Why the Lake Shore 8600 VSM Series is still raising the bar!

The electromagnet-based VSM 8600 Series combines high sensitivity and speed for advanced measurement performance

More science, less time

VSMs have long been the benchmark for characterising magnet properties in material science laboratories.

The 8600 Series vibrating sample magnetometer raises the bar for magnetometer performance and convenience. These VSMs combine high sensitivity (15 nemu), rapid measurement speed (10 ms/pt), and simple operation for more accurate measurements, faster.

8600 Series Features

  • 0.15 × 10-7 emu noise floor at 10 s/pt
  • 10 ms/pt data acquisition rate
  • 10,000 Oe/s field ramp rate
  • Rapid, repeatable temperature option exchange
  • High stability—±0.05% per day
  • Fields to 3.26 T
  • Widest available temperature range—4.2 K to 1273 K
  • Includes fully automated FORC data acquisition software

Watch the 8600 VSM Video


Quick look with Brad Dodrill

Convenient operation

The entire 8600 Series system has been reimagined with a focus on clean, ergonomic design that simplifies the researcher’s interaction with the system. A motorised head brings the sample to a comfortable height for easy, one-handed exchange of the QuickLIGN™ sample rods. Temperature options include a cryostat, high-temperature oven, and single stage variable temperature insert. The combined temperature range of the options is 4.2 K to 1273 K. All three GlideLOCK™ options quickly slide into place and are auto-detected, with the software automatically displaying controls for the specific option. The magnet poles are also easily adjusted with the ExactGAP™ indexed positioning system that allows the pole gap to be set at one of six repeatable positions, eliminating the need to recalibrate after each change.

Flexible and adaptable

The system’s software simplifies control of the VSM. Standard predefined measurement routines are combined with configurable field and measurement loops to provide a flexible data acquisition environment. In addition, the software features an integrated scripting tool, which enables the user to extend the existing routines with an open-ended software scripting language that can be used to perform customised measurement protocols and interface with third-party lab equipment.

Performance driven

Compare the 8600 Series with the 7400 Series vibrating sample magnetometer.


Designed for FORC

The 8600 Series VSM offers the ultimate in measurement capability for researchers studying emerging low-moment magnetic materials, applying FORC analysis, or simply interested in making high-resolution measurements in less time.

The 8600 Series was created with first order reversal curve (FORC) measurement as a primary objective. FORC analysis precision is greatly enhanced by the high sensitivity of the 8600 Series. FORC also benefits from increased data point density, and the new VSM flies through complex FORC data collection sequences in a fraction of the time required on previous systems.

Lake Shore have recently taken FORC capability a step further with new Real-Time FORC (RTForc™) software, available for new and existing 8600 Series VSM customers as part of our 8600 V1.40 software release.

Enabling fully automated FORC data acquisition using the 8600 Series software, RTForc calculates and displays FORC distributions in real time, significantly reducing the time required by researchers to collect and analyse FORC data. In addition, users can change between the (Ha, Hb) and (Hc, Hu) coordinate systems, select smoothing factors (SF) and number of contours to be displayed, export the FORC diagram image, etc. Output data is compatible with FORCinel post-processing software.

Watch the RTForc video !  Read the Technical Note and download the free FORC measurements ebook

Application Note:  8600 Series Vector Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) – download now

This application note, written by Lake Shore Senior Scientist and VP Brad Dodrill, describes a vibrating sample magnetometer with the vector option (VVSM), or biaxial VSM. In addition to standard hysteresis loop measurements, it provides for measurement of the angular dependence of the vector components of the total magnetisation, and also provides for indirect measurement of torque curves for anisotropy constant determinations.

Measurement Applications

The need to characterise new and emerging materials continues to push the limits of electromagnet-based VSM systems. The 8600 Series VSM steps up to meet the most demanding material research applications.

Extremely fast data acquisition cycles make the system ideal for research environments where rapid measurement results can accelerate the discovery of important new properties. QuickLIGN™ sample holders are offered for thin film, liquid, powder, and bulk samples, making the VSM an excellent choice for busy labs with varying sample measurement needs.

The high sensitivity of the 8600 Series VSM particularly benefits research into low moment materials such as ultra-thin magnetic films and multilayers, nanoscale magnetic materials, dilute magnetic semiconductors, and paleomagnets.  Find out more

Lake Shore Cryotronics are represented in the UK and Ireland by Quantum Design. 

