Award-winning sub-micron 3D X-ray microscope

Introducing PrismaXRM: the 3D X-ray microscope with the resolution and performance of the industry leaders… and more!

The world’s most advanced tri-contrast imaging system, PrismaXRM represents the next generation of laboratory micro-CT.


  • Subresolution Darkfield contrast mode, highlighting hidden cracks, voids, and other sub-pixel features
  • Quantitative Phase contrast makes it easy to distinguish between low-Z materials, such as polymers, and provides quantitative access to the refractive index of each material
  • Absorption Contrast mode with <0.5 µm spatial resolution
  • Seamless integration with Sigray3D, a user-friendly Windows 10 app for microscope control & interaction
  • Powerful reconstruction toolkit including advanced CPU- and GPU-accelerated algorithms for computed tomography

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