At this year’s Sensors & Instrumentation Live event in Birmingham, PCB Piezotronics sponsors the live area and is part of the Engineering Symposium.

PCB Piezotronics will present their latest sensing solutions ranging from calibration stations to microphones to smart shakers. At the Symposium, PCB will give a presentation focusing on Methods for Experimental Modal Analysis: Shakers & Hammers.

The new USB Digital Accelerometer puts the ability to take high-quality, low-hassle, vibration measurements in the palm of your hand directly from a PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

The USB digital accelerometer is designed for use in predictive maintenance and condition monitoring applications. Model 633A01 is a high-resolution, broad-frequency piezoelectric accelerometer with integrated internal digital data processing for USB plug-and-play capability as well as easy data collection and sharing.

Industrial Portable Vibration Calibrators can field-certify accelerometers, velocity transducers and proximity probes over a wide operating frequency (5 Hz to 10 kHz) and amplitude range. NIST-traceable calibration certificates can be generated on a computer in two clicks. 

The Portable Vibration Calibrator, Model 699A07, can be used to validate individual sensors as well as an entire measurement channel of a machinery protection system. Compact, battery-powered and completely self-contained vibration reference source packaged in a rugged Pelican® Storm case for durability. Integral precision quartz reference accelerometer and closed-loop level control provides enhanced stability and superior vibration calibration over an extended 5 Hz to 10 kHz frequency range calculates and displays test sensor sensitivity on the readout screen in real-time. Save, copy and transfer up to 500 calibration records  and generate/print ISO 17025-compliant customizable Calibration Certificates.

The SMARTSHAKER™ KITS MODELS eliminate the need for a separate amplifier by integrating an amplifier directly into the shaker body. From corporations to  universities, this all-in-one design delivers unique plug-and-play capability. Plug an excitation signal from a dynamic signal analyzer or function generator directly into the BNC input on the SmartShaker to initiate testing.

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