Quantum Design UK and Ireland is part of the Quantum Design International (QDI) group.  QDI is a global laboratory equipment manufacturer. The company distributes scientific and industrial instrumentation through an international network, with subsidiaries in every major technological centre around the world.  QDI’s success in distributing scientific products comes from more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and distributing its own industry-leading materials characterisation systems.

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For more information on the Model 8600 please visit or email Shayz Ikram at to discuss your application in more detail.

Labfacility 50th Anniversary Celebration

Labfacility are proud to announce that in 2021 we will be celebrating our 50th birthday.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has made this 50th year anniversary possible.

Click below to watch our video:

Labfacility are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors and associated Temperature Instrumentation and stockists of Thermocouple Cables.

The Company has been trading since 1971 and is ISO 9001 accredited.

Quality and Service are key elements in the continued growth of Labfacility; technical support for both sensing and instrumentation is always freely available from our experienced technical sales teams.

Temperature Sensors

Labfacility manufacture a wide range of temperature sensors to suit your application. An extensive range of Thermocouples in IEC or ANSI calibration, PRT’s, Detectors, Environmental Sensors and Hand-Held Sensors / Thermometers are available to buy via our ecommerce website.

Bi-Metal Thermometer Temperature Gauges

Bi-Metal Stainless Steel Thermometer with bottom or back entry and ‘any-angle’ versions available. Use our custom configurator to send us your specific requirements, made to order.

Thermocouple Connectors

We are Europe’s largest manufacturer of thermocouple connectors and accessories in IEC, ANSI and JIS Colour codes. The full range of connectors are available from stock for immediate despatch.

Verigo Cold Chain Data Loggers

Labfacility are now UK distributors of the Verigo Cold Chain range of Data Loggers for monitoring temperature, humidity and food storage quality – Introducing the new Pod Range. Cold Chain Monitoring – Easier than ever. Save time, ensure quality, and increase visibility of your temperature-controlled logistics operations. NO wires or Wi-Fi required.

L60 Thermocouple & Fine Wire Welder

The Thermocouple Welder, manufactured by Labfacility, is a compact, simple-to-use instrument designed for thermocouple and fine wire welding.

Thermocouple Cable / Wire

We offer a wide range of thermocouple, PRT and extension cable / wire in stock for immediate despatch. Thermocouple cables are available in IEC or ANSI Colour codes. Insulation types include PFA, PTFE, PVC & Fiberglass.

For all sales enquiries, please contact us as follows:


Tel: +44 (0) 1243 871280


Smart Position Transmitters for Enhanced Plant Operational Efficiency

Maximum process reliability and constant product quality are maxims in the process industry. The increased usage of automation within this industry has had a significant effect on the nature of valves supplied into the sector.

Control valves will typically employ a Positioner to initiate a valve movement and a Position Transmitter to confirm valve position matches required position. On the other hand, an On/Off Valve will connect using a Solenoid Valve to allow a change in a digital output status in the PCS to operate the valve and Limit Switch Box to confirm the valve is in the required position.

In contrast, the Position Transmitter on a Control Valve has been largely overlooked and hence many control valves suffer performance issues.

The vast majority of Position Transmitter products currently available utilise a potentiometer, which have a number of limitations when used on valve applications. Potentiometers are susceptible to vibration, wear and liable to contamination from foreign particles such as dust, sand or water.

These issues, along with those encountered with other transmitter technologies are often not appreciated by the Plant Operator until the product is already in service and performance is not as expected.

Imtex Controls Limited, have recognised both the potential benefits to Plant Operators for using IVPTs on valves but also the severe limitations of the products currently available. For this reason, new ‘smart’ solutions are now being offered that solve the traditional issues of IVPTs and enable plant operators to maximise their returns from these devices.

The new generation of smart IVPTs employ more robust feedback mechanisms. For example, the Imtex NC transmitter range utilises inductive sensor technology in non-contact, solid state feedback devices that are both highly accurate and largely impervious to challenges presented by the environment in which they operate.

Traditional IVPTs are often tricky to calibrate, requiring the use of tools or a laptop to complete the setting of zero and span. Smart IVPTs simplify the calibration by allowing the user to calibrate through push buttons built into the transmitter unit. In addition, where the smart IVPT is equipped with the ability to interface with a digital protocol such as HART, the device might also be calibrated remotely.

