Gas sensing

Drone inspection for gas detection

Gas sensors for the detection and monitoring of harmful substances within the environment such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane are essential elements of environmental risk assessment. Used in a wide range of industries, processes and applications they touch our every day lives monitoring toxins found in landfill and …

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Gas Sensing Solutions investigates levels of CO2 on car journeys

Ever wondered why long car journeys make you feel tired and sleepy? Is it the boredom of endless, never changing motorways or perhaps something else? Carbon Dioxide sensor specialists, Gas Sensing Solutions, wondered if it could be a build-up of CO2 gas because, at levels of 1,000 ppm and above, …

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Ultrasensitive toxic gas detector

Researchers from the School of Microelectronics in Tianjin University have discovered a two-step sputtering and subsequent annealing treatment method to prepare vertically aligned WO3-CuO core-shell nanorod arrays which can detect toxic NH3 gas. Over the years, WO3 has received considerable attention among the numerous transition metal oxides as a wide …

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