AS200706 Bridge Amplifier with Linearity Correction

The AS200706 is a small compact board for 3-wire systems providing a 4mA – 20mA current output with adjustable linearity correction. The unit has individual multi-turn potentiometers for the precise setting of Zero, Span and Linearity without the need of a computer. This unit is also available with mid. zero output (12mA for example) for compression / tension transducers. The inputs provide EMI-/RF-suppression. Transducer wires can be easily connected to board via soldering or SIL sockets (standard).


  • Wide range power supply 16-30V
  • 5V stabilised bridge excitation voltage
  • Bridge resistance 240 Ohm (or greater)
  • Bridge sensitivity 0.6mV/V – 3mV/V
  • Size 29mm x 29mm, 7.5mm height
  • Fast calibration procedure
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • Easy linearity correction procedure


  • Load-Cell Industrial Weighing
  • Strain-gauge Load Testing & Monitoring
  • Overload Protection Systems


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