offering accuracy of 0.008% at unity power factor and offering the best accuracies at low power factors for commercial frequencies of 45 to 66 Hz. Low power factors have a dramatic effect on accuracy. The instrument offers accuracy of 0.6% of the reading for measurement, even at a power factor as low as 0.001 at 100 V and 1 A.

Kelvin Hagebeuk, Marketing Manager – Test and Measurement, says: “Whether during R&D, production, or acceptance testing, the WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer – Transformer Version produces the reliable measurements that engineers need as they seek to improve transformer efficiencies and verify the losses to reduce the total cost of ownership for utility companies.”

Transformer manufacturers can trust the WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer – Transformer Version’s low power factor abilities, as it is supplied with ISO17025 accredited calibration certificates from Yokogawa’s ISO17025 accredited calibration laboratory. This gives confidence that they comply with the IEC60076-8 standard.

The WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer – Transformer Version is optimised by ISO17025 accredited calibration at 53Hz at power factors of 1, 0.5, 0.05, 0.01 and 0.001. Additional calibration up to 100 kHz ensures performance when measuring distorted waveforms, for example during no-load loss current measurements of transformers. This enables the integrated transformer measurement system to measure power losses with great accuracy and capture any drift outside the limits described in the IEC60076-8 Standard.

Featuring a full touchscreen supported by hardware hotkeys and powerful software for remote data capture, the WT5000 offers a seamless and intuitive experience that makes connecting, configuring, and measuring easier than ever before. The 10.1-inch WXGA touchscreen delivers excellent noise immunity even in high-noise environments.

Using the WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer – Transformer Version, engineers can measure either three or four different power phases at 10 MS/s (18 bits). The high resolution, 10.1-inch WXGA display allows split screen viewing of up to seven waveforms and can display up to 12 pages of measurement parameters, from products as diverse as inverter-driven motors, renewable energy technologies, and traction applications such as pumps, fans, and electric vehicles and power transformers. Measurements can also be displayed in vector format or trending in time.

Yokogawa also offers supporting software packages that can be used to coordinate several instruments, including the WT5000, into a single measurement suite to view different data sources simultaneously.

Some software features allow users to simultaneously view up to 22 waveforms and two harmonic bar graphs (six waveforms, sixteen trends, two vectors, and three harmonic bar graphs: WTViewerE) in split screen mode. Alternatively, they can zoom in using cursors to see more detail in a particular area of interest. Users can customise, save, and load screen layouts as well as specify the data to be saved in CSV format. The software also allows users to create custom computations, combining values from multiple power analysers.

Additionally, the software allows users to analyse and control remote measurements in real time or use previously acquired data. In the online mode, users have real-time control of measurements from each connected instrument, allowing them to remotely start or stop integration or collect live measurement values. Users can analyse the latest acquired or previously stored data in the offline mode as well.

Up to 32 GB of internal storage memory can be used to store and recall various custom configurations and test setups. It can also be used to log large amounts of measurement data over long periods of time, behaving just like a logger. This large non-volatile memory makes it easy to store data without preparing any external media.

Using the WT5000’s three-phase delta calculation, engineers can check line voltage and phase voltage simultaneously without changing wiring. The built-in delta computation function allows both star-delta and delta-star conversion, allowing users to calculate individual phase voltages from the line voltages measured in a three-phase, three-wire (3V3A) system.

The WT5000 offers advanced harmonic analysis, allowing engineers to evaluate and compare input and output harmonics of inverters, motors, or power conditioners up to the 500th order.  As well as measuring harmonics and power simultaneously, it also offers side-by-side comparison of harmonics from two different input sources.

In addition to low pass frequency filters and line filters, the WT5000 features advanced filtering capabilities, allowing the analysis of even the most challenging of waveforms with precision.

For further information on the WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer – Transformer Version please click here.