Smart control valves thanks to IO-Link

Valves that control process and auxiliary media reliably and precisely are an important component in the digitisation of process plants. Schubert & Salzer Control Systems are now offering the latest generation of their tried-and-tested 8049 digital positioner for pneumatic control valves with IO-Link. Important diagnostic data from controller and valve are thus available to plant operating companies. In addition, valve parameters such as dynamics, accuracy and characteristic curve can be simply adapted at any time without physical access. A single cable with an M12 plug bundles the positioning signal, position feedback, data transmission and even the power supply.

Solid advantages for every plant

The integration of the international IO-Link industrial standard in its latest version 1.1.3 facilitates the installation and maintenance of the valves in complex plants. Additional device-specific software or hardware is not required. Incorrect connection is technically impossible due to the coded connecting plug. Even if a replacement should be necessary, this can be done without the need for specialists. The controller adopts the previously used parameterisation automatically by plug & play and is immediately ready for operation after self-calibration.

Predictive maintenance with extensive diagnostic data

The status data provided non-cyclically via IO-Link significantly increase process reliability and plant uptime. Among other things, they enable the predictive planning of maintenance work. “Thanks to the integration of IO-Link, the data from the field level can be monitored continuously. Even the tiniest irregularities are thus noticeable at an early stage”, says Peter Hofmann, product engineer at Schubert & Salzer Control Systems. “With the help of the status data, operating companies can react long before there are even any signs of an unplanned plant stoppage. The evaluation makes it easier for the user to estimate preventive maintenance requirements, to avoid a possible impending failure and to continuously optimise the control valve.”

Schubert & Salzer Control Systems will present the IO-Link-compatible 8049 positioner to an expert audience for the first time at the ACHEMA 2022. The valve specialists will be available to answer questions about the IO-Link technology and its possible uses at Booth F46 in Hall 11.1 from 22nd to 26th August.

ABB’s high-precision CoriolisMaster flowmeter now certified for custody transfer

ABB’s CoriolisMaster flowmeter has received recognition for its high levels of accuracy, gaining custody transfer standards approval. The flowmeter now offers a new custody transfer application approved under OIML R 117-1 and Wellmec standards and certified for the European Measuring Instruments Directive MID.

Accuracy and reliable measurement are paramount in the transfer of expensive commodities such as oil and gas. Custody transfer is a highly regulated area which falls under both international standards and regional regulations.

The CoriolisMaster certification complements ABB’s Flow-X series of flow computers, a single hardware and software solution that connects to flowmeters, and to temperature, pressure and density transmitters as well as chromatographs to calculate the volume at standard conditions, mass and energy following international standards. The Flow-X aims for the highest precision to protect the interest of buyer and seller. Its analog inputs have an unmatched accuracy of 0.008 percent over a wide ambient temperature range.

“This certification places ABB at the forefront of custody transfer measurement,” said Frank Frenzel, Global Product Line Manager, ABB Process Flowmeters. “We have seen significant growth in this area in recent years, with increased demand for our Flow-X computers, and customers asking for a complete fiscal metering offering. Our CoriolisMaster has never been faster or more precise in its measurements. Certification confirms that it is ideally placed to meet customers’ need for precise measurement, joining the Flow-X computer for unrivalled accuracy in custody transfer applications around the globe.”

With its distinctive lean design, the ABB’s CoriolisMaster has a small footprint which reduces on-site handling, commissioning and costs by being easy to install and using less pipeline than has been traditionally required. Extensive communication capabilities provide real-time data insights for instant action, and the inclusion of the ABB Ability™ Verification for measurement devices solution allows the performance of the meter to be verified at any stage either in-situ or remotely.

Even the smallest imprecision in custody transfer can lead to big financial losses, so the high accuracy of the CoriolisMaster makes it ideal for liquid mass flow measurement. With repeatability an equally important element, the stability of ABB’s CoriolisMaster in maintaining calibration across its lifecycle is an essential element. The flowmeter also eliminates the need for an additional inline density meter, making it invaluable for product quality assurance purposes, by providing direct density measurement and improving the measurement of liquid and gas flow composition.

