Best Value Solutions for Process Flow Measurements

Liquid flow measurement in Process industry applications can present varied and challenging requirements and Micronics has had 35 years of experience in providing cost-effective and reliable solutions for applications in various industries including Nucclear Power, Dairy, Food Processing and the Semi-conductor industry.

There are many process liquid flows, which require a non-invasive measurement to avoid contamination of the liquid, in full pipe applications clamp-on, ultrasonic flow measurement is often the best solution and Micronics is the longest established UK manufacturer in this technology with a wide range of Clamp-on portable instrument and fixed measurement, metering products backed up by previous application experience and technical support.

The New U1000MKII-FM was launched last year and is a “Best Value” Clamp-on, Ultrasonic flowmeter alternative to traditional inline meters, for non-invasive water flow applications, which offers significant installation cost and dry maintenance benefits over traditional in-line products.

Micronics has built on its success with the U1000 meter range to develop a MKII version, which extends the pipe size to cover applications from 22mm – 180mm (6”) OD pipe.

And whilst the U1000MKII-FM can still be used as a stand-alone product, the new product supports optional Modbus RTU slave and RS485 serial communications.

Still simple to installconnect power and enter the pipe inside diameter, adjust the sensors and clamp-on the pipe with no specialist skills or tools required but now with a wider range of application the New U1000MKII-FM offers a clamp-on non-invasive alternative to traditional in-line meter installation.

Micronics has the experience of providing flow measurement and monitoring solutions for Process applications including oils, paint and water solutions, acid, paper industry slurry and a wide range of both clean and dirty water applications for full, partial pipe and open channel flows. This includes products using Ultrasonic Doppler, Transit Time and the latest Microwave technology for waste water applications.

So if you need to measure or monitor process liquids, water or waste water flow in your industry we believe we have the solution and we would value the opportunity to discuss your requirements. Please take a look at and if you have any questions or specific applications you’re considering we would be pleased to provide an FOC no obligation proposal.

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