Another benefit of Smart IVPTs is that they put intelligence in the field device. The ST-4312 NC Transmitter from Imtex Controls analyses the stroking speed of the valve every time it moves and compares this information with a stored ‘as new’ profile of the valve. The device is then capable of sending a warning signal via the HART communication interface, flagging when the valve has started to slow down by a user defined amount.

With the ever increasing need to improve plant efficiency and safety, Independent Valve Position Transmitters provide a simple and cost effective method to deliver these demands. By employing the latest generation of ‘smart’ IVPTs, plant operators are able to dramatically improve their efficiency and safety by gathering information on valves that permits targeted preventative maintenance.

ifm has cables for convenience and reliability

Recognising that high-quality interconnections play an important role in enhancing the reliability of automation systems, ifm electronic is now offering an extensive range of ecolink cables for use with field-mounted sensors. Suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including those in hygienic and wet areas, the new cables not only reduce wiring time for sensors, they also provide long lasting functionality thanks to their advanced design and sturdy construction.

Key features of all cables in the new ecolink range include halogen- and silicone-free construction, integrated profiled sealing rings that provide effective protection against moisture ingress, and a special sawtooth contour screw thread for the retaining nuts which makes them highly resistant to the effects of vibration. Additionally, the retaining nuts are contoured for enhanced grip and need only be tightened by hand. This means that the cables can be quickly and conveniently installed or removed without the use of tools.

Ecolink cables are available in M8/M12 versions with an M8 connector at one end and an M12 connector at the other. These are offered in lengths from 0.3 m up to 5 m. Also available are versions with M8 connectors at both ends, which are offered in lengths from 0.3 m up to 25 m.  Both versions can be supplied with straight or right-angle connectors and, in selected configurations, with an integral LED indicator.

Standard ecolink cables are suitable for use at up to 50 V AC or 60 V DC, while types with an LED indicator have an operating voltage range of 10 to 36 V DC. The nominal current rating for all types is 3 A.

Contact:  Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic ltd, Efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, TW12 2HD, UK

Email: Tel: +44 208 213 2222 Web:

Trade In, Trade Up – Casella Supports Air and Noise Monitoring Equipment Upgrades with New Offer

As employees begin returning to work, maintaining a safe and socially distanced workplace is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Statistics have shown that 32% of those surveyed were anxious about catching or spreading Covid-19 in their normal workplace.[1] HSE guidelines advise that workers maintain a safe distance of 2m apart at all times, or 1m apart with risk mitigation measures in place.[2]

Health hazards such as from noise and dust continue within the workplace, so personal monitoring must continue. However, it can be difficult to deploy personal monitoring equipment while maintaining social distancing. World-leading environmental monitoring manufacturer Casella is enabling companies to overcome social distancing challenges with a new initiative to provide equipment that allows monitoring to continue whilst maintaining social distancing.

For a limited time, occupational monitoring specialist Casella is supporting socially distanced working through its ‘Trade In, Trade Up’ offer, giving workers access to Bluetooth enabled monitoring equipment which can help to make practicing social distancing while undertaking monitoring.

The offer allows customers to ‘Trade In’ any Noise Dosimeter or Air Sampling Pump of any age and from any manufacturer* to qualify for a discount on a Bluetooth enabled Casella Noise Dosimeter or Air Sampling Pump. This enables customers to ‘Trade Up’ to a newer unit that can be used to allow more socially distanced workplace hazard monitoring. Casella will also responsibly recycle all equipment that is traded in.

Bluetooth enabled personal monitoring equipment, such as the Casella dbadge2 Noise dosimeter and Apex2 Personal Sampling Pump, provide a degree of connectivity that enable socially distanced monitoring to be enacted practically at every stage – from issuing equipment to data capture and reporting.

Monitoring equipment can be set to run, connected to the Casella AirWave app, and left in a demarked area at the start of a shift that allows a restricted number of socially distanced employees to collect equipment at one time. This process can then be reversed at the end of a shift so units can be collected and be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Once the body-worn units have been issued shift managers and industrial hygienists can check real-time results remotely throughout the day from a distance of over 25m away, over 12 times the recommended ‘safe’ social distance, minimising both worker disruption and potential close contact. The AirWave app allows a wide range of data to be viewed and downloaded across multiple devices, giving managers full, accurate and downloadable exposure data for multiple workers at a distance.

“When designing our personal monitoring devices we included remote monitoring advancements like integrated Bluetooth and App connectivity to address the challenges employers and employees faced with workplace hazard monitoring at that time,” explains Tim Turney, Casella’s global marketing manager.

