Dewetron & Dewesoft on show at Sensors & Instrumentation

New products from Dewetron & Dewesoft on show at Sensors & Instrumentation include SIRIUS fan-less data acquisition systems, designed for harsh environments where cooling is often an issue. Dewesoft increases channel density with the 16ch SIRIUS HD range for voltage and strain gauge measurements, which can also be integrated into a system with up to 128 channels.  Dewesoft have also introduced SIRIUS high-speed modules with a sample of 1MS/s and 16bit resolution, in the same SIRIUS packaging, so 200KS/s modules can be mixed with 1MS/s modules for maximum measurement flexibility. Dewetron have developed LabVIEW drivers to support their range of signal conditioning and data acquisition products. This will be attractive to system integrators and existing Dewetron customers who are experienced in LabVIEW programming and want to access the high performance capability of Dewetron hardware for specific applications in industrial control. The Dewetron DEWE2 range of data acquisition platforms will also be featured at the show and combined with Dewesoft-7 software, DEWE2 systems offer a range of front-end modules with 200KS/s sampling rate and precise signal conditioning for a wide range of sensors, including high voltage measurements with galvanic isolation.  

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Chell Instruments at Sensors & Instrumentation, Stand A27

Chell provides complete solutions to sensing problems using over 40 years of experience in measuring and controlling Pressure, Vacuum and Gas Flow. Very often the measurement is relatively easy once the most appropriate sensor is selected, it is the collection and manipulation of the data that causes most difficulty in providing the solution.

Four generations of Air Ingress Monitors have provided solutions to the Power Generation industry. It computes leak rate by calculation from absolute and differential pressure and temperature then compares the result with the Steam Tables to output Air Ingress, the greatest source of inefficiency (& therefore waste emissions) in the power generation cycle.

Chell has built several Gas Flow Audit Standards used by those holding the UK National Standard to verify and compare data with their standards – this work has led to the design of multiple channel calibration systems for manufacturers of gas meters.

Aerodynamic pressure measurements are often made using electronic pressure scanners and Chell has specialised in the application of this technology to industries such as Formula 1, aircraft constructors and gas turbine manufacturers. This latter has become so significant, it has led to the development of a complete range of multi-channel tubulation quick disconnect couplings – one user has even flown an engine so equipped.

Find us as Stand A27, Sensors & Instrumentation 2013

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Michell Instruments launch cost effective oxygen analyzer at Sensors and Instrumentation

Experts in moisture and oxygen analysis, Michell Instruments will be launching their new oxygen analyzer to the UK at Sensors and Instrumentation.

The compact and cost-effective XZR200 offers a great blend of price and performance.  It is capable of measuring percentage oxygen to better than 1% of Span (or 0.5% O2) with ranges of 0-25% and 0-100% available. The XZR200 is easy to install and integrate into existing systems as no specialist software is required; the RS232 output can be accessed via a PC.

The analyzer offers four configuration options, with two choices of probe length and two temperature ranges. The lower temperature range (up to +250°C) is suitable for relatively low-temperature applications such as food and drink packaging, while the higher temperature range of up to +400°C serves combustion control and metal treatment applications.

Depending on the application, the XZR200 may also be configured to measure in either 0-25% or 0-100% oxygen concentrations. The first configuration gives the highest accuracy of 0.5% O2 in the combustion process range. In the 0-100% range the accuracy is 1% O2.

Also at the stand will be Michell’s high-speed portable hygrometer, the MDM300. This is available in both hazardous and general purpose versions and has a number of convenient sampling options to enable users to connect the instrument to high-dust or contaminated processes as well as ensure comparable measurements across a number of sample points by ensuring the flow etc of the gas sampled is consistent each time.

Michell’s Easidew Dew-Point Transmitters are ideal for a host of applications where constant monitoring of moisture levels is key – such as compressed air systems and dew-point control of desiccant dryers. All Easidew Transmitters are available as part of a calibration exchange program, which enables users to keep up-to-date calibration certification with virtually no downtime and at a fraction of the cost of buying new replacement sensors.

