Book NOW!! for Accelerometer Training

DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd has 2 upcoming dates for their Accelerometer training course, ‘Accelerometers – The Truth and More’, to be held at the Company’s HQ and factory in Mildenhall, Suffolk and costing just £75 per delegate inclduing lunch and a full factory tour, 23 June 2015 and again on the 7 July 2015, spaces are limited so BOOK NOW!!

The training covers all aspects of piezoelectric accelerometer principles, selection, build, types, use, cable choice, mounting, instrumentation etc. the course aims to clarify many of the misunderstandings commonly made when using these devices and to help users make better measurements. The sensor is the most critical element in any measurment process and the addage of ‘Rubbish in = Rubbish out’ most certainly applies with accelerometers and errors can be introduced in numerous different ways creating up to 35% error in your data.

To download details about the course visit DJB Training

For more details about the course content and to book your place on the next course call Sales on +44 (0) 1638 712 288 or email

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