“We couldn’t have predicted the challenges that Covid-19 would bring to those making workplaces safe, but we’ve given users the ability to adapt to socially distanced working and for personal exposure monitoring to continue for these traditional workplace hazards. Our ‘Trade in, Trade Up’ offer will give our partners greater access to monitoring solutions that will help them to work with employees to ensure a socially distanced, healthy workplace environment as industry begins to open up once again.”

To find out more about the Casella range of monitoring solutions, visit

*Full terms and conditions for ‘Trade In, Trade Up’ can be found on the Casella website.




Aughton Hire offer a wide range of the latest test equipment, fully calibrated and tested before despatch complete with full certification and a price match guarantee.

We offer a full traceable calibration service of all types of electrical, electronic and pneumatic test equipment.

A full range of testing and measurement instrumentation is available from all leading manufacturers offering a quotation for new and ex-rental items.

Aughton Hire provide full technical support for our products, next day delivery and same day for those urgent requirements. Contact or Telephone 01928 589600


The Adel system offers a truly complete range of industrial power supply units for different applications. The wide range of input voltages enables them to operate in any part of the world. The majority of the range is available with UL and CSA type-approved, with design based on experience gained over the years on more than 24 models.

The Flex range is suitable for use in varied applications and requirements, according to the existing norms. They are DIN Rail mountable, simple and safe and offer IP20 protection. The FLEX range of products is characterised from 1, 2 and 3-phase input up to 700W with current rating ranging to 25A and a power flexibility that reach the 50% of the rated current In. The declared ambient temperature operations field start from 40 to 60°C. There are three modes for output and short-circuit overload protections, (Hiccup Mode, Fold Back and Restart after Main). The compact sizes of the units and the appliance to the EN 60204-1 Safety of Electrical Equipment Machines changes the way to supply power to the control panel. Besides the 1-phase 115-230Vac units we offer the 2-phase 230-500Vac and 3 phase 400-500Vac units, which allows to use and store only one product.

Main Features
♦ 3 protective functions: Hiccup Mode, Fold Back, Restart after Main
♦ Declared ambient temperature operations field: 40,50 e 60°C (suitable for any type of applications)
♦ Only one product for 230-400-500 Vac
♦ Standards Conformity: EN 60204-1 and EN/IEC 60529 (IP20 protection class)
♦ DIN Rail Mounting
♦ Extremely small size
♦ Output Voltage: 5; 12; 24; 48 Vdc
♦ Output Direct Current: 1-phase: 2 – 2,5 –5 – 7,5 – 9 -14,5 –25A – 2-phase: 5 –7,5 –14,5A – 3-phase: 25A

PROFINET security enhanced with additional protection measures

Additional security measures for PROFINET’s proven IT security concept

From the very beginning, in parallel with the first PROFINET specifications, PI published an extensive security concept, which was further refined and adapted in multiple steps. It was not sufficient simply to protect plant networks and automation components, but more importantly, the used protective mechanisms and concepts should not interfere with the running of production operations. Moreover, protection concepts had to be easy to implement and remain affordable. But even more important is that the concepts must be able to be adapted time and again to suit current developments. With these factors in mind, PI has now expanded its IT security concept.


The IT security concept used for PROFINET employs a defense-in-depth approach. With this method, the production plant is protected against attacks – particularly from the outside – by means of a multi-layer perimeter (including, among other things, firewalls). In addition, further safeguarding within the plant is possible by dividing into zones through the use of firewalls.

Furthermore, a security component test ensures the ability of the PROFINET components to withstand overloading in a defined scope. This concept is supported by organizational measures in the production plant within the framework of a security management system. 

A never-ending task

Security is, however, a topic that must be continuously adapted to the current development and, as a result, is never finished. This applies in particular with respect to the increasing networking of production plants. The use of PROFINET components with added value, e.g., web or OPC communication, thereby ensures increased, direct communication with higher-level systems outside of the security zone. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate PROFINET networks.

Moreover, the networks are becoming larger, meaning that more and more components are connected together to form a network and interact with one another. A successful attack on a single (PC) system within such a cell therefore bypasses upfront security measures. Widely distributed plants also hinder the physical protection of networks and access points. Unauthorized persons could possibly gain access to the PROFINET network. 