Analog Devices launches industry’s first high-resolution module for 3D depth sensing and vision systems

Analog Devices, Inc. has announced the industry’s first high-resolution, industrial quality, indirect Time-of-Flight (iToF) module for 3D depth sensing and vision systems. Enabling cameras and sensors to perceive 3D space in one megapixel resolution, the new ADTF3175 module offers highly accurate +/-3mm iToF technology available for machine vision applications ranging from industrial automation to logistics, healthcare and augmented reality.

The ADTF3175 offers designers a scalable, fully engineered, and calibrated depth system that can be integrated into 3D sensing and vision systems, eliminating the need to design specialised optics or address electromechanical integration challenges. This in turn speeds time to market by simplifying the complex sensor design process. The robust, high-resolution module is specifically designed to perform in a range of environmental settings and leverages state-of-the-art triple junction vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology from Lumentum Operations LLC, a leading provider of VCSEL arrays for light detection and ranging (LiDAR) and 3D sensing applications, to enable sensing in a wide range of lighting conditions.

“We are thrilled to work with ADI on solutions for the industry’s most demanding and highest resolution 3D sensing applications, ranging from extended reality to industrial applications like robotics, intelligent buildings, and logistics systems,” said Téa Williams, Senior Vice President and General Manager of 3D Sensing at Lumentum. “Our 10W VCSEL arrays allow ADI to enable more capable sensing and vision systems that can operate under a wide range of lighting conditions and thereby removing environmental obstacles to broader and more rapid machine vision deployment.”

The ADTF3175 features an infrared illumination source with optics, laser diode and driver, and a receiver path with a lens and an optical band-pass filter. The module also includes flash memory for calibration and firmware storage plus power regulators to generate local supply voltages. It comes pre-programmed with several operating modes that are optimised for long and short range.

“Machine vision needs to make the leap to perceiving smaller, more subtle objects faster in industrial environments that often include harsh conditions and multiple stimuli,” said Tony Zarola, Senior Director for ToF at Analog Devices. “The ADTF3175’s unmatched resolution and accuracy allows vision and sensing systems – including industrial robots – to take on more precision-oriented tasks by enabling them to better understand the space they’re operating in and ultimately improve productivity. Bringing this to market helps bridge a major gap and accelerates deployment of the next generation of automation solutions and critical logistics systems.”

The ADTF3175 module will be accompanied with an open-source reference design for implementing the full system, all of the required drivers and access to ADI’s sophisticated depth processing capabilities. ADI also offers guidance on how to achieve Class One eye safety certification for the end product.

Allegro MicroSystems announces groundbreaking new position sensors for ADAS applications

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the launch of its A33110 and A33115 magnetic position sensors at the Sensors Converge Conference in San Jose, CA. Designed for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications that require high levels of accuracy and heterogeneous signal redundancy, Allegro’s newest sensors combine the company’s vertical Hall technology (VHT) with cutting-edge tunnelling magnetoresistance (TMR) technology in a single sensor package. These groundbreaking angle sensors are the first of their kind to feature this technology combination in a single package. This VHT + TMR offering is a superior heterogeneous redundant sensor solution and is an essential step toward enabling the reliability required for advanced levels of automation in vehicles.

Future automated and autonomous vehicles require advanced electric power steering (EPS) systems with precise motor control capabilities, as well as brake-by-wire or electromechanical braking systems with fast response time. Present-day systems commonly use giant magnetoresistance (GMR) or Hall-effect sensors. Compared to the GMR equivalents, Allegro’s innovative TMR-on-silicon technology offers improved resolution and accuracy, providing up to eight times greater sensitivity. Measured against traditional Hall-effect sensors, the improvement in resolution is even more pronounced.

The safe operation of a vehicle requires the highest level of diagnostic coverage in its safety-critical systems. Allegro’s VHT featured in the new A33110 and A33115 enables accurate safety checks, including low-field and missing-magnet detection. These high-resolution sensors are ASIL D-compliant, with heterogeneous redundancy reducing the likelihood of dependent failures by leveraging the best of both TMR technology and VHT.

