ATEX Zones 1 & 20 made easier with new 80 GHz compact radar

VEGAPULS C22 15m range sensor, with sealed lateral cable entry, ideal for confined spaces. This ATEX IEC Zone 1/20 compact 80 GHz radar level device has a threaded mounting for easy installation to measure liquids or solids.

VEGA have always developed their sensors with approvals for use in hazardous areas. The new 80 GHz compact series designed for the water and environmental industry is no exception, and heralds a new feature, by offering the first compact radar with an ATEX/IEC certification class ‘by encapsulation’. This means the fully enclosed, ready-cabled, IP68 protected device is suitable for operation, without any barrier required, in Zone 1/Zone 20 hazardous area and cabled back to any standard/safe area SCADA control system, controller, transmitter, telemetry or datalogger.

Simple solution for many applications

It provides a great solution for many applications – for example, monitoring sludge level in sealed vessels or open channel flow in Zone 1 hazardous areas – at remote sites with battery powered telemetry systems – as long as the transmitter/controller equipment is properly sited in a ‘safe area’. Resulting costs and complexity normally associated with barriers, isolators, special cabinets or hybrid electrical designs, are thus removed. The device set up and operational monitoring is done wirelessly via Bluetooth using iOS/Android App or PACTware with a PC, from a convenient, safe area (subject to programming equipment approvals.)

Dual certified and available on-line

The units are also dual certified with ATEX/IEC to provide a pan-global classification in the same device, e.g. particularly useful for plant and equipment manufacturers who export their goods. As usual, there is a separate option for Zone 0 EX ‘ia’ versions with intrinsic safety where required.  VEGA always recommend that you consult with accredited experts regarding any hazardous area applications. Information, pricing, specifications and more detail on this certification and others, can be found under the section for VEGAPULS C21, C22, C23 radar sensors at



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