Bowers Group attains Made in Britain membership with Baty and Bowers brands

Bowers Group has attained a Made in Britain accreditation, awarded to both the Bowers and Baty International brands. Specialising in high-precision metrology equipment, UK-based Bowers Group is a respected global leader in the field of measurement, not only championing the best in quality measurement tools, but also in British manufacturing.

The Made in Britain collective mark unites the British manufacturing sector and helps consumers, buyers and specifiers identify products that are made in Britain, setting the benchmark for the highest standards of business.

Providing solutions for almost every measurement application in modern manufacturing, Baty International, originally a manufacturer of high-precision dial indicators, has diversified into a leading name in non-contact measurement. Joining the Bowers Group in 2010, the brand now offers a range of quality precision measuring instruments, from hand tools to vision systems, all manufactured in Sussex.

Kevin Smith, Director & General Manager at Baty, said “We’re proud to be able to offer products that truly are made in Britain. Having set the standard for high-quality measurement tools, and particularly since becoming an industry-standard in profile projectors, we’re delighted to be able to fly the flag for the UK with our Made in Britain accreditation.”

Long recognised as the world’s leading bore gauge manufacturer, Bowers continues to lead in the field of internal measurement. As a result of the company’s continual investment in cutting-edge technology, Bowers now produces an increasingly comprehensive range of affordable, quality instruments manufactured in Britain.

Martin Hawkins, Bowers Group UK Sales Director, said “British manufacturing is renowned across the globe for its high standards and ethical production. We manufacture our famous bore gauges at our site in Bradford, West Yorkshire, and it’s a fantastic accolade that we are now able to display the well-known and well-respected collective mark of Made in Britain on our products.”

The Made in Britain stamp not only guarantees consumers that their product was made within the UK, but also that they are of high quality, represent value for money, and are safe for anyone that uses or consumes them. It’s also an assurance that the companies using the collective mark adhere to the highest possible business standards and follow strict ethical practices throughout their manufacturing processes.

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