“As full autonomy comes closer to being a reality, automakers and Tier 1 suppliers are looking for position sensors that provide the greatest accuracy and safety while reducing system footprint and cost,” said Scott Milne, Business Line Director for Position Sensors at Allegro. “By integrating both vertical Hall and TMR elements in a single package, Allegro’s new line of sensors enable customers to meet those needs with a sensor that provides high resolution and heterogeneous redundancy along with integrated diagnostics. There’s nothing else on the market like them, and we think they are a game-changer for the industry.”

Allegro’s A33110 and A33115 sensors provide magnetic angle sensing via both the primary (TMR) and secondary (vertical Hall) transducers, each of which are processed by two independent channels, each with independent regulators and temperature sensors. This unique configuration enables the high levels of safety and diagnostic coverage needed for automated driving, including on-chip channel-to-channel angle comparison and independent processing in digital signal paths, with no shared digital resources. Advanced algorithms in the A33110 and A33115 deliver the fast response time, independent gain/offset correction, angle calculation, and linearisation capabilities demanded by safety-critical ADAS applications. The A33115 also includes a turns counter that tracks motion in 90-degree increments and a low-power mode with a user-programmable duty cycle that reduces power consumption when the IC is in a key-off position.

Allegro MicroSystems ships more than 200 million units into ADAS applications annually, serving a global and diverse customer base. The A33110 and A33115 are the latest in Allegro’s portfolio of innovations for ADAS applications and were developed in close collaboration with key market-leading OEM and Tier 1 customers. For more information about these products, including datasheets, sample availability, and pricing, contact an Allegro sales office.

Powelectrics IIoT technology helps chemical plants comply with environmental legislation

The Task

Bonner designs instrumentation solutions, specialising in enabling compliance in highly-regulated industries. Bonner’s customer, a chemical plant, captures waste liquid in containment areas and cleanse it prior to discharge into the Council’s waste system. pH levels must be safe.

The Solution

Powelectrics’ lloT solution helps monitor, record and control the pH of discharged waste-water, including knowing the pH at time of discharge, flow rate and flow volumes. If the pH of the waste is unacceptable, waste is now automatically diverted back to the treatment area for reprocessing.

The Result

This Powelectrics m2m system protects the water quality for all stakeholders within the County Council water supply network and ensures reliable evidence of compliance with environmental legislation. Data can also be used for the general monitoring of production, trend analysis and identification of maintenance needs.


  • Environmental protection
  • Proof of compliance
  • Maintenance needs identified
  • Trend analysis

Patrick Bonner, Managing Director, comments: “We have known Powelectrics for several years and I’m delighted to see an increasing number of applications suited to their user-friendly and well-supported Metron technology. This project has delivered everything our customer asked for. Now we are expanding our use of Metron technology into other applications.”

> Download Case Study

Powelectrics offers over 30 years of expertise and practical experience in instrumentation and digitalisation. The company delivers IIoT solutions globally, customising its versatile suite of IIoT technologies to gather data from a vast range of sensors, machines and IIoT devices.

Powelectrics offers a versatile suite of IIoT technologies that form ‘Metron Intelligence’, integrating GSM/GPRS, Sigfox, LoRa, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, CAN, MODBUS and IO-Link to the company’s MetronView platform and from there creating reports, alarms and integrating data to other portals.

For more information on Powelectrics IIoT Solutions for the Chemical Industry, please click here.

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What can Powelectrics do for you? 

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Mass Flow Control Redefined

Compact Multifunctional Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for Gases

The new FLEXI-FLOW by Bronkhorst combines the advantages of a unique through-chip-sensor with proven by-pass technology. The compact thermal mass flow meters and controllers are 35% smaller than traditional instruments, the smallest on the market for flow ranges up to 20 ln/min. Due to the new sensor technique, the instruments feature very stable flow control, but also very fast control, with settling times smaller than 150 ms.

FLEXI-FLOW instruments have integrated temperature and pressure sensors and an on-board gas database for highest accuracy, even at varying process conditions. With this new technology, the instruments are adaptable to many applications through their wide dynamic flow ranges (up to 1:1000). The temperature and pressure signals may provide the user with information about the actual process conditions. So in fact, FLEXI-FLOW is more than just a flow meter or controller; it’s a multi-parameter measurement/control device.

