Unlock your Industry 4.0 sensing potential

Contrinex’s new Smart Sensors brochure explains how a new class of inductive sensors can help you measure, monitor, configure and predict, allowing you to unlock your Industry 4.0 sensing potential.

Contrinex Smart Sensors have been designed with the needs of OEMs and System Integrators in mind – They have the answers when it comes to reducing complexity and cost.

By implementing multiple sensing modes into a single sensor, Contrinex has given designers additional freedom, offering exceptional versatility and simplified integration.

Let Contrinex Smart Sensors supercharge your IoT strategy; enjoy all the advantages of the industry-standard IO-Link SSP 3.3 interface, plus the option of high-speed sensor-based decision-making using SIO. The only limit is your imagination.

The Smart sensors also feature in Contrinex ‘s 2021 catalogue at www.Cat.PLUSAx.co.uk

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