Area Isolation in Cabinets Without Climate Control in Zone 2 Locations

Select Zone 2 isolators that are designed to withstand installations or cabinets without climate controls.

Many process facilities need 4-20mA signals from field transmitters and analyzers to be shared with their BPCS (Basic Process Control System) and alternate monitoring systems or backup PLCs.  But wiring these three elements in series can jeopardize loop integrity by causing problems when the secondary or backup system fails or is disconnected. Using area isolation, also known as signal splitting, can help maintain primary side loop integrity with the control or safety system since any disconnections or failures on the secondary side of the isolator loop do not affect the primary loop.

Moore Industries family of rugged ECT Signal Isolators and Converters.(847+1012), 62%, CDS Cap Curve , 1/20, R859, G810, B1230,

Cabinet footprint is also a major consideration when selecting isolators. By using a narrow isolator, you can sometimes double the isolator count in the same space. This is ideal for utilizing existing field mounted cabinets. If the existing or new cabinet is installed in an area where temperature extremes exist, consider looking at an aluminum or metal housed isolator as the housing acts like a heat sync. This helps propagate heat away from the isolator’s internal components thus increasing the overall installation life of the isolator.

Moore Industries 15mm narrow ECT-DIN signal isolator and converter in a rugged aluminum housing.

The narrow 15mm ECT-DIN signal isolator and converter with 4-20mA, 1-5V and 0-10V inputs and 4-20mA output allows more isolators to fit in cabinets and field enclosures where installation space is a premium. Approved for General and Hazardous areas, and having the same RFI/EMI protection and -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range as the rest of the ECT family of isolators, this narrow and rugged isolator/converter can be installed in hazardous locations and does not require installation in cooled or climate controlled environments making it perfect for more extreme locations.

The rugged and reliable ECT family of isolators/converters provides versatile choices to match the type of AC or DC power available at each location. ECT-DIN 2-wire Output-Loop powered models, 2-wire Input-Loop powered models, or 4-wire (Line/Mains) Powered Isolators/Converters and Splitters are also available. All units feature solid metal housings that stand up to the continuous, daily rigors of process control and factory automation applications, and have an optionally available externally-mounted flange that provides a secure mount for high vibration environments. The complete ECT family delivers extremely reliable signal isolation and conversion solutions for the most demanding ambient and noisy installation conditions.

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