In the relative humidity range, the I7000 interchangeable module makes maintenance as easy as changing a light bulb, while the PCMini52 RH probe has encapsulated electronics which make it reliable in high humidities over long periods of time. Visit stand B7 to find out more.


TMS Europe at Sensors & Instrumentation

Infrared technology has been utilised in a range of applications for many years, but has only recently become a viable method of measurement, with the increased availability of more affordable and reliable products.

Following the interest received at last year’s Sensing Technology Exhibition 2012 we are pleased to announce that we’re exhibiting at this year’s Sensors and Instrumentation Exhibition. We are attending to showcase a range of non-contact measurement instruments and to promote our comprehensive range of products and UKAS accredited calibration services.

Non-contact infrared measurement has, up until now, been overlooked as being too expensive but in recent years it has become a viable alternative for environments where traditional contacting thermocouples fail.

As companies start to realise the potential of non-contact thermometry we are increasingly finding it being utilised in Research and Development, Human and Veterinary Medicine, Cryogenics and in manufacturing processes such as food, steel, glass and ceramics. To extend its concept of one stop shopping for temperature measurement TMS Europe has increased its products and calibration for infrared non-contact temperature measurement, giving practical and affordable solutions through specialist manufacturers SATIR and DIAS Infrared GmbH for whom we are agents. This is reflected in the choices our customers are making, and they are now opting for infrared systems as a long term and sustainable solution for the measurement of the extreme temperatures in areas where contact thermometry is impractical.

After gaining another year’s experience with infrared we’re eager to get back to the NEC to promote ourselves as your all-in-one resource for the supply, installation and calibration of infrared systems. Over the past year we’ve supplied, installed and trained customers with effective infrared systems that enable faster, safer and un-interrupted measurements. In 2013 alone we’ve taken on two major contracts for well-known companies for the supply of Infrared systems using products from the specialist manufacturer DIAS Infrared GmbH. We’re more eager than ever to show off what we can bring to the table. 

With over thirty years of experience in the industry we have inspired confidence in our customers by providing them with tailored measurement solutions. As a major manufacturer and supplier of temperature probes, thermistors, resistance thermometers and thermocouples measuring temperatures from -200 to 2000°C, for over thirty years our expertise in manufacturing, calibration and test we have the ability to produce these products to the most rigorous of specifications, whilst offering costs which sees a number of O.E.Ms using our services on a contract basis.

At the exhibition we will be featuring one of the world’s premier manufacturers of Infrared technology; DIAS Infrared GmbH, and will be demonstrating the capabilities of their range of Infrared Pyrometers, Line Cameras and Thermal Imaging Cameras, with working examples of the Pyroview camera. Also at our stand will be representing another leading manufacturer in the field of contact-less temperature measurement SATIR and their range of Infrared and Thermal Imaging cameras. We will also have samples of lower cost hand-held thermometers and non contact temperature measurement instruments for attendees to trial.

Additionally, with one of Europe’s leading ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratories for infrared, we want to offer our calibration services for non-contact thermometers and pyrometers for calibration between a range of –30 and 1500°C. Our calibration facilities don’t just stop there, on a daily basis we are UKAS calibrating and performing on-site and in-lab humidity and temperature surveys on autoclaves, ovens, incubators, furnaces, fridges, freezers and a range of other hand held measurement equipment and sensors. TMS Europe calibrate to national and international requirements, meeting the specifications of food, water, pharmaceutical, aerospace, medical and many more.

For comprehensive details of our products and services you can visit our website at or contact us by e-mailing or calling 01433 620535.

Find TMS Europe Ltd at stand D18. We look forward to seeing you there!

Industrial Interface’s complete range of Ethernet input and output modules

Industrial Interface will be exhibiting their complete range of Ethernet input and output modules at the Sensors & Instrumentation exhibition at the NEC in September.

The units allows virtually any type of sensor or signal to be galvanically isolated and transmitted to any industrial Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 network. A typical system consists of an E-100 with an Ethernet port and a number of ISOSLICE input or output modules linked to the E-100 via a local bus.

The field sensors are wired into the ISOSLICE units which are in turn read by the E-100 gateway via the local bus and the values then stored in Modbus registers on the E-100.

