Bartington Instruments’ precision magnetic instrumentation

We design and manufacture a range of high performance fluxgate magnetometers, which are ideal for use in a diverse range of scientific, industrial and defence applications. Our worldwide expertise is based on over 30 years of experience, backed by research and development facilities that enable us to provide custom design to fulfil specific customer requirements.

Our range of products includes sensors for diverse requirements, such as:

The two part Mag612 sensor. It enables the probe to be installed separately from its electronics, connected by a cable up to 3 metres long. The probe is small (20x20x20mm) and lightweight (30g), and can be used for low field measurements (noise floor ≤20pTrms/ √Hz at 1Hz) from DC to 3kHz. The probe can be purchased separately by customers who want to design their own electronics: a schematic can also be purchased to assist with the design. Alternatively, customers can buy the electronics with the probe, as an unpackaged sensor.

The Mag652, a new two-axis fluxgate magnetometer for surveillance applications, features a trigger output based on a defined threshold, and very low power usage, making it ideal for integration into remote surveillance systems. Also available is a standard analogue output for users wishing to put in place their own detection algorithm.

In our single-axis fluxgate magnetometer range, we are developing the Mag593. It is designed for use in magnetic fields up to 10mT (DC to 10mHz). It has an integrated back-off coil to remove the static DC field, which enables accurate measurement of small AC field variations. These features make it ideal for applications where there is a need for accurate AC variation detection in a high DC background field, such as in portable MRI cancellation systems.

We also offer a range of Helmholtz coils, in diameters from 350mm to 2000mm. Features include the option of 1, 2 or 3 axes, DUT (device under test) mounting setup, and high frequency field generation. The coils in the range are compatible with Bartington’s PA1 power amplifier, and CU1 and CU2 control units, which together make a full system with active cancellation. These coils are used in laboratories and production facilities to create stable and homogenous magnetic fields for calibration and testing of magnetic instruments, and for creation of known magnetic environments.

Our Research and Development team undertakes development contracts for a number of private and government organisations. Around 80% of our products are exported worldwide to customers working in the sectors of defence, surveillance, space, geophysics, industry, physics and archaeology, and oil and mineral exploration companies. In addition, the company is certified to ISO9001:2015.

Bartington Instruments Ltd
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