Additional measures for end-to-end security

For this reason, previous concepts, which rely primarily on isolating the production plants, must be supplemented with new concepts that enable protection within the cell. PI, therefore, expanded the previous measures with further-reaching protective measures. This includes a credential management system, e.g., for authentication of the devices and an end-to-end security expansion for PROFINET communication as a configuration option. As not every application has the same security requirements, three security classes were defined for PROFINET.

More Information

Further technical details and practical examples can be found in the Industry 4.0 Highlight “Security” at In this section on the PI website, current topics, issues and trends from Industry 4.0 applications are addressed so that the user can easily implement and realize them in practical work.

Click here to view PROFINET Security video

Free Temperature Reference Cards as Isotech celebrates 40 Years of providing solutions for temperature measurement and calibration

Email to request your free copy

Isothermal Technology Ltd (Isotech) are offering a limited number of free reference cards with essential reference data for those working in temperature calibration. The laminated cards include the Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometer Tables (IEC 60751 Ed2 2008), tolerance classes, thermocouple colour codes and other useful data.

The giveaway takes place in Isotech’s 40th Anniversary Year. Founded in 1980, the company has become a world leader in temperature metrology. Isotech can help with both temperature calibration services and the supply of high accuracy temperature measurement and calibration systems.

Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory can calibrate your temperature standards to the lowest uncertainties with many of our clients being other calibration laboratories. Isotech has the lowest uncertainties of any privately owned laboratory.

Other instruments available include Isotech’s range of Portable Dry Blocks and Liquid Baths that cover the temperature range from -100°C to 1200°C whilst larger laboratory Cryostats, Liquid baths and Furnaces cover from -196°C to 1300°C.

For Primary Temperature Standards, most commonly used in National Laboratories, uncertainties are little as 70 millionths of a degree, 0.000 070°C, 70 µK. Isotech manufacture and supply ITS-90 fixed points from the triple point of Argon at -189.3442°C to the freezing point of Copper at 1084.62°C

Isotech reference thermometers include both thermocouples and standard platinum resistance thermometers, SPRTs, as well as a wide range of award-winning digital readouts. If you need to measure to 0.01°C, 0.001°C or < 0.001°C, Isotech can help.

Isothermal Technology Limited |

LAST CHANCE to ‘Buy a Fluke, Get a FREE Fluke!’

LAST CHANCE to ‘Buy a Fluke, Get a FREE Fluke!’. ONLY for purchases up to 15th December 2020, Fluke UK’s Industrial, Calibration and Networks divisions are joining forces to offer the biggest and strongest Fluke promotion ever via its authorised distributors – ‘Buy a Fluke, Get a FREE Fluke!’ Depending on the price level of the Fluke tool purchased (above £100) from whichever Fluke division, the customer can choose from four free Fluke products as shown at

Following the Fluke purchase from an authorised distributor, the customer simply goes online at, enters proof of purchase in the form of a scan of a receipt or invoice from the distributor and then chooses one free Fluke tool in the relevant price band. Fluke then sends out the gift of choice direct to the customer’s premises. Full details of the offer can be found at the web address above. Examples of free gifts include Fluke Digital Multimeters (DMMs), Electrical Testers, a Multifunction Installation Tester, a Clamp Meter as well as products from the other Fluke divisions.

Anyone purchasing a Fluke product from any of the Fluke UK Industrial, Calibration or Networks divisions between £100 and £499 in value (Level 1), for example, is eligible to choose a free gift of a Fluke TPAK Tool-Pak™ Meter Hanging Kit, a Fluke 2AC VoltAlert™, a C25 Soft Carrying Case or an MT-8202-05 IntelliTone Carrying Case.

At Level 3 (£900 to £1,299 purchase price) for example, a purchaser can choose a free Fluke IKST7 Insulated Screwdriver and Plier Tools Starter Kit, a Fluke 325 True-RMS Clamp Meter, a Fluke 175 True-RMS DMM or a ProTool Kit IS60 Network technicians Tool.

At Level 5 of the offer, anyone purchasing a Fluke product between £3,200 and £5,999 in value in value, is eligible to choose a Fluke 87V IMSK Industrial Multimeter Service Kit, a Fluke 1577 Insulation Multimeter, a Fluke MS-PoE Microscanner PoE Cable Verifier or a Fluke 8808A 240V Digital Multimeter.

Then there are free gifts at levels 2,4 and 6! Go to

Information about all Fluke products can be obtained via the Fluke web site at