ISOSLICE units are available for mA, voltage thermocouple, RTD, load cell and AC current or voltage signals. In total up to 1024 inputs can be linked to the E-100 and stored in Modbus registers.

The E-100 has a small in-built LED display which can be used to view the values of any inputs in real engineering units, a great commissioning and trouble –shooting tool.

The data stored on the E-100 can also be sent via either a 2G or 3G mobile network using the RAMPORT-DIN device.

For more information on this unique low cost solution and our range of wireless systems and sensors please see or visit us on Stand Number B5 at Sensors & Instrumentation.

EMC Hire at Sensors & Instrumentation

John Wombwell, MD, first started the company in 1972 under the name of Electro-Metrics Service Ltd but now operates under the name EMC Hire Ltd. For the last 15 years EMC Hire has focused and applied itself wholeheartedly towards the specialised EMC + RF rental business.  The success of this company has been through its expertise and determination to deliver the highest quality. J.W. says: “Historically we have gained business through recommendations, demonstrating our reputation for delivering consistently excellent service”.

Although offering a diverse range of different manufacturer’s products, all are uniquely bonded together with EMC Hire’s in-house software, creating compatibility and integration for the End User’s ease of operation and confidence. Their software is in fact a principal corner stone of the system hire and is marketed as a separate company product. 

Although a specialised rental company, EMC Hire is distinguished in that an expert engineer can be present on delivery and do an on-site set up and also, if required, provide training, ensuring  customer ease with the software, and ultimately, efficient use of the equipment hire period.

EMC Hire is set to expand further year on year through continual growth of its comprehensive range of  EMC + RF allied equipment.

The Hire inventory can be found and ordered on their website,

Customer Interest resolutely remains at the core of EMC Hire’s strategy

Come and see us on Stand F14

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd is one of the UK’s leading hydraulic test and measurement equipment suppliers.

Hydrotechnik will be showcasing its large product portfolio with special offers on its range of analogue and digital test equipment for all show attendees.

Minimess™ Pressure Test Points offer a uniquely simple method of accessing low or high pressure systems for the purpose of pressure testing, oil sampling or gas charging. Developed by Hydrotechnik more than 50 years ago, Minimess™ pressure test points offer the most advanced sealing system available with working pressures up to 630 bar.

Microbore hoses are typically used with our star product the Minimess™ Pressure Test Point. Together they make the perfect diagnostic tool. Microbore hoses provide a very quick, low volume, high-pressure method of connecting to any pressure instrumentation, hand pump, calibration source or device under test.

Our analogue hydraulic Minimess™ Pressure Test Kits are available with a variety of test point styles, thread forms, pipe adaptors and gauge range options to suit mostly all hydraulic systems. Special requirements are our speciality.

Our MultiHandy and MultiSystem data loggers are market leading and will offer you powerful test & data logging solutions with a wide choice of input parameters. It has proven high scanning rates, user-friendly interface and intuitive operating system. All our hand MultiHandy and MultiSystem instruments come with the powerful HYDROcom6 analysis software package.

HYDROcom6 is indisputably the most powerful hydraulic diagnostic software package available today. The combination of accurate instrumentation and powerful software are proving to be invaluable tools to R&D and service engineers in the quest for greater component efficiency and overall system performance.

And our service doesn’t stop there! We have a calibration, test, repair & hire services. Sharing our stand will be Flowtechnik. Flowtechnik provide Flow, Pressure and Temperature Sensor Calibrations, traceable to national standards and can also do component pressure testing & cleanliness analysis. We offer a hire service for all our data logging range for those with limited needs or budgets.

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd has been trading for 25 years and prides itself on its quality products and timely delivery. We have recently revised our company logo, come and see our new look and special show offers and visit us in Hall 3 Stand F14.

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd

Unit 10 ?Easter Park Lenton Lane Nottinghamshire NG7 2PX

Telephone: 0115 900 3550

Fax: 0115 970 5597



Binder sensor connectors on show at Sensors & Instrumentation 2013

Binder UK is showing a wide range of circular connectors on Stand D17 at Sensors & Instrumentation 2013.

