Barcode and Data Matrix code detection – Balluff Vision-Sensor BVS-E Identification

Balluff’s product line of proven BVS vision sensors includes the BVS-E Identification designed for fast and simple detection of Barcodes, Data Matrix and QR Codes. The user can even read multiple codes within one inspection eliminating the need for several sensors

The BVS-E Identification is just as simple and fast to use as a normal photoelectric sensor, and easy to integrate into an application thanks to its compact dimensions. Tedious training or learning of a special programming language as with smart cameras are a thing of the past. A PLC can be used to easily switch between different inspections, and function modules for various controllers are available from Balluff.

The image sensor reads all common barcodes as well as Data Matrix, Standard and Mini QR Codes regardless of orientation. In addition, printed character and number sequences such as Batch Numbers or Expiry Dates can be verified using optical character verification (OCV). The result of the inspection is indicated on the output as an OK or NOK signal. The code data can also be output via RS232 or Ethernet, such as when verification is required as to which parts have been processed.

The BVS-E Identification vision sensor is available in Visible Red Light or Infrared versions, and with four different lenses 6, 8,12 or 16mm.  The BVS-E has two programmable PNP or NPN outputs for transmitting Inspection results and Trigger Input/output for sensor control and lighting synchronization. The built-in high-output Visible Red or Infrared LED lighting ensures optimal illumination of the inspection area. The power supply and peripherals are connected using two industry-proven M12 ports. To set parameters, the user connects the sensor to a PC and starts it up using the free BVS ConVis configuration software or by a teach button mounted on the sensor.

Balluff also offers a variety of high-power, industrial rated light sources for all BVS versions. The user can choose from among background, spot, ring and dark field lights. And to ensure quick installation of the sensor on the machine Balluff has the ideal solution: custom-designed optional mounting brackets and the Balluff Mounting System eliminate costly and time-consuming homemade fastening methods.

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