Broadband Technology 2000 Ltd

Broadband Technology 2000 Ltd (BT2000), based in Finchampstead, Berkshire, are technically driven franchised suppliers of the world’s most innovative electronic products and solutions.

BT2000 was created in 1995 as a major supplier to the telecoms industry in a time of huge growth and great expectations in the electronics sector. Although our product mix has changed, our passion to bring new entrepreneurial electronic products into the 21st century has grown exponentially to meet those expectations.

Located on the M4 corridor and in the Berkshire technology triangle, we are ideally located to service both the logistical and technical needs of our international customer base.

BT2000 specialize in four key areas:- Wireless, IOT & M2M; Sensors; Power and Semiconductors.

At the Exhibition, BT2000 will be promoting the following latest product releases:-

  • PCTEL – HQ Performance Critical Antennas (27MHz to 6GHz). They design & manufacture antennas for GPS, Tetra, Public Safety, Defence, Military, SATCOM, Industrial Wireless, Broadband Wireless and SCADA
  • PCTEL Portable RF Telecom Scanners/ Interference Locating System / 5G NR, Tetra and P25 Testing. The scanning receivers and test software provide real-world data for wireless network design, planning, deployment, optimization and interference hunting. They efficiently verify in-building public safety network coverage.
  • Adactus – ISM Band, 2G,3G,4G, 5G & GNSS Antennas, Cables & Connectors, SIM Card Holders
  • Lantronix – GNSS/GPS Receivers – miniature low power GPS/Glonass/Galileo/Beidou modules with fast time to first fix.
  • Daico – offers both standard and full custom, leading edge IF / RF / Microwave Solutions, from basic Control Products to Multi-Function Assemblies through to Rack-based Transmitters; with a focus on applications for Defence, Aerospace, and other High-Reliability customers.
  • Memsic – Thermal Acceleration & AMR Magnetometer IC’s. They are the first and only company to integrate a MEMS inertial sensor and signal processing circuitry together on a standard monolithic CMOS wafer. The thermal MEMS accelerometer is based on the principle of convection of heated gas molecules within a sealed cavity. Highly accurate temperature sensors can detect the change in temperature profile resulting from very small changes in acceleration (or inclination). This makes them virtually immune to out-of-band vibration and shock.

Within the Memsic low noise, high accuracy AMR (Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive) magnetic sensor the resistance of the sensor varies with the applied magnetic field; this makes it ideal for electronic compass, GPS navigation and magnetic field detection applications.

  • Aceinna – (previously Memsic) – Current Sensors, Flow & Differential  Pressure Sensor and Inertial Systems
  • Sensdev – Pressure Sensors (6mbar to 25bar, Both Analogue & 15 bit digital, -40C to +125C, Supply voltage range from 3.3V to 40V)
  • Sensaggio – Pressure Sensors  (1 to 46 bar, -40C to 135C, Piezoresistive technology)
  • VINAtech – Supercapacitors & Carbon Solutions for Fuel Cells – Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) and Hybrid Capacitor (P-EDLC) HY-CAP brand of Super Capacitors. The New Hy-Cap LIC (Lithium Ion Capacitor) single cell products are rated at 3.8v and suitable for applications requiring higher voltage and high energy density than standard EDLCs. The New VET Series uses VINATech’s patented Anti Wetting technology to enable a robust life time at 85c of 1000hours in 85% relative humidity at a full 2.7v dc working voltage.
  • Megachips – ASICs, Display Port ICs and HD PLC – Established in 1990 as the first innovative fabless LSI company in Japan dedicated to ASICs and SOCs with integrating LSIs and systems/applications knowledge. Its focus is on the development of cutting-edge SOCs incorporating original algorithms and architecture in the areas of imaging, audio, and telecommunications.
  • MSI – Digital Filters, Audio & Video , Communication and Speciality ICs – offers both standard products and custom ASICs in CMOS technologies. Consumer audio and video, wireless personal communications, automatic test equipment and medical are some of the markets where MSI enjoys excellent customer relationships. MSI is particularly strong in integrated circuit filter design, both switched capacitor and integrated RC active filters
  • KDS Daishinku Corp. – Crystal Resonators and Crystal Oscillators – Based in Japan, specialises in high quality miniature crystal oscillators and resonators. They have gained a global reputation for undisputed technology and quality control in the field of crystal oscillators and resonators due to innovative processes from growing synthetic quartz crystal to manufacturing the finished product.​

BT2000 is at Booth S80 with our latest product range, supplier catalogues and the chance to win some amazing prizes. We look forward to seeing you at Booth S80. 

Contact for further information

Broadband Technology 2000 Ltd, Victory House, 17 – 19 Marino Way, Finchampstead, Berkshire. RG40 4RF   Tel: +44 (0) 1189 324600

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