BVM announce the availability of Arm based graphics development kits

The kits are based on the low power ARM Cortex A9 motherboard solutions in combination with a variety of TFT LCD module sizes, a selection of resolutions with either resistive or PCT touch screen options.

They’re suitable to meet a multitude of applications across medical instrumentation, security & surveillance control, transportation and general industrial automation.  Designed to speed up development time, the kits provide everything necessary to get up and running with an Arm A9  CPU and a touch screen LCD display.

Both Linux and Android 4.2.2 are supported.

BVM supply the motherboard/TFT kits to get you up & running quickly, reducing your time to market. This allows you to quickly start on the business of developing your application on a practical platform without the inevitable delay of creating a bespoke hardware platform. Once created we can then supplying your volume production requirements or help by creating that custom design in place.

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