Asset Management – How IIoT gets you crucial data for rapid ROI

The movement towards Internet of Things technology has already considerably improved many organisations’ ability to manage their assets. Whatever your assets are, we will connect with them giving you the ability to get them working as efficiently and effectively as possible which is crucial to your success.

Caption Data have a range of standard IIoT products to get you going quickly, such as our Market leading NanoULTRA. We also design and supply end to end Industrial IoT solutions for a host of major international businesses and have thousands of systems in use in over a dozen countries.

As organisations continue to develop, their ability to monitor their assets needs to remain agile. The way in which Caption Data can now get data and information from your assets using IoT allows even swifter responses so you can exploit proactive rather than reactive intervention across large portfolio of assets.

Many of our clients require solutions that help them manage their assets over large geographical areas and with assets that are in difficult places to reach once deployed. Development of Bluetooth (BLE) in our units in tandem with on board SD card data storage, is a vital development allowing field asset communication in real time to assist with commissioning and calibration and ongoing maintenance.

The art of effective analysis comes down to the ability to acquire quality data. The data is the foundation to realising many aspirations around insight and knowledge that most organisations require for their future strategies.

Having a seasoned market leading partner such as Caption Data to work with, who engage end-to-end, from the point of use through to the final analytics, will bring you many rewards in terms of their light touch solutions, speed of deployment, reduced risk of failure, understanding what is possible and what is not, engagement of your staff, and on-going commitment as a partner.


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