Calibration and Qualification of Laboratory Instruments – New On Demand Webinar

Calibration, qualification and the appropriate level of routine testing for laboratory instruments are critical to ensuring high-quality results and maintaining GMP and USP compliance. In a new webinar from METTLER TOLEDO entitled Calibration and Qualification of Laboratory Instruments in Accordance with GMP Requirements, these issues are explained.

The challenge is to determine how to put the regulations into practice and to be confident in complying with the requirements, without an excessive amount of effort or compromising product quality.

During this 60-minute recorded webinar, presented by Ian Ciesniewski from METTLER TOLEDO and Ed Szczesny, Quality Assurance expert from Rhodes Pharmaceuticals, viewers will learn about all aspects of calibration, verification, and routine testing necessary to ensure quality and USP and GLP/GMP compliance, with a focus on laboratory weighing instruments.

The presentation explains how to achieve effective calibration, including determination of measurement uncertainty, in accordance with GMP and USP requirements, describing the roles and responsibilities of different parties with regards to the qualification processes.


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