Bruker delivering 300 RAID M-100 units to German BBK

Bruker is in the process of delivering 300 RAID M-100 hand-held chemical detectors based on ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) to the German Civil Defense Authority Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe (BBK).

The BBK contract includes an option for further units, once the initial tranche has been delivered.

The 300 RAID M-100 units upgrade and enhance the capability of existing German civilian CBRN reconnaissance vehicles. The units will replace older Bruker RAID-1 units that were in use for more than a decade. 

Along with other sensor data, the output of the new RAID-M 100 chemical detectors will be integrated with software developed by the BBK that provides on-site reporting of detection events and measurements. The fast response of the new RAID M-100 detectors will permit operations supervisors to take decisions and to direct resources accordingly. 

Commenting on the news, Martin Neujahr, head of the Bruker Detection CBRN business unit, said: “We are delighted to deliver this contract to such an important client, and it confirms our position as a key global supplier of chemical detection technologies for homeland security. Our RAID M-100 systems will be operated from civil emergency response vehicles to assist in managing the challenges arising from potential accidental or deliberate releases of toxic chemicals, which might have an impact on the population of Germany.” 

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