Products will include the extensive range of M5, M8 and M12 sensor connectors widely used in the sensor, instrumentation and automation markets.  A number of new M12 products are on show including high current versions rated at 12A, over-moulded connectors with welding spark resistant PUR cables and duo-connecting cords with shielded cable.

Also on display will be the new 770 Series NCC connector range that has a unique design that protects the contacts to IP67 when not connected without the need of a protective cap.  It is ideal for all types of portable or hand-held measuring equipment, control devices and similar applications and the highly efficient design achieves a product life in excess of 5,000 mating cycles.  The eight contacts are gold-plated and rated to 2A and 175V in solder and dip-solder versions.

Binder UK is the UK subsidiary of German connector manufacturer Franz Binder GmbH, a company whose products cover environmental ratings from IP40 to IP68 and range from the world’s smallest sensor connector (M5) up to versions with 24 contacts.

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Beamex is coming to a venue near you 4th – 12th September 2013

Beamex Limited invites you to come and take part in our 2013 Beamex experience tour; our experienced technical experts will be on hand throughout the day to answer any questions on our products and services. We will have our range of portable calibrators and calibration software available for demonstrations and training tasters during the show.

Beamex strives to continuously enhance the “Beamex Experience” for their customers by using key principles such as the training cycle to better define student needs helps us: Better determine learning requirements, set out clearly defined and agreed learning objectives,  design appropriate “Beamex Experience”  learning material that can be delivered and sustainably supported, and improved with continual assessment and evaluation.

Of course the formal training session is still requested by some customers but Beamex believes this path is best augmented by additional “Beamex Experiences”. In a recent survey over 82% of the training session attendees gave Beamex maximum marks and the remainder voted us as above average. You will have a chance to experience taster sessions of Beamex user training programmes on this tour.

The Beamex Experience is all about delivering to our customers an internal environment that promotes teamwork, collaboration and the shared goal to be the most desired partner in calibration. In hosting this kind of open event we are showing our commitment to our customers to reach and maintain this position.

Due to popularity we would advise you to book early to guarantee your place.

Please note there is no cost for attending.

  • Range of Beamex portable equipment on show
  • Training tasters with Beamex educational services and training
  • Beamex workshop solutions
  • Calibrator clinic
  • Chance to discover how Beamex software can be integrated with your own CMMS systems with the low risk and future proof Beamex Business Bridge solution.

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Delegate feedback from previous events

Thank you for a great Open day on Wednesday. I found the event both interesting and useful, and hopefully it will lead to further business between our two companies in the future.” – Roxspur Measurement & Control Ltd.

Thanks for the excellent day out at your head office, and please pass on my thanks to all your colleagues who made the day such a success. It was a thoroughly enjoyable event and well worth the attendance.” – Johnson Controls

With events like this, it is obvious that you see improving customer care levels as an important part of your overall business strategy and it echoes the way we also see things here at E+H.” Endress + Hauser Ltd

I enjoyed the Beamex open day, I met some interesting people, listened to some good ideas and discovered how other people use this calibration system. All in all, the open day has enabled me to use CMX in a more efficient and productive way.” E.ON Uk – Ironbridge.

How to register

Places are limited, so please register early by email to quoting TOUR and stating your preferred venue, alternatively calling 01455 821920 and speaking to Liz Fletcher.

Beamex Ltd
Newtown Grange Farm Business Park,
Desford Road,
Newtown Unthank,
Leicestershire LE9 9FL

Crowcon showing latest gas safety technology at Offshore Europe

Crowcon is showing its latest gas safety technology at the Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition in September. On the Crowcon stand (#4B110) visitors can see the new Gas-Pro portable gas detector, bump/calibration testing equipment and state-of-the-art data management software. You can also learn about the I-Test and Q-Test gas test and calibration systems, with supporting software, which provides extensive reporting capabilities.

Also on show will be the Gasmaster control panel which is now available in one, two, three or four-module formats; the new flameproof, compact Vortex control panel; and new network capabilities for the Detective Plus, which is used for wide area gas monitoring.

If you need to know about gas detection or if you’re considering purchasing gas detection equipment, come and talk to the experts at Crowcon. They will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.