For easy setup and monitoring of the instruments and your process, Bronkhorst introduces a USB-C port, optional Bluetooth communication, and NAMUR status indication by means of coloured LEDs and digital output parameters. FLEXI-FLOW is available in 2 pre-configured models, as a built-to-order version, or as a customised, multi-channel solution, each including free and easy software tools for configuration, and for diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

For more information contact:


1 Kings Court
Willie Snaith Road
Newmarket, Suffolk

Tel.: +44 1223 833222

E-mail: sales@bronkhorst.co.uk

Meteor wins Hydrometry Framework contract

Meteor Communications, the manufacturer of remote environmental monitoring systems, has been awarded a framework contract by the Coal Authority to supply a range of hydrometric services, dataloggers and sensors to enable the continuous monitoring of mine water.

Meteor Communications successfully bid for Lot 3 of the Hydrometry Framework, which is comprised of 7 lots and will run for four years with an estimated total budget of £400,000.

“Meteor are delighted to have been selected by the Coal Authority for this framework contract,” explains Meteor’s MD Matt Dibbs. “Our systems and services are utilised across the UK by the Environment Agency, Water Utilities and Consultants and it’s great to be able to bring our expertise to the Coal Authority.”

The Coal Authority seeks to enhance the future prospects for people and the environment in mining areas, and to contribute to the delivery of the UK Government’s industrial strategy and the environmental, social and economic priorities of the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments. This includes managing the effects of past coal mining and dealing with mine water pollution and other mining legacy issues.

Pickering Interfaces augments PXI microwave MUX with the addition of 67 GHz terminated switches to support 5G and semiconductor test

Pickering Interfaces, the leading supplier of modular signal switching and simulation solutions for use in electronic test and verification, has augmented its 4x-785C range of SP4T & SP6T microwave multiplexers with the addition of 67 GHz terminated SP4T / SP6T modules to support the latest requirements of the 5G and semiconductor test sectors. The 40-785C (PXI) and 42-785C (PXIe) modules feature internal relay terminations that can improve signal integrity. Devices feature panel and remote mount options that enable users to locate the switches at the most convenient location for their application; remote mount options occupy a single chassis slot but can control up to three switches, saving space.

The 4x-785C family is based on industry-leading superior quality Radiall mechanical microwave switches. The addition of 67 GHz 50 Ω internally terminated switches allows unused channels of a test system to be terminated in the characteristic impedance of the signal path, thus maximising signal integrity.

Remote mount options connect each switch to the control module via a 1.5 M cable providing flexibility in switch positioning. This reduces the length of RF connections, thus maximising performance and minimising cabling costs. Chassis slot count is minimised as only 3-slots are required for a single configuration – or 6-slots for dual panel mount switch – or just a single slot for the remote mount versions.

Comments Steve Edwards, Switching Product Manager at Pickering Interfaces: “To aid with test system health monitoring, the 4x-785C family is provided with a switch cycle counting feature. Determining the number of operations per channel can help manage the wear-out process by allowing alternate lower usage paths to be substituted for high-use channels.”

Pickering also offers a range of high-quality interconnection cables to support RF applications, and their standard three-year warranty covers all modules.

Sentronics partners with HORIBA UK to unveil new Fuel Consumption Sensor for the automotive market

Sentronics is pleased to announce its partnership with HORIBA UK to launch the next generation Ultrasonic Fuel Consumption Measurement Sensor, the HORIBA RealFlow: Powered by Sentronics, for the automotive industry.

Featuring the latest innovative advancements and patented technology in ultrasonic fuel flow sensing, the HORIBA RealFlow provides true under-bonnet installation and real-time measurement of fuel consumption for automotive validation and verification test applications. With an improved flow measurement accuracy of ±0.5% over an expanded turndown range of 1000:1 it offers unrivalled performance compared to its predecessor. The RealFlow is suitably equipped to measure ultra-low fuel flowrates found in high efficiency road car engines, but in the same small package.

