Baumer wins inspect award 2021: Making robots “see”

The automated coordinate alignment of the robot-compatible VeriSens XF/XC900 vision sensors from Baumer convinced the expert jury of the inspect award 2021. Out of nine finalist products in the online voting, the sensors were awarded first place in the category Vision. The award granted by the publisher Wiley-VCH every year honours the most innovative products in the field of industrial image processing.

The smart vision sensors scored high thanks to the intelligent calibration target SmartGrid. Chessboard application of the bit pattern allows for unique automated coordinate alignment. It not only eliminates the conventional hassle of manual “hand-eye” coordination but it takes only a few minutes to give “eyesight” to Universal Robots – at higher accuracy in parallel. In addition, the patent-pending SmartGrid supports automatic teaching of image rectification for image distortion correction in real time. A mouse click will suffice to eliminate any impairments by lens or mounting – without affecting the following processing time. Converted to world coordinates, VeriSens is receiving the scaling specifications directly via the SmartGrid. In addition, teaching of 3D orientation enables automatic adjustment to distance.

VeriSens XF/XC900 vision sensors essentially expand robot functionalities in image processing. Freely placed parts are precisely recognised and gripped even beyond fixed waypoints, objects will be reliably identified and sorted based on various feature checks which allows for reliable quality checks with robot precision.

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