This on-vehicle technology has been trusted to uphold compliance and monitor fuel usage in the upper echelons of competitive motorsport over the last 5 years and now the low flow variant presents an opportunity for vehicle test houses to unlock these high levels of accuracy, reliability and repeatability. 

Innovative digital processing techniques are harnessed within the instrument to measure time of flight with unprecedented levels of precision commonly associated with bulky, expensive laboratory equipment. With no restrictions on mounting orientation, the small, robust RealFlow is well-suited for direct installation in any engine bay making it an ideal tool for R&D and emissions testing to the RDE and WLTP standards.

HORIBA UK is embedded within the automotive testing industry and provide cutting-edge products, technologies, solutions, and services to vehicle manufacturers. The launch of the RealFlow now adds the capability of precision fuel consumption measurement for on-vehicle testing and perfectly complements the OBS-ONE Portable Emission Equipment that measures engine/vehicle performance under real road conditions. 

Neville Meech, Managing Director at Sentronics, said, “We are delighted to partner with HORIBA UK to launch the RealFlow to their automotive distribution network. Leveraging HORIBA’s extensive global presence, sales support network and their automotive test instrument expertise, our collaboration ensures our Low Flow Fuel Meters are more widely accessible through the HORIBA sales channel.”

Richard Carter, Director at HORIBA UK, said, “Adding this patented technology to our existing line-up of HORIBA emissions testing products continues to show how HORIBA leads the way with innovation-first testing devices. We are excited to now be offering the RealFlow to our customers.”

For more information and to discover the HORIBA RealFlow, please visit: https://www.horiba.com/int/automotive/products/detail/action/show/Product/realflow-4955/


Vaisala achieves excellent sustainability metrics

In May 2022, Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, received an ESG Risk Rating of 9.7 and was assessed by Sustainalytics to be at negligible risk of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors.

Marjo Hietapuro, Sustainability Manager at Vaisala

This means that, when it comes to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk factors, Vaisala is a very low-risk investment thanks to its strong ESG risk management. Vaisala’s ESG Risk Rating places it in the 2nd percentile in the electronics equipment industry assessed by Sustainalytics. More information about the analysis and Vaisala’s rating can be found on Sustainalytics website. In addition to Sustainalytics, Vaisala’s sustainability work also received the Carnegie Sustainability Award 2022 on May 31, 2022.

“We have been continuously improving our sustainable business practices, and I am happy to see all the work we have done reflected in Sustainalytics’ ESG evaluation. Nonetheless, while ESG risk management is important, it is also crucial that businesses align their strategies with our planet’s challenges. Vaisala’s greatest sustainability impact stems from the use of our products, as our customers can study, mitigate, and adapt to climate change, for instance,” comments Marjo Hietapuro, Sustainability Manager at Vaisala.

Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings measure a company’s exposure to industry-specific material ESG risks and how well a company is managing those risks. This multi-dimensional way of measuring ESG risk combines the concepts of management and exposure to arrive at an assessment of ESG risk, i.e., a total unmanaged ESG risk score or the ESG Risk Rating, that is comparable across all industries. Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings provide a quantitative measure of unmanaged ESG risk and distinguish between five levels of risk: negligible, low, medium, high, and severe. Learn more about the ESG Risk Ratings on Sustainalytics’ website.

In the rating, Vaisala receives great scores in all categories ranging from carbon footprint and supply chain management to employee matters. However, sustainability is all about continuous improvement.

“The ESG rating by Sustainalytics is a testament to the sustainability work we do in Vaisala every day. We also want to continue developing, and most recently, we committed to setting a science-based target and have put more focus on diversity and an inclusive work culture,” Hietapuro summarises.

What is Sustainalytics?

Sustainalytics, a Morningstar company, is a leading independent ESG research, ratings and data firm that supports investors around the world with the development and implementation of responsible investment strategies. Sustainalytics works with hundreds of the world’s leading asset managers and pension funds who incorporate ESG and corporate governance information and assessments into their investment processes. The firm also works with hundreds of companies and their financial intermediaries to help them consider sustainability in policies, practices, and capital projects. For more information, visit http://www.